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Invalid query syntax with mySQL in database project


I'm using visual studio .NET 2003 enterprise and MySQL
5.0. I've created a database project in wich I like to
create scripts for stored procedures and queries.

I've created a connection using MyODBC 3.5.1 drivers and
microsoft OLE DB provider for ODBC drivers as well as an
OLE driver specificly for MySQL.

The connection is set up fine in both cases. I can run
view data, run scripts, etc. The only (big) problem is
that the query builder does not function properly.

The query builder created incorrect syntax for joins. For
instance, instead of using inner join is creates a where
case. Outer join's are places within '{}' braces. This
syntax is not accepted for mysql.

When using microsoft OLE DB provider for ODBC drivers to
connect to an Access database the syntax is fine.

I've (possibly) traced the problem to the (detected) type
of the connect, which in the case of Access states 'Access
Database', but in the case of mysql mearly
states 'Database'.

Has anyone used mysql and vs.net database project or does
anyone know how to affect the syntax created.

Much thanks,
Jul 21 '05 #1
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