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Beginner's problem when using jing Relax NG validator through JARVinterface

I am trying to learn to use jing through JARV interface and I have read
JARV User's Guide (http://iso-relax.sourceforge.net/JARV/JARV.html).
I have downloaded jingjarv-examples.zip from JARV User's Guide page and
latest jing version 20030619 from jing home page.

I can run jing successfully from command line like this (which I guess
proves that schema should be correct)

C:\Temp\APU> java -jar jing.jar schema.xsd valid.xml

C:\Temp\APU> java -jar jing.jar schema.xsd invalid.xml
C:\Temp\APU\inv alid.xml:4:12: error: required elements missing

But for some reason I don't get any java program to perform validation
using JARV interface. For example if I try to run precompiled
SingleThreadDri ver that comes in jingjarv-examples.zip package this is
what happens.

C:\Temp\APU>jav a SingleThreadDri ver schema.xsd valid.xml
driver is com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.VerifierFacto ryImpl

C:\Temp\APU>jav a SingleThreadDri ver schema.xsd invalid.xml
driver is com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.VerifierFacto ryImpl

So it doesn't throw any exception but it doesn't print any messages
either after finding driver (Of course I don't know if this class is
compiled from same source code that is included in package).

I can successfully compile the SingleThreadDri ver.java by myself but
after that the class throws java.lang.NullP ointerException if I try to
run it. I have added few debug printing lines to the code to locate the
source of the exception (I have added the modified
SingleThreadDri ver.java, schema.xsd, valid.xml and invalid.xml files to
the end of the message). So this is what happens:


CLASSPATH=C:\AP PS\j2sdk1.4.1_0 3\lib\tools.jar ;.\jing.jar;.\i sorelax.jar;.\s axon.jar;.\xerc esImpl.jar;.\xm l-apis.jar;.

C:\Temp\APU>jav ac SingleThreadDri ver.java

C:\Temp\APU>jav a SingleThreadDri ver schema.xsd invalid.xml
driver is com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.VerifierFacto ryImpl
parsing schema.xsd
schema != null
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullP ointerException
com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.VerifierHandl erImpl.reset(Un known Source)
com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.imp l.PatternValida tor.<init>(Unkn own Source)
com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.VerifierHandl erImpl.<init>(U nknown Source)
com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.VerifierImpl. <init>(Unknow n Source)
com.thaiopensou rce.relaxng.jar v.SchemaImpl.ne wVerifier(Unkno wn Source)
at SingleThreadDri ver.main(Single ThreadDriver.ja va:39)

The NullPointerExce ption occurs in this line

Verifier verifier = schema.newVerif ier();

and based on the debug printing at least schema object is not null so
exception must occur inside newVerifier method.

So finally the actual question. Do you know based on my explanation what
goes wrong? Can I use jing alone directly from java program or do I need
some other libraries than what comes in jing-20030619.zip package
(isorelax.jar, jing.jar, saxon.jar, xercesImpl.jar, xml-apis.jar)?

One thing that I noticed is that there is different namespace URI used
in SingleThreadDri ver.java and schema.xsd (I copied schema example from
internet). I tried to change these URIs also but I didn't notice any
effects with changing the URIs to match each other.

And here are the example files:

---SingleThreadDri ver.java starts after this line---

import org.iso_relax.v erifier.*;
import java.io.File;

public class SingleThreadDri ver
public static void main( String[] args ) throws Exception {
if(args.length< 1) {
System.out.prin tln("SingleThre adDriver <schema> <document>

// find a JARV implementation. This will find JingJarv if
// it is in the classpath.
VerifierFactory factory = VerifierFactory .newInstance(
if(factory==nul l) {
System.out.prin tln("No JARV implementation found");

System.out.prin tln("driver is "+factory.getCl ass().getName() );

// use VerifierFactory to compile schemas.
// if errors are found in the schema, an exception will be thrown.
// thus in a real application, you should catch it.
System.out.prin tln("parsing "+args[0]);
Schema schema = factory.compile Schema(new File(args[0]));

// TEST!!! Check if schema is null and thus causes null pointer
if (schema == null) {
System.out.prin tln("schema == null");
} else {
System.out.prin tln("schema != null");

// the newVerifier method will create a Verifier object,
// which will perform actual validation.
Verifier verifier = schema.newVerif ier();

// TEST!!! Test if we succeeded to create new Verifier
System.out.prin tln("Did we reach this point?");

for( int i=1; i<args.length; i++ ) {
System.out.prin tln("validating "+args[i]);

// validate documents
if( verifier.verify (new
File(args[i]).toURL().toExt ernalForm()) )
System.out.prin tln("valid");
System.out.prin tln("invalid");

---schema.xsd starts after this line---
<grammar xmlns="http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/1.0"
datatypeLibrary ="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-datatypes">
<element name="addressBo ok">
<element name="card">
<element name="name">
<element name="email">

---valid.xml starts after this line---
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<name>John Smith</name>
<email>js@examp le.com</email>
<name>Fred Bloggs</name>
<email>fb@examp le.net</email>

---invalid.xml starts after this line---
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<email>js@examp le.com</email>
<name>Fred Bloggs</name>
<email>fb@examp le.net</email>

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