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Gridview viewstate failed to load error with too many rows!

1 New Member

I am quite desperate now because I made a nice webshop with a gridview where the customer is able to update the amount of products (Hostas in my situation) or delete the row.
The problem is that every works really fine with this code when customers order approximatelly a maximum of 35 products.
What I learned so far is to set the EnableViewState ="False" for all the labels that don't need a viewstate. This helped a lot.

What can I do to make this work for an unlimited order?

You help is very appreciated!!!! !

This is my code so far:
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  1. <asp:AccessDataSource id="AccessDataSource1" Runat="Server"
  2.     DataFile="<%$ connectionStrings: AccessHostaConnection %>"
  3.   OnSelected="Get_Rows"
  5.   SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM ShopCart WHERE OrderNumber=@OrderNumber order by naam"
  7.   UpdateCommand="UPDATE ShopCart SET Aantal=@Aantal
  8.                  WHERE OrderNumber=@OrderNumber AND HostaID=@HostaID"
  10.   DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM ShopCart
  11.                  WHERE OrderNumber=@OrderNumber AND HostaID=@HostaID"
  12. >
  13.   <SelectParameters>
  14.     <asp:ControlParameter Name="OrderNumber" ControlId="OrderNumberLabel"
  15.     PropertyName="Text"/>
  16.   </SelectParameters>
  17.   <UpdateParameters>
  18.     <asp:ControlParameter Name="OrderNumber" ControlId="OrderNumberLabel"
  19.     PropertyName="Text"/>
  20.   </UpdateParameters>
  21.   <DeleteParameters>
  22.     <asp:ControlParameter Name="OrderNumber" ControlId="OrderNumberLabel"
  23.     PropertyName="Text"/>
  24.   </DeleteParameters>
  26. </asp:AccessDataSource>
  28. <asp:Label ID="Label1" Text="Hosta Shopcart" Font-Size="14pt" ForeColor="#8E001C" 
  29. Runat="Server"/> &nbsp;   <asp:hyperlink id="Catalogus" Text="Continue shopping" navigateUrl="nwcatalog2.aspx" runat="server"> </asp:hyperlink> 
  30.             <asp:Label ID="voorraad" runat="server" ></asp:Label>
  31.             <asp:Label ID="logtekstlabel" runat="server"></asp:Label>
  32. <table border="0">
  33. <tr>
  34.   <td><b>Order number: </b></td>
  35.   <td><asp:Label id="OrderNumberLabel" Runat="Server"/></td>
  36. </tr>
  37. </table>
  38. <table>
  39. <tr>
  40. <td>
  41.             <b>You can change the amount of Hostas by means of the &quot;Change&quot;-button per 
  42.             Hosta. Subsequently you can change the amount you wish to order and finally you 
  43.             need to confirm your change by the &quot;Update&quot;-button.</td>            
  45. </tr>
  46. </table>
  48. <asp:Label id="NoItemsMessage" Runat="Server"
  49.   Text="No Hostas in Shopcart" EnableViewState="False" Visible="False"
  50.   Width="206px" Height="1px" BackColor="#E0E0E0" ForeColor="#8E001C"
  51.   BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1px" BorderColor="Silver" 
  52.   Style="margin-top:10px; padding:15px"/>
  54. <asp:Panel ID="Panel1" Width="700" Runat="Server"
  55. ForeColor="#990000" HorizontalAlign="Left">
  56.   <asp:Label id="ErrMessage" Text=" " EnableViewState="False" Runat="Server"/>
  57. </asp:Panel>
  59. <asp:AccessDataSource id="ShopCartSource" Runat="Server"
  60.     DataFile="<%$ connectionStrings: AccessHostaConnection %>"
  61.   OnSelected="Get_Rows"
  63.   SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM ShopCart WHERE OrderNumber=@OrderNumber order by naam"
  65.   UpdateCommand="UPDATE ShopCart SET Aantal=@Aantal
  66.                  WHERE OrderNumber=@OrderNumber AND HostaID=@HostaID"
  68.   DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM ShopCart
  69.                  WHERE OrderNumber=@OrderNumber AND HostaID=@HostaID"
  70. >
  71.   <SelectParameters>
  72.     <asp:ControlParameter Name="OrderNumber" ControlId="OrderNumberLabel"
  73.     PropertyName="Text"/>
  74.   </SelectParameters>
  75.   <UpdateParameters>
  76.     <asp:ControlParameter Name="OrderNumber" ControlId="OrderNumberLabel"
  77.     PropertyName="Text"/>
  78.   </UpdateParameters>
  79.   <DeleteParameters>
  80.     <asp:ControlParameter Name="OrderNumber" ControlId="OrderNumberLabel"
  81.     PropertyName="Text"/>
  82.   </DeleteParameters>
  84. </asp:AccessDataSource>
  86. <asp:GridView id="ShopCartGrid" DataSourceID="ShopCartSource" Runat="Server"
  87.   AutoGenerateColumns="False"
  88.   DataKeyNames="OrderNumber,HostaID" 
  89.   onrowupdating="Shopcart_RowUpdating"
  90.   onrowdeleting="Shopcart_Rowdeleting"
  91.   Cellpadding="3"
  92.   ShowFooter="True"
  93. >
  94.   <Columns>
  96.   <asp:TemplateField
  97.     HeaderText="Name" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left" 
  98.     ItemStyle-Width="150">
  99.     <ItemTemplate>
