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Help with printing unable to advanced to next page

11 New Member
I have asked before and got little responce, So I try and try again.

The code below prints the data in the same place but does not advance the page. I can see the lblnumber change but print in top of the previous one. So my loop is working, I have the hasmorepages= true set right after each cycle till the loop finishes.

Hopefully someone can point out my error.

Thanks David DeWitt

this part calls the printing code
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.  Public Sub btnPrint_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnPrint.Click
  3.         Dim Print As New myPrinter
  4.         Call Print.prt()
  6.     End Sub
here is my printing code
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  1. Imports System.Drawing.Printing
  3. Public Class myPrinter
  4.     Public Shared lblnumber As Integer
  5.     Public Shared endlbl As Integer
  6.     Private WithEvents prn As PrintDocument
  8.     Public Sub prt()
  9.         Dim prn As New PrintDocument
  11.         ' Create a PaperSize and specify the custom paper size .
  12.         Dim pkCustomSize1 As New PaperSize("Label Size", 400, 800)
  14.         Using (prn)
  15.             prn.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = My.Settings.Printer
  16.             'to add page size here.   
  17.             prn.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize = pkCustomSize1
  19.             AddHandler prn.PrintPage, AddressOf Me.PrintPageHandler
  20.             prn.Print()
  21.             RemoveHandler prn.PrintPage, AddressOf Me.PrintPageHandler
  22.         End Using
  23.     End Sub
  25.     Private Sub PrintPageHandler(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs)
  26.         Dim smFont As New Font("Microsoft San Serif", 10)
  27.         Dim medFont As New Font("Microsoft San Serif", 14)
  28.         Dim lrgFont As New Font("Microsoft San Serif", 18)
  29.         lblnumber = CInt(MainForm.txtStartBoxNUmber.Text)
  30.         endlbl = CInt(MainForm.txtStartBoxNUmber.Text) + CInt(MainForm.txtBoxes.Text)
  32.         Do
  34.             ' return address
  35.             args.Graphics.DrawImage(My.Resources.LOGO_2, 60, 10)
  36.             args.Graphics.DrawString(My.Settings.returnAddress, New Font(smFont, FontStyle.Regular), Brushes.Black, 117, 70)
  37.             args.Graphics.DrawString(My.Settings.returnCity, New Font(smFont, FontStyle.Regular), Brushes.Black, 110, 85)
  38.             ' ship to address
  39.             args.Graphics.DrawString("Ship to:", New Font(medFont, FontStyle.Bold), Brushes.Black, 5, 150)
  40.             args.Graphics.DrawString(MainForm.txtCompanyName.Text, New Font(lrgFont, FontStyle.Bold), Brushes.Black, 30, 175)
  41.             args.Graphics.DrawString(MainForm.txtAttn.Text, New Font(medFont, FontStyle.Regular), Brushes.Black, 30, 210)
  42.             args.Graphics.DrawString(MainForm.txtAddress1.Text, New Font(medFont, FontStyle.Regular), Brushes.Black, 30, 235)
  43.             args.Graphics.DrawString(MainForm.txtAddress2.Text, New Font(medFont, FontStyle.Regular), Brushes.Black, 30, 260)
  44.             args.Graphics.DrawString(MainForm.txtCity.Text & ",  " & MainForm.txtState.Text & "  " & MainForm.txtZip.Text, New Font(medFont, FontStyle.Regular), Brushes.Black, 30, 285)
  45.             ' Package & Order information
  46.             args.Graphics.DrawString("P.O. #" & MainForm.txtPO.Text, New Font(smFont, FontStyle.Bold), Brushes.Black, 30, 370)
  47.             args.Graphics.DrawString("Order #" & MainForm.txtOrderNumber.Text, New Font(smFont, FontStyle.Bold), Brushes.Black, 30, 390)
  48.             args.Graphics.DrawString("Box #" & lblnumber, New Font(smFont, FontStyle.Bold), Brushes.Black, 30, 410)
  50.             lblnumber = lblnumber + 1
  51.             args.HasMorePages = True
  52.         Loop Until lblnumber = endlbl
  55.         args.HasMorePages = False
  57.     End Sub
  58. End Class
Jan 8 '07 #1
4 2493
4,871 Recognized Expert Specialist
I believe that the loop is the problem:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Do Until lblnumber = endlbl
  2. {rest of code}
  3. Loop
Jan 8 '07 #2
11 New Member
Try changing the do-loop as suggested. Still works the same. The only item that should change on each page is the lblnumber. It does changes but the page does not advance, so the information is printed on top of itself.
In the days of quick basic I could send a form feed.

