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building xalanc using msvc++ 2005 express edition

I spent way too much time on this and I must say, I was a little
disgruntled with what has been posted on all the various Xalan C
mailing lists. Everyone says there's a solution, but give next to no
detail on how to achieve this "allusive" solution. Well I spent the
better part of a day finally figuring it out the hard way, trial and

Here's a list of steps to compile the Xalan C version 1.10.0 on
Microsofts Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (MSVC++ 2005 Express Ed.)

NOTE: these are only the steps to compile the Release version, I never
got around to figuring out how to compile it in Debug mode (I ran into
some more problems)

NOTE: Xerces and Xalan were compiled in the c:\dev directory, you can
of course compile it any where you like.
1) Download xerces-c-src_2_7_0.zip and unzip it in c:\dev
2) Copy the contents of C:\dev\xerces-c-src_2_7_0\Proje cts\Win32\VC7.1
into a newly created VC8 directory
3) Open Projects\Win32\ VC8\xerces-all.sln. It will automatically get
converted to MSVC++ express edition Solutions
4) Set the solution configuration to Release
5) Right mouse click on the XercesLib project and select Properties
6) in the C++ and Linker sections change all VC7.1 directories to VC8
7) C++ -Advanced -Disable Specific Warnings = 4996
8) C++ -Language -Treat w_char as Built in type = NO
9) Remove XercesLib\util\ WIN32\version.r c file from the project.
10) Compile only the XercesLib project

11) Change the Tools -Options -Projects and Solutions -VC++
Include Files: C:\dev\xerces-c-src_2_7_0\src
Library files: C:\dev\xerces-c-src_2_7_0\Build \Win32\VC8\Rele ase

12) My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environement Variables
XERCESCROOT:C:\ dev\xerces-c-src_2_7_0

1) Downloaded source distro. Xalan-C_1_10_0-src.zip 2,894,892 bytes
2) unziped to c:\dev directory
3) Copy the contents of C:\dev\xml-xalan\c\Project s\Win32\VC7.1 into a
newly created VC8 directory
4) Open Projects\Win32\ VC8\Xalan.sln. It will automatically get
converted to MSVC++ express edition Solutions
4) Set the solution configuration to Release
5) Right mouse click on the AllInOne project and select Properties
6) in the C++ and Linker sections change all VC7.1 directories to VC8
7) C++ -Advanced -Disable Specific Warnings = 4996
8) C++ -Language -Treat w_char as Built in type = NO
9) Remove AllInOne\Resour ce Files\allinone. rc file from the project.

compiling localisation
1) Update the following files (from the C:\dev\xml-xalan\c\ root):
Projects\Win32\ VC8\Utils\Local ization\tools.i ni
Projects\Win32\ VC8\Utils\Local ization\BuildMe ssages.mak
Projects\Win32\ VC8\Utils\MsgCr eator\MsgCreato r.mak
Projects\Win32\ VC8\Utils\Xalan MsgLib\XalanMsg Lib.mak

2) All places that have a VC7.1, change to VC8
3) tools.ini : comment [NMAKE] -#[NMAKE]
4) BuildMessages.m ak : insert the following line at the top : include

5) MsgCreator.mak: change the following line,
CPP_PROJ=/nologo /W4 /EHsc /wd4996 /Zc:wchar_t- /O2 /I ".\\" /I $
D "_MBCS" /Fp"$(INTDIR)\Ms gCreator.pch" /Fo"$(INTDIR)\ \" /Fd"$(INTDIR)\
\" /FD /c
CPP_PROJ=/nologo /ML /W4 /GX /O2 /I ".\\" /I $(XALANINCLUDE) $
(INTDIR)\MsgCre ator.pch" /YX /Fo"$(INTDIR)\ \" /Fd"$(INTDIR)\ \" /FD /c

6) XalanMsgLib.mak : change the following line,
CPP_PROJ=/nologo /MD /W4 /GX /O2 $(XERCESINCLUDE ) /I "..\..\..\. .\..
\src" /I ".\$(BUILDRESDI R)\Nls\Include" /D "WIN32" /D "NDEBUG" /D
CPP_PROJ=/nologo /MD /W4 /EHsc /O2 $(XERCESINCLUDE ) /I "..\..\..\. .\..
\src" /I ".\$(BUILDRESDI R)\Nls\Include" /D "WIN32" /D "NDEBUG" /D

7) Ensure that the Release build is active

8) Right-mouse click on the Localization project -Project Only - >
Build only Localization

11) Change the Tools -Options -Projects and Solutions -VC++
Include Files: C:\dev\xml-xalan\c\src
xxx Library files: C:\dev\xerces-c-src_2_7_0\Build \Win32\VC8\Rele ase

12) Build AllInOne Project

That's it! Don't let the number of steps and the compiler switches
intimidate you. It's not so bad. I've been discovering the wonderful
world of server side / C++/ XSLT processing, ever since - and it's a
beautiful thing.

I hope this helps.

Sep 20 '07 #1
3 3397
hs********@gmai l.com wrote:
detail on how to achieve this "allusive" solution.
I think you meant "elusive", but thanks for posting the step-by-step. I
hope you've posted it to Xalan's own mailing lists as well as comp.text.xml.

(I haven't tried building Xalan C since shortly after we first started
to port it over from Java, and I don't have/use MS VC++, so I really
couldn't have offered much advice.)

() ASCII Ribbon Campaign | Joe Kesselman
/\ Stamp out HTML e-mail! | System architexture and kinetic poetry
Sep 21 '07 #2
I should spell check more often, spelling mistakes are a bit silly in
this day and age (built in browser spell checkers).

I'm a little new to the news group thing, I'm more of a reader rather
than a poster. I would like to change that.

Here's a silly question. How does one post a message on the xalanc
news group? I assume it's just a matter of sending an email to that
specific news group and providing the identical subject heading to
ensure a response to the posted subject? I'm also assuming the XalanC
news group email address is:
xa***********@x ml.apache.org


Sep 21 '07 #3
hs********@gmai l.com wrote:
Here's a silly question. How does one post a message on the xalanc
news group?
It's a mailing list, not a newsgroup. See

To subscribe, send a note to
xa************* ********@xml.ap ache.org

Posting to it is just a matter of sending mail to
xa***********@x ml.apache.org
Joe Kesselman / Beware the fury of a patient man. -- John Dryden
Sep 21 '07 #4

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