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How to redefine a group in a derived schema?

I'm trying to derive a schema from a base schema. I want to redefine
a "group" from the base schema in my derived schema in order to add
more options to the "choice" aggregate (see schema1.xsd sample).

schema1.xsd sample:
<!-- Here is a clipped down version of the group I want to redefine.
<xsd:group name="INSURANCE SVCRQMSGS">
<xsd:element ref="HomePolicy AddRq" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/>
<xsd:element ref="HomePolicy QuoteInqRq" minOccurs="1"

I'd like to redefine this "group" in the derived schema so that the
end product looks something like this:

schema2.xsd sample:
<xsd:group name="INSURANCE SVCRQMSGS">
<xsd:element ref="HomePolicy AddRq" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/>
<xsd:element ref="HomePolicy QuoteInqRq" minOccurs="1"
<xsd:element ref="MyAddition alElement" minOccurs="1"

I see many examples of using the "redefine" tag to redefine a
"complexTyp e", but I can't find anything on redefining a "group". The
standard example for a complexType is something like the following,
which adds a new "generation " element to a "personName ":

<xs:redefine schemaLocation= "v1.xsd">
<xs:complexTy pe name="personNam e">
<xs:complexCont ent>
<xs:extension base="personNam e">
<xs:element name="generatio n" minOccurs="0"/>
</xs:complexConte nt>

Can anyone enlighten me as to what a group redefinition should look

Jul 20 '05 #1
2 3339
<xsd:redefine schemaLocation= "schema1.xs d">
<xsd:group name="INSURANCE SVCRQMSGS">
<xsd:group ref="INSURANCES VCRQMSGS">
<xsd:element ref="MyAddition alElement" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/>

Hope this helps

Henry S. Thompson, HCRC Language Technology Group, University of Edinburgh
Half-time member of W3C Team
2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW, SCOTLAND -- (44) 131 650-4440
Fax: (44) 131 650-4587, e-mail: ht@inf.ed.ac.uk
URL: http://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/~ht/
[mail really from me _always_ has this .sig -- mail without it is forged spam]
Jul 20 '05 #2
ht@inf.ed.ac.uk (Henry S. Thompson) wrote in message news:<f5******* ******@erasmus. inf.ed.ac.uk>.. .
<xsd:redefine schemaLocation= "schema1.xs d">
<xsd:group name="INSURANCE SVCRQMSGS">
<xsd:group ref="INSURANCES VCRQMSGS">
<xsd:element ref="MyAddition alElement" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/>

Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply, Henry, but I had a problem with this syntax.

XMLSpy thinks that this syntax creates an unacceptable circular
reference. I went to the W3C XML tutorial
(http://www.w3c.org/TR/xmlschema-1), did a search on 'circular', and
came up with the following:

"3.8.6 Constraints on Model Group Schema Components
All model groups (see Model Groups (§3.8)) must satisfy the following

Schema Component Constraint: Model Group Correct

All of the following must be true:
1) The values of the properties of a model group must be as described
in the property tableau in The Model Group Schema Component (§3.8.1),
modulo the impact of Missing Sub-components (§5.3).
2) Circular groups are disallowed. That is, within the {particles} of
a group there must not be at any depth a particle whose {term} is the
group itself."

Number two seems to say that you can't have a reference to the same
group for Model Groups, even within a redefine tag. However, the
information on Attribute Groups is different, and provides an
allowance for circular references inside of a redefine tag:

"Circular group reference is disallowed outside <redefine>. That is,
unless this element information item's parent is <redefine>, then
among the [children], if any, there must not be an <attributeGroup >
with ref [attribute] which resolves to the component corresponding to
this <attributeGroup >."

So, is it impossible to redefine a Model Group, or is there some other
syntax to accomplish it?

Jul 20 '05 #3

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