  100.       <asp:Label ID="Label4" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  101.         Text='<%# Bind("Naam") %>'/>
  102.     </ItemTemplate>
  103.     <EditItemTemplate>
  104.       <asp:Label ID="Label5" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  105.         Text='<%# Bind("Naam") %>'/>
  106.     </EditItemTemplate>
  107.     </asp:TemplateField>
  109.   <asp:TemplateField
  110.     HeaderText="Photo" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left" 
  111.     ItemStyle-Width="50">
  112.      <ItemTemplate>
  113.         <asp:Image ImageUrl='<%# Eval("Naam", "http://www.hostaparadise.com/images/thumbs/{0}.jpg") %>' EnableViewState="False"  runat="server"/>
  114.     </ItemTemplate>
  115.   </asp:TemplateField>
  117.   <asp:TemplateField
  118.     HeaderText="Price"
  119.     ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right" 
  120.     ItemStyle-Width="50">
  121.     <ItemTemplate>
  122.       <asp:Label ID="Label6" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  123.         Text='<%# String.Format("€ {0:C},00", Eval("Prijs")) %>'/>
  124.     </ItemTemplate>
  125.     <EditItemTemplate>
  126.       <asp:Label ID="Label7" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  127.         Text='<%# String.Format("€ {0:C},00", Eval("Prijs")) %>'/>
  128.     </EditItemTemplate>
  129.   </asp:TemplateField>
  131.   <asp:TemplateField
  132.     HeaderText="Number" 
  133.     ItemStyle-Width="60"
  134.     FooterStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right"
  135.     ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right">
  136.     <ItemTemplate>
  137.       <asp:Label ID="Label8" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  138.         Text='<%# String.Format("{0:D}", Eval("Aantal")) %>'
  139.         Width="25" Font-Size="9pt" Style="text-align:right"/>
  140.     </ItemTemplate>
  141.     <EditItemTemplate>
  142.       <asp:TextBox id="Number" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  143.         Text='<%# Bind("Aantal") %>'
  144.         MaxLength="4" Width="25" Height="17" Font-Size="9pt"
  145.         Style="padding:0px; text-align:right"/>
  147.     </EditItemTemplate>
  149.     <FooterTemplate>
  150.       <asp:Label ID="Label10" Text="Total" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False"
  151.         Font-Bold="True" Width="50" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="0" 
  152.         Style="padding:2px; margin-top:5px"/>
  153.     </FooterTemplate>
  154.   </asp:TemplateField>
  157.   <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Amount" 
  158.     ItemStyle-Width="80"
  159.     ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right"
  160.     FooterStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right">
  161.     <ItemTemplate>
  162.       <asp:Label ID="Label11" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  163.         Text='<%# String.Format("{0:C}", _
  164.                   Get_Amount(Eval("Prijs"), Eval("Aantal"))) %>'/>
  165.     </ItemTemplate>
  166.     <EditItemTemplate>
  167.       <asp:Label ID="Label12" Runat="Server" EnableViewState="False" 
  168.         Text='<%# String.Format("{0:C}", _
  169.                   Get_Amount(Eval("Prijs"), Eval("Aantal"))) %>'/>
  170.     </EditItemTemplate>
  171.     <FooterTemplate>
  172.       <asp:Label id="OrderTotal" Runat="Server"
  173.         Text='<%# String.Format("{0:C}", Get_Order_Total()) %>' 
  174.         Width="80" Font-Bold="True" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1"
  175.         BorderColor="#C0C0C0" Style="padding:2px; margin-top:5px"/>
  176.     </FooterTemplate>
  177.   </asp:TemplateField>
  179.   <asp:TemplateField
  180.     HeaderText="Modify order"
  181.     ItemStyle-Width="110"
  182.     FooterStyle-BackColor="#E0E0E0">
  183.     <ItemTemplate>
  184.       <asp:Button ID="Button1" Text="Change" CommandName="Edit" Runat="Server"
  185.         Font-Size="7pt" Width="50"/>
  186.       <asp:Button ID="Button2" Text="Delete" CommandName="Delete" Runat="Server"
  187.         Font-Size="7pt" Width="50"/>
  188.     </ItemTemplate>
  189.     <EditItemTemplate>
  190.       <asp:Button ID="Button3" Text="Update" CommandName="Update" Runat="Server"
  191.         Font-Size="7pt" Width="50"/>
  192.       <asp:Button ID="Button4" Text="Cancel" CommandName="Cancel" Runat="Server"
  193.         Font-Size="7pt" Width="50"/>
  194.     </EditItemTemplate>
  195.     <FooterTemplate>
  196.       <asp:Button ID="Button5" Text="Finalise order »" OnClick="Submit_Form"  EnableViewState="False" Runat="Server" Font-Size="8pt" Width="75" Style="margin-top:22px"/>
  198.     </FooterTemplate>
  199.   </asp:TemplateField>
  201.   </Columns>
  203. </asp:GridView>
  206.   </form>
  207. </body>
  208. </html>
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