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this code is not validating properly pls help me to fix the error

20 New Member
hi al

i wrote a code (LOgin form) that checks the user id and if it exists validates the password but this is not all validating and simply displaying user does not exist

i am sending the code pls check and fix it pls its urgent
using System;
using System.Collecti ons;
using System.Componen tModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Sess ionState;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.W ebControls;
using System.Web.UI.H tmlControls;
using System.Data.Sql Client;
using System.Web.Secu rity;

namespace Customer
/// <summary>
/// Summary description for WebForm2.
/// </summary>
public class WebForm2 : System.Web.UI.P age
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Labe l Label1;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Labe l Label2;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Labe l Label3;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Text Box TextBox1;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Text Box TextBox2;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Butt on Button1;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Butt on Button2;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Butt on Button3;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Labe l Label4;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Link Button LinkButton1;
protected System.Web.UI.W ebControls.Text Box TextBox3;
SqlConnection con;
SqlCommand cmdc,cmds;

private void Page_Load(objec t sender, System.EventArg s e)
// Put user code to initialize the page here
con=new SqlConnection(" Data Source=STAR3;Da tabase=Customer ;user id=sa;password= ;");
cmds=new SqlCommand("sel ect * from LoginDetails",c on);
catch(Exception e1)
Response.Write( "Connection cannot be established" +e1.Message);

private void Button1_Click(o bject sender, System.EventArg s e)
if(chkpwd(TextB ox1.Text,TextBo x2.Text,TextBox 3.Text))
FormsAuthentica tion.RedirectFr omLoginPage(Tex tBox2.Text,true );
Response.Redire ct("WebForm3.as px");
TextBox3.Text=" ";
Response.Write( "User name does not exist try again");
if(System.Conve rt.ToInt32(View State["Tries"])>1)
Response.Redire ct("WebForm10.a spx");
ViewState["Tries"]=System.Convert .ToInt32(ViewSt ate["Tries"])+1;
if(System.Conve rt.ToInt32(View State["Tries"])>3)
Response.Redire ct("WebForm10.a spx");

private void Button3_Click(o bject sender, System.EventArg s e)

private bool chkpwd(string cid,string uid,string pwd)
bool bsuccess=false;
//pwd=FormsAuthen tication.HashPa sswordForStorin gInConfigFile(p wd,"sha1");
cmdc=new SqlCommand("sel ect * from LoginDetails" + " where UserID = '"+uid+"'",con) ;
SqlDataReader drc=cmdc.Execut eReader();
while(drc.Read( ))
if(pwd == drc["Pawd"].ToString())
Response.Write( "Login successful");


//Response.Write( Environment.New Line+"Error:" +e1.Message+e1. HelpLink);
return bsuccess;
private void LinkButton1_Cli ck(object sender, System.EventArg s e)
Response.Redire ct("WebForm1.as px");

pls be fast its urgent thanks in advance
Nov 24 '06 #1
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