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POST HttpWebRequest to SLL Problem

Can someone at MS please reply to this. I am trying to post data so a web
form via ssl with the following code. I keep getting this error: "The
underlying connection was closed: Could not establish secure channel for

private void mainHttpCalls(s tring postData)
HttpWebRequest objRequest1 ;
HttpWebRequest objRequest2 ;

HttpWebResponse objResponse1;
HttpWebResponse objResponse2;

StreamReader sr = null;
StreamWriter myWriter = null;

CookieCollectio n cookies = null;

string result;

clearTextboxes( );

Encoding utf8 = new UTF8Encoding();

ServicePointMan ager.Certificat ePolicy = new AcceptAllCertif icatePolicy();

string uri = cmbo_uri.Text;
txt_postdata.Te xt = postData;
postData = HttpUtility.Url Encode(postData );

// Get Logon Page
objRequest1 = (HttpWebRequest )System.Net.Htt pWebRequest.Cre ate(uri);
objRequest1.Met hod = "GET";
objRequest1.Con tentType = "text/html";
objRequest1.Coo kieContainer = new CookieContainer ();

// Display request header, cookies in left textbox displays
txt_requesthead er.Text = objRequest1.Hea ders.ToString() ;
foreach(Cookie c in
objRequest1.Coo kieContainer.Ge tCookies(objReq uest1.RequestUr i))
txt_requestcook ies.Text += c.Name + " = " + c.Value + "\n";

// Get the response from the request
objResponse1 = (HttpWebRespons e)objRequest1.G etResponse();

// Save the session and other cookies from the initial request.
if(objResponse1 .Cookies.Count > 0)
cookies = objResponse1.Co okies;

sr = new StreamReader(ob jResponse1.GetR esponseStream() , utf8);
result = sr.ReadToEnd();

objResponse1.Cl ose();

// Display response header, cookies in left textbox displays
txt_responsehea der.Text = objResponse1.He aders.ToString( );
foreach(object c in objResponse1.Co okies)
txt_responsecoo kies.Text += c.ToString();

txt_response.Te xt = result;
catch (Exception er1)
txt_errors.Text = er1.ToString();

// *************** ***** Now post the data *************** ***********
// *************** ***** Now post the data *************** ***********

result = string.Empty;
sr = null;

byte[] postcontent = utf8.GetBytes(p ostData);

objRequest