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WSE -3.0 WebServices Deployement in IIS Server

I have developed Web services based on WSE3.0 X.509 Certificate
authentication for client and server. I have tested in VS 2005 both
services and client application working fine with out any issues.

In Client application web reference to VS 2005 Web Services which run
in VS 2005 on some port. Works properly.

I have copied same VS 2005 WSE3.0 Webservices to IIS 5.5 and changed
the ASP.NET version to 2.0. Tested Services in IIS, It is working fine.
In the client application I have changed Web References WebServices
installed in the IIS, Which are developed in VS 2005 with WSE3.0. It
is failing to process the response.
I have given full permission for Client Certificate and Server
Certificate to everyone in the system.

I am getting following error message, I think some security settings
are missing. Can any one please tell me where I am missing..

Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Respon seProcessingExc eption: WSE910: An error
happened during the processing of a response message, and you can find
the error in the inner exception. You can also find the response
message in the Response property. --->
System.InvalidO perationExcepti on: Security requirements are not
satisfied because the security header is not present in the incoming
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SecureConver sationClientRec eiveSecurityFil ter.ValidateMes sageSecurity(So apEnvelope
envelope, Security security)
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.ReceiveSecur ityFilter.Proce ssMessage(SoapE nvelope
at Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Pipeli ne.ProcessInput Message(SoapEnv elope
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Messag ing.SoapClient. SendRequestResp onse(String
methodname, SoapEnvelope envelope)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Messag ing.SoapClient. SendRequestResp onse(String
methodname, SoapEnvelope envelope)
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SecurityToke nServiceClient. RequestSecurity Token(SecurityT okenMessage
request, String methodName)
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SecurityCont extTokenService Client.RequestS ecurityContextT oken(AppliesTo
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SecurityCont extTokenService Client.IssueSec urityContextTok en(AppliesTo
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.Tokens.Secur ityContextToken Manager.Request TokenFromIssuer (EndpointRefere nce
tokenIssuer, String tokenType, AppliesTo appliesTo, Policy policy,
SoapProtocolVer sion soapVersion, StateManager messageState,
StateManager operationState, StateManager sessionState)
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SecureConver sationClientSen dSecurityFilter .EstablishSecur eConversation(S oapEnvelope
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SecureConver sationClientSen dSecurityFilter .SecureMessage( SoapEnvelope
envelope, Security security)
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Securi ty.SendSecurity Filter.ProcessM essage(SoapEnve lope
Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Pipeli ne.ProcessOutpu tMessage(SoapEn velope
at Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Xml.So apEnvelopeWrite r.Finish()
at Microsoft.Web.S ervices3.Xml.Xm lWrappingWriter .Flush()
System.Web.Serv ices.Protocols. SoapHttpClientP rotocol.Seriali ze(SoapClientMe ssage
System.Web.Serv ices.Protocols. SoapHttpClientP rotocol.Invoke( String
methodName, Object[] parameters)
at SureshWinClient .SureshServices .ServiceWse.Hel loWorld() in
C:\Documents and Settings\SEddal a\My Documents\Visua l Studio
2005\WebSites\S ureshWinClient\ Web
References\Sure shServices\Refe rence.cs:line 78
at SureshWinClient .MainForm.btnEx ecute_Click(Obj ect sender,
EventArgs e) in C:\Documents and Settings\SEddal a\My Documents\Visua l
Studio 2005\WebSites\S ureshWinClient\ MainForm.cs:lin e 24

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