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Align or increase width for one column for DataGrid in Vb.net

115 New Member
I’m using Vb.net application program. I created a datagrid having text field and checkbox fields. Everything is displaying correctly. I have 9 Columns and each columns are equally separated. In DataGrid property, I made PreferredColumn Width = 85. So its equally aligned.

I would like to give more width for the column named Department than rest of the columns. Because when its equally aligned, I can see the Departments displayed.

Department is the second column. that having long names under that. so when page loads, its only displaying half of that. so if i increase that column width i can see that. but i don't need to increase the other columns width. make rest of the columns width smaller and increase the second columns width.

The code I’m using to display this table is
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub MainForm_Load(ByVal …………… ) Handles Me.Load
  2.         InitializeDataGrid()
  3.         getDepartments()
  4. End Sub
  6. Private Sub InitializeDataGrid()
  7.   Dim column1 As DataColumn
  8.         MonitorTable1 = New DataTable("MonitorTable")
  10.         ' Create "Dep ID" column
  11.         column1 = New DataColumn("DepID", GetType(Integer))
  12.         MonitorTable1.Columns.Add(column1)
  14.         ' Create "Dep Name" column
  15.         column1 = New DataColumn("Department", GetType(String))
  16.         MonitorTable1.Columns.Add(column1)
  18.         ' Create a column for each monitor
  19.         For i As Integer = 1 To 7
  20.             column1 = New DataColumn("Monitor " & i.ToString(), GetType(Boolean))
  22.             column1.AllowDBNull = False
  23.             column1.DefaultValue = False
  25.             MonitorTable1.Columns.Add(column1)
  26.         Next
  27.         DataGrid1.DataSource = MonitorTable1
  28. End Sub
  30. Sub getDepartments()
  32.         ' This is where you might ask the database how many departments there are
  33.         MonitorTable1.Rows.Clear()
  34.         myConnection.Open()
  35.         Dim strSQL As String = "Select DepID, DepName from Dep order by DepName"
  36.         Dim myCommand As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand(strSQL, myConnection)
  37.         Dim myReader As OleDbDataReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader
  38.         While myReader.Read
  39.             Dim row As DataRow = MonitorTable1.NewRow()
  40.             row("DepID") = myReader(0)
  41.             row("Department") = myReader(1)
  42.             MonitorTable1.Rows.Add(row)
  43.         End While
  44.         myReader.Close()
  45.         myConnection.Close()
  46.         DataGrid1.DataSource = MonitorTable1
  48. End Sub
If you have any idea how to align datagrid, please let me know. If you can provide an example then it will be great help for me.

Thanks in advance.
Jun 12 '08 #1
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7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
Isn't there an autowidth property that allows you to make the columns as wide as the header text, or as wide as the column data or neither or both?
Jun 12 '08 #2
115 New Member
To made auto width, inside DataGrid properties PreferredColumn Width property set to 85. so all the column width are equally aligned but not wide as column data.

but i want the second column more wide than other columns. because only the second column having long data.

if you have any idea how to do this, please help me. if you can provide an example then it will be great.