Hope someone can figure out my error,
David DeWitt
Jan 8 '07 #3
4,871 Recognized Expert Specialist
Have you tried to comment out the line:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. args.HasMorePages = False
My suggestion is to comment out lines until it stops working and then progress forward again. Sometimes it a case of one step backward and two forward. It must be frustrating to be so close :(.
Jan 8 '07 #4
LX Apostal
1 New Member
This reply may be too late to help David DeWitt, but here is an answer that may help the next person...

Help with printing unable to advanced to next page - using PrintDocument--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1) In David's code he has 1/2 the answer that everyone has been looking for. He calls RemoveHandler() to remove the handler when he was done drawing.
AddHandler prn.PrintPage, AddressOf Me.PrintPageHan dler
RemoveHandler prn.PrintPage, AddressOf Me.PrintPageHan dler
In the code I wrote that wasn't working. I was calling AddHandler more than once, which caused my code to draw more than one page on one sheet of paper.
For example:
Say I add 3 handlers, H1, H2, and H3.
When I ask to PrintDocument1. Print(); the system calls H1 to handle a page, but the send to printer occurred when it calls H1 for the next page. My code sets the more pages flag "args.HasMorePa ges = True". But the system call H2 (not H1 again) which caused my code to move to drawing page two (2). My code sets the more pages flag "args.HasMorePa ges = True". Then the system call H3 (not H1 nor H2 again) which caused my code to move to drawing page three (3). Then my code says there are no more pages "args.HasMorePa ges = False". Then the system would call H1 again which causes the page to print, but now we are done, remember "args.HasMorePa ges = False"; so no more calls to Handlers, otherwise I would have seen a page ejection for each Handler.
2) In David's code, the other half of the answer is you shouldn't set the "args.HasMorePa ges = True" flag in a loop that you are not exiting. David's code must exit the sub procedure PrintPageHandle r() after drawing the first (1) page. The system will call PrintPageHandle r() back again, and at that time he should draw page two (2). This means he has to save off the starting (or ending) record he has processed and start the second page on the record he left off on.

For example:
Private m_nLeftOffAt As Integer = 0
Private m_bStartingOver As Boolean = True

Private Sub PrintPageHandle r( ... )
Dim nItemsOnThisPag e As Integer
Dim nItemsWantedPer Page As Integer

' ... ' remove for readability

lblnumber = CInt(MainForm.t xtStartBoxNUmbe r.Text)
endlbl = CInt(MainForm.t xtStartBoxNUmbe r.Text) + CInt(MainForm.t xtBoxes.Text)

If Not m_bStartingOver Then
lblnumber = nLeftOffAt
End If

nItemsOnThisPag e = 0
nItemsWantedPer Page = 60
nItemsOnThisPag e = nItemsOnThisPag e + 1

' return address
args.Graphics.D rawImage(My.Res ources.LOGO_2, 60, 10)
' ... ' remove for readability
args.Graphics.D rawString("Box #" & lblnumber, New Font(smFont, FontStyle.Bold) , Brushes.Black, 30, 410)

lblnumber = lblnumber + 1

Loop Until (lblnumber = endlbl) Or (nItemsOnThisPa ge > nItemsWantedPer Page)

If lblnumber >= endlbl Then
args.HasMorePag es = False
m_bStartingOver = True
nLeftOffAt = lblnumber
args.HasMorePag es = True
End If
End Sub

Hope this helps someone.
Alex Apostal
Apr 13 '07 #5

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