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How to create and open Word document in Network PC with VB.NET


I created application that store the data in SQL SERVER that reside on
network. The client also use this application to access the resources
provided with application. But is the client want to register new customer or
companies they will enter the information in Windows Form and the program
automaticaly creates the WORD document under specific folder under
application path. Once the empty word file created than ask user if they want
to open it or not.

Everythings works fine under the application path. Now my boss ask me to
install the application another 3 computers. The problem is each client going
to get application path and if one of them trys to view any customer using
windows form they will not going to open a word document if the file is
created another user machine.

So I thought its a best way to achive this to create a shared folder that
has 2 partition only disk that also SQL Server reside.

Say example the the PC name is SQLSERVER200600 0 and the has one hard drive
with 2 partition. C Drive and D Drive.

In the D Drive I created Shared Folder call MSCUSTDOCUMENT and this folder I
have another 2 folders as CUSTDOC and COMPDOC. With this each folder contains
word document that belong to either cutomer or companies. The word document
named after the customer ID such as cust00000008.do c under the CUSTDOC and
say comp00000004.do c under the COMPDOC folder.

My problem is that I can create empty word document (It copies empty
temp.doc into application path/CUSTDOC/ and rename it such as
cust00000008.do c) in every client machine and now I want to change the code
that every client can do the same but instead of using app path they will
have to access to network PC that I desribe in above. Unfortunetly I don't
know how to use VB.NET to achive network file copies (creation) and open.

Because once the document is created in the program View Customer client
have to view the cutomer information and they can use the btnOpen to open the
word document (it is in network PC) to view much detail information about the

Well I am sorry for my English but that what I am looking to achive:

Current File Copies into ApplicationPath +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++
Dim pathName_TEMP_D OCUMENT As String =
Dim fullPath_TEMP_D OCUMENT As String

Path.GetFullPat h(System.Window s.Forms.Applica tion.StartupPat h & "\..")

Dim pathName_NEW_DO CUMENT As String = "\MUSDOCUMENT\M UST\" & myNewDoc
Dim fullPath_NEW_DO CUMENT As String

fullPath_NEW_DO CUMENT =
Path.GetFullPat h(System.Window s.Forms.Applica tion.StartupPat h & "\..")
fullPath_NEW_DO CUMENT = fullPath_NEW_DO CUMENT & pathName_NEW_DO CUMENT

File.Copy(fullP ath_TEMP_DOCUME NT, fullPath_NEW_DO CUMENT, True)

'Check if the file created successfuly
Dim FileSystemObjec t1 As Object
FileSystemObjec t1 = CreateObject("S cripting.FileSy stemObject")
If (FileSystemObje ct1.FileExists( fullPath_TEMP_D OCUMENT)) Then
fileCreated = True
fileCreated = False
End If
Now I want every client machine to use similar code to copy the Temp.doc
from network shared folder into appropriet destination agin in Netowrk shard

Then will ask user user if they want to open the Word Document. the word
document will open using windows forms that I coded before that has only Save
and exit menus.

The current word document opnes as:
Dim mShowCurrentCus tomer As String = ""
mShowCurrentCus tomer = Me.Text & " SHOWING THE MS WORD DOCUMENT for
CUSTOMER " & clsDataHolder._ mMUSNO

Me.Text = mShowCurrentCus tomer

'If the user does not cancel, open the document
If strFileName.Len gth Then
oDocument = Nothing
AxWebBrowser1.N avigate2(strFil eName)
End If
I am sorry for long post but I try to ask very clearly what I am looking for
and I hope someone will help me to achive the things that I am looking for.

Thank you very much for reading my post.


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