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Either I'm doing something wrong or jaxb is crappola

I'm betting it me. Here is the simple schema I'm using:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
xmlns:jaxb="htt p://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jaxb"
xmlns:xjc="http ://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jaxb/xjc"
jaxb:version="1 .0">
<xs:annotatio n>
<jaxb:schemaBin dings>
<jaxb:package name="com.some. package.name"/>
</jaxb:schemaBind ings>
<xs:element name="editableT emplateParamete rs">
<xs:complexType >
<xs:element ref="parameter" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbo unded"/>
<xs:element ref="interface" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbo unded"/>
<xs:element name="parameter " type="xs:string "/>
<xs:element name="interface ">
<xs:complexType >
<xs:element name="interface Type" type="xs:string "/>
<xs:element ref="parameter" minOccurs="1"
maxOccurs="unbo unded"/>
<xs:element ref="parameterB lock" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbo unded"/>
<xs:element name="parameter Block">
<xs:complexType >
<xs:element name="blockName " type="xs:string "/>
<xs:element ref="parameter" minOccurs="2"
maxOccurs="unbo unded"/>
The compiler handles this just fine. It generates the classes & they
compile. The problem shows up when I try to create a doc from java
classes. Here's the java code that does this....

// Create jaxb containers for XML data
JAXBContext jaxbContext = JAXBContext.new Instance(
"com.some.packa ge.name" );

ObjectFactory templateObjFact ory = new ObjectFactory() ;
EditableTemplat eParameters editableTemplat eParams =
templateObjFact ory.createEdita bleTemplatePara meters();

List currentParamLis t = editableTemplat eParams.getPara meter();
Parameter newParam = templateObjFact ory.createParam eter();
newParam.setVal ue( "jaxbSUX!!! " );
currentParamLis t.add( newParam );

StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
Marshaller m = jaxbContext.cre ateMarshaller() ;
m.setProperty( Marshaller.JAXB _FORMATTED_OUTP UT, Boolean.TRUE );
javax.xml.bind. ValidationEvent Handler veh = new
javax.xml.bind. ValidationEvent Handler()
public boolean handleEvent( javax.xml.bind. ValidationEvent ve
com.some.packag e.name.impl.Edi tableTemplatePa rametersImpl
(com.some.packa ge.name.impl.Ed itableTemplateP arametersImpl)
ve.getLocator() .getObject();
Parameter p = (Parameter) etp.getParamete r().get(0);
StringBuffer locBuff = new StringBuffer( "Locator : Col
Num :"
+ ve.getLocator() .getColumnNumbe r() + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : Line Num :"
+ ve.getLocator() .getLineNumber( ) + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : Node :"
+ ve.getLocator() .getNode() + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : Object :"
+ ve.getLocator() .getObject().ge tClass().getNam e() + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : param list size :"
+ etp.getParamete r().size() + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : list object :"
+ etp.getParamete r().get(0).getC lass().getName( ) + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : list object data:"
+ p.getValue() + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : Offset :"
+ ve.getLocator() .getOffset() + "\n");
locBuff.append( "Locator : URL :"
+ ve.getLocator() .getURL() + "\n");

_logger.debug(m ethod + "Validation Event: Linked
Exception: "
+ ve.getLinkedExc eption() );
_logger.debug(m ethod + "Validation Event : Locator "
+ locBuff.toStrin g() );
_logger.debug(m ethod + "Validation Event : Message "
+ ve.getMessage() );
_logger.debug(m ethod + "Validation Event : Severity "
+ ve.getSeverity( ) );
return true;
m.setEventHandl er( veh );
m.marshal( editableTemplat eParams, sw );
catch(JAXBExcep tion je)
_logger.warning ( method + " JAXB Exception message: " +
je.getMessage() );

...... End of relevant code snippet

I added the bogus event handler to gather up some details as to what
was going on. Without it the code throws a Serializer exception when
I marshal the code. The problem is in how one of the ipml classes
pulls the "Parameter" data from the list object. Note that I create a
Parameter object using the ObjectFactory, then set the value
(jaxbSUX!!!) then add the Parameter to the list. In the serialization
method generated by xjc the object pulled from the list is cast as a
string. Here is a snippet from the method....

public void serializeElemen ts(.....)
throws org.xml.sax.SAX Exception
int idx1 = 0;
final int len1 = _Interface.size ();
int idx2 = 0;
final int len2 = _Parameter.size ();
while (idx2 != len2) {
context.startEl ement("", "parameter" );
int idx_0 = idx2;
try {
idx_0 += 1;
} catch (java.lang.Exce ption e) {
com........hand lePrintConversi onException(thi s, e,
context.endAttr ibutes();
{ <b> vvvvvv Why isn't this a Parameter
context.text((( java.lang.Strin g) _Parameter.get( idx2
} catch (java.lang.Exce ption e) {
com.......handl ePrintConversio nException(this , e,
context.endElem ent();
.............. End of snippet

So obviously, if I put the string directly into the list all is well.
But why create a Parameter object if we cant use it. Is there a
problem with the schema that is causing this apparently strange/buggy
behavior or is jaxb really this dumb. I tried using the current
version of the jwsdk (1.3) but we have some dependencies on java 1.3.1
and even when I generated the newer jaxb code the generated class
still cast the object returned from the list to a string.

What am I doing wrong??


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