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How to send data as tcp stream using C#

44 New Member
I have a C# program which outputs x,y,z coorditate values of objects tracked by sensors connected to the system. These output values are stored as a text file.

All i need to do is, send the output (x,y,z) of the program directly as a tcp stream so that it can be received by another computer on the network.

It would be nice if someone can help me on how to send tcp stream using C#.
May 25 '07 #1
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Assuming that other computer is already to receive that tcp connection, check into the TcpClient object under System.Net.Sock ets
May 25 '07 #2
44 New Member
Assuming that other computer is already to receive that tcp connection, check into the TcpClient object under System.Net.Sock ets

The following is the code im using to send data from client to the server. The output of the entire program however is a series of x,y,z coordinates and other values but using the code im able to send only one instance of the output and not the entire series of outputs which are generated one after another. Please help me, i need to send the entire series of outputs generated one after another .

private void exportData(stri ng person, DateTime time, double x, double y, double z,
double distance, double seconds)
// Write data to file: could modify this method to write to a database or other
// external system, filtering will work in the same way
StreamWriter file = (StreamWriter)f iles[person];
file.WriteLine( "{0},{1},{2},{3 },{4},{5}",
time.ToString(" u"),x,y,z,dista nce,seconds);
Console.WriteLi ne("{0},{1},{2} ,{3},{4},{5},{6 }",
person,time.ToS tring(),x.ToStr ing("0.00"),y.T oString("0.00") ,z.ToString("0. 00"),
distance.ToStri ng("0.00"),seco nds.ToString("0 .00"));

IPEndPoint ipep = new IPEndPoint(
IPAddress.Parse ("" ), 9050);

Socket server = new Socket(AddressF amily.InterNetw ork,
SocketType.Stre am, ProtocolType.Tc p);

server.Connect( ipep);
catch (SocketExceptio n ex)
Console.WriteLi ne("Unable to connect to server.");
Console.WriteLi ne(ex.ToString( ));

NetworkStream ns = new NetworkStream(s erver);
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(ns );
StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(ns );

sw.WriteLine("{ 0},{1},{2},{3}, {4},{5},{6}",
person, time.ToString() , x.ToString("0.0 0"), y.ToString("0.0 0"), z.ToString("0.0 0"),
distance.ToStri ng("0.00"), seconds.ToStrin g("0.00"));

Jun 4 '07 #3
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Well, I don't see any looping mechanism there and you open a new socket every call there.
(PS: Don't forget to close all your files and sockets when you're done with them)
Jun 5 '07 #4
44 New Member
I have finally sent data from client to server using tcp connection. Now i need to send the same data using udp.

How do i replace the following code when implementing in udp ?.

sw.WriteLine("{ 0},{1},{2},{3}, {4},{5},{6}",
person, time.ToString() , x.ToString("0.0 0"), y.ToString("0.0 0"), z.ToString("0.0 0"),
distance.ToStri ng("0.00"), seconds.ToStrin g("0.00"));
Jun 10 '07 #5
44 New Member
I have established connection between udp client and server. Now i need to send the data from client to server. How do i do that ?. The data consists of x,y,z coordinate values and other parameters which are generated continuosly and need to be sent at runtime.
Jun 11 '07 #6

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