Thanks in advance.
Jun 12 '08 #3
115 New Member
This code will help to align the datagrid according to the contents (data) length in each columns.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SizeColumnsToContent(Me.DataGrid1, -1)
  3. Public Sub SizeColumnsToContent(ByVal dataGrid As DataGrid, ByVal nRowsToScan As Integer)
  5.         ' Create graphics object for measuring widths.
  6.         Dim Graphics As Graphics = DataGrid1.CreateGraphics
  8.         ' Define new table style.
  9.         Dim tableStyle As DataGridTableStyle = New DataGridTableStyle
  11.         Try
  12.             Dim dataTable As DataTable = dataGrid.DataSource
  14.             If (-1 = nRowsToScan) Then
  15.                 nRowsToScan = dataTable.Rows.Count
  16.             Else
  17.                 ' Can only scan rows if they exist.
  18.                 nRowsToScan = System.Math.Min(nRowsToScan, dataTable.Rows.Count)
  19.             End If
  21.             ' Clear any existing table styles.
  22.             dataGrid.TableStyles.Clear()
  24.             ' Use mapping name that is defined in the data source.
  25.             tableStyle.MappingName = dataTable.TableName
  27.             ' Now create the column styles within the table style.
  28.             Dim textColumnStyle As DataGridTextBoxColumn
  29.             Dim iWidth As Integer
  30.             Dim iCurrCol As Integer
  31.             For iCurrCol = 0 To dataTable.Columns.Count - 8
  32.                 Dim dataColumn As DataColumn = dataTable.Columns(iCurrCol)
  34.                 textColumnStyle = New DataGridTextBoxColumn
  35.                 textColumnStyle.TextBox.Enabled = True
  36.                 textColumnStyle.HeaderText = dataColumn.ColumnName
  37.                 textColumnStyle.MappingName = dataColumn.ColumnName
  39.                 ' Set width to header text width.
  40.                 iWidth = (Graphics.MeasureString(textColumnStyle.HeaderText, dataGrid.Font).Width)
  42.                 ' Change width, if data width is wider than header text width.
  43.                 ' Check the width of the data in the first X rows.
  44.                 Dim DataRow As DataRow
  45.                 Dim iRow As Integer
  46.                 For iRow = 0 To nRowsToScan - 1
  47.                     DataRow = dataTable.Rows(iRow)
  48.                     Dim iColWidth As Integer
  49.                     iColWidth = (Graphics.MeasureString(DataRow.ItemArray(iCurrCol).ToString(), dataGrid.Font).Width)
  50.                     iWidth = System.Math.Max(iWidth, iColWidth)
  51.                 Next
  53.                 textColumnStyle.Width = iWidth + 4
  55.                 ' Add the new column style to the table style.
  56.                 tableStyle.GridColumnStyles.Add(textColumnStyle)
  57.             Next
  59.             ' Now create the column styles within the table style.
  60.             Dim boolColumnStyle As DataGridBoolColumn
  61.             For iCurrCol = 2 To dataTable.Columns.Count - 1
  62.                 Dim dataColumn As DataColumn = dataTable.Columns(iCurrCol)
  64.                 boolColumnStyle = New DataGridBoolColumn
  65.                 boolColumnStyle.AllowNull = False
  66.                 boolColumnStyle.HeaderText = dataColumn.ColumnName
  67.                 boolColumnStyle.MappingName = dataColumn.ColumnName
  69.                 ' Set width to header text width.
  70.                 iWidth = (Graphics.MeasureString(boolColumnStyle.HeaderText, dataGrid.Font).Width)
  72.                 ' Change width, if data width is wider than header text width.
  73.                 ' Check the width of the data in the first X rows.
  74.                 Dim DataRow As DataRow
  75.                 Dim iRow As Integer
  76.                 For iRow = 0 To nRowsToScan - 1
  77.                     DataRow = dataTable.Rows(iRow)
  78.                     Dim iColWidth As Integer
  79.                     iColWidth = (Graphics.MeasureString(DataRow.ItemArray(iCurrCol).ToString(), dataGrid.Font).Width)
  80.                     iWidth = System.Math.Max(iWidth, iColWidth)
  81.                 Next
  83.                 boolColumnStyle.Width = iWidth + 4
  85.                 ' Add the new column style to the table style.
  86.                 tableStyle.GridColumnStyles.Add(boolColumnStyle)
  87.             Next
  88.             ' Add the new table style to the data grid.
  89.             dataGrid.TableStyles.Add(tableStyle)
  90.         Catch e As Exception
  91.         Finally
  92.             Graphics.Dispose()
  93.         End Try
  95.     End Sub
hope this will help someone.
Jun 17 '08 #4

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