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Problem with Double Dropdown list in ASP .NET

4 New Member
Hi all,

I have created a double dropdown list. Based on the first list selection, second list populates (this works fine). I have a submit button, which when clicked should run a select query based on the values selected on both the dropdown lists. But this part is not working. It picks up right value for the first dropdown list and always takes the FIRST value of the second dropdown list. I am not sure how to make it use the selected value of the second dropdown list??
Since I have to populate the second dropdown list based on the first list selection, I have kept <if(!Page.IsPos tBack)> around the first dropdown list only and that makes the value of the first list stay there. If I keep it around both the lists, second list does not get populated at all (which makes sense to me).

Thanks.!! Please help..
Nov 21 '06 #1
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121 New Member
can you post the code where you build your query from the drop downs?
Nov 21 '06 #2
4 New Member
can you post the code where you build your query from the drop downs?
Sure ! Below is the code.

Public partial class SelectDate : System.Web.UI.P age {
public string ddlCustval;
public string ddlCustofCustva l;

protected void Page_Load(objec t sender, EventArgs e)
if (!IsPostBack)
using (SqlConnection cn_custdrpdwn = new
SqlConnection(C onfigurationMan ager.Connection Strings["OPDv1Connectio nString"].ToString()))
//open the connection with database
cn_custdrpdwn.O pen();

SqlCommand cmd_custdrpdwn = new SqlCommand();
cmd_custdrpdwn. Connection = cn_custdrpdwn;

string sql_custdrpdwn = "SELECT DISTINCT CustomerNameLon g FROM Customers";

cmd_custdrpdwn. CommandText = sql_custdrpdwn;

SqlDataAdapter Adapter_custdrp dwn = new SqlDataAdapter( );
Adapter_custdrp dwn.SelectComma nd = cmd_custdrpdwn;

DataSet ds_custdrpdwn = new DataSet();

Adapter_custdrp dwn.Fill(ds_cus tdrpdwn);

ddlCust.DataSou rce = ds_custdrpdwn;
ddlCust.DataTex tField = "CustomerNameLo ng";
ddlCust.DataVal ueField = "CustomerID ";
ddlCust.DataBin d();

mygrid1.DataSou rce = ds_custdrpdwn;
mygrid1.DataBin d();

cn_custdrpdwn.C lose();

} // end of IsPostBack

using (SqlConnection cn_custofcustdr pdwn = new
SqlConnection(C onfigurationMan ager.Connection Strings["OPDv1Connectio nString"].ToString()))
//open the connection with database
cn_custofcustdr pdwn.Open();

SqlCommand cmd_custofcustd rpdwn = new SqlCommand();
cmd_custofcustd rpdwn.Connectio n = cn_custofcustdr pdwn;

// set sql query
string sql_custofcustd rpdwn = "SELECT distinct CustofCust FROM CustomersofCust omer WHERE (cocCustomerID = '" + ddlCust.Selecte dItem.Value + "')

cmd_custofcustd rpdwn.CommandTe xt = sql_custofcustd rpdwn;

SqlDataAdapter Adapter_custofc ustdrpdwn = new SqlDataAdapter( );
Adapter_custofc ustdrpdwn.Selec tCommand = cmd_custofcustd rpdwn;

DataSet ds_custofcustdr pdwn = new DataSet();

Adapter_custofc ustdrpdwn.Fill( ds_custofcustdr pdwn);

ddlCustofCust.D ataSource = ds_custofcustdr pdwn;
ddlCustofCust.D ataTextField = "ccdCustomerNam e";
ddlCustofCust.D ataValueField = "ccdCustomerID" ;
ddlCustofCust.D ataBind();

mygrid1.DataSou rce = ds_custofcustdr pdwn;
mygrid1.DataBin d();

cn_custofcustdr pdwn.Close();

} // end of IsPostBack
}// end Page_Load

protected void Button1_Click(o bject sender, EventArgs e)
using (SqlConnection cn = new
SqlConnection(C onfigurationMan ager.Connection Strings["OPDv1Connectio nString"].ToString()))
//open the connection with database
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
cmd.Connection = cn;

string sql = "SELECT DISTINCT CustomerName, CustofCust, LName, FName, Address FROM Details WHERE(ORD_Custo mer = '" + ddlCust.Selecte dItem.Value + "') AND (ORD_CustomerOf Customer = '" + ddlCustofCust.S electedItem.Val ue + "') ";

cmd.CommandText = sql;

SqlDataAdapter Adapter = new SqlDataAdapter( );
Adapter.SelectC ommand = cmd;

DataSet ds = new DataSet();

Adapter.Fill(ds );
mygrid.DataSour ce = ds;
mygrid.DataBind ();


protected void ddlCustofCust_S electedIndexCha nged(object sender, EventArgs e)
ddlCustofCustva l = ddlCustofCust.S electedValue;
Response.Write( "value changed..");
Response.Write( ddlCustofCustva l);
Nov 21 '06 #3
4 New Member
its fixed?
Nov 21 '06 #4

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