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XslCompiledTran sform not outputting to XmlDocument

Hi guys/gals,

Can you help with this? I am trying to use an XSL tranform with the new
XslCompiledTran form class. I want it to output to a XmlDocument, but
the document is empty after .Transform(...) but i Know thethe xsl and
source xml are fine becasue if I output the Transform to a file it
works fine. Here's what i'm doing:

// Output doc
XmlDocument xmlReg = new XmlDocument();

//Sort with Xslt
XslCompiledTran sform xsl = new XslCompiledTran sform();
xsl.Load("DocSo rtByDate.xsl");
xsl.Transform(" DocList.xml",
null,xmlReg.Cre ateNavigator(). AppendChild());
Any suggestions??

Many thanks,


May 15 '06 #1
3 7175

p-*********@iname .com wrote:

Can you help with this? I am trying to use an XSL tranform with the new
XslCompiledTran form class. I want it to output to a XmlDocument

You could Transform to a MemoryStream and reset its position to 0 after
the transformation and then load then stream into an XmlDocument instance.

Or check the MVP XML project and the XslReader which allows you to
consume the result of an XSLT transformation as an XmlReader and load
that into the XmlDocument instance:
<http://mvp-xml.sourceforge .net/api/2.0/T_Mvp_Xml_Commo n_Xsl_XslReader .html>

Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
May 15 '06 #2
p-*********@iname .com wrote:
Can you help with this? I am trying to use an XSL tranform with the new
XslCompiledTran form class. I want it to output to a XmlDocument, but
the document is empty after .Transform(...) but i Know thethe xsl and
source xml are fine becasue if I output the Transform to a file it
works fine. Here's what i'm doing:

The problem with this code is that XmlWriter created by
xmlReg.CreateNa vigator().Appen dChild() won't get closed. Use different

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
using (XmlWriter writer = doc.CreateNavig ator().AppendCh ild()) {
xslt.Transform( input, (XsltArgumentLi st)null, writer);

Oleg Tkachenko [XML MVP, MCAD]
http://www.XmlLab.Net | http://www.XLinq.Net | http://blog.tkachenko.com
May 16 '06 #3
Many thanks, that worked perfectly!


May 16 '06 #4

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