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Problems intalling Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003


I have a problem installing MS VS.NET 2003.

First of all, I have all the pre-requisites installed and I have the
requirements in system and in OS. (Win2000 SP3, etc..)

Now, I had to install this on a client's machine, for some strange
reasons, it had to be installed on their production server, but that's
besides the point. The client logged me on with his user, and I
started installing VS.NET. Everything was going well, I choose my
options, entered the key and then it started scripting and copying the

Then the bestest of luck hit us. His powersuply goes off and well
everything goes offline for that server. So we hurry to a store, buy a
new power supply and re-install it. The computer boots and everything
seems okay. However, the client had other urgent matters and so did I.

The next day, I log on via Terminal Services from work in order to
finish the job. Except, I use a different user name.

I start the installation and it tells me that there was an
installation already in progress by another user and to press "okay"
to keep installing the application or cancel to stop. It also
mentioned that by pressing okay the installation should proceed
without a problem. So I press okay.

At the very end, after registering all the keys, I get a pop-up that
says : "Could not register Component", with only the okay button. So I
acknoledge that and I get about 3 more like that. Then the install
finishes and it tells me there were some errors and to view the log.
So I do so, but I can't find much information. I close that, and I
press "Done" on the VS.NET installation, but it doesn't prompt me to
install the 3rd Step.

So I decide to see if the install worked. When I try to launch VS.NET,
it won't even show the load screen, it'll just say : "Cannot find one
or more componets. Please re-install the application."

So I thought, okay, I'll do that. I go into the Control Panel, Remove
applications, but there's no entry for MS Visual Studio 2003! So I
can't remove it from there.

So I re-launch the setup. I see there's an option to
repair/re-install. I chose that, and then it completes to the end and
doesn't give me errors. I reboot the machine, try VS.NET again, same
problem "Cannot find one or more components. Please re-install the

So I decide I'll go and uninstall the application. I re-start the
setup. Choose to Uninstall. I get this message : "Setup is unable to
determine a valid ordering for the installation. Please see the error
log for details.".

So I open the Event Viewer (cause it does't tell me where it's error
log is) and there's no information.

Right now I'm going to try and re-install the application from the
original user, when the power supply failed and/or try to uninstall it
from there. But something tells me I'll be getting the same problems.

Has anyone encountered the same problem?
Jul 21 '05 #1
1 2415
The server is it also a domain controller?
Jul 21 '05 #2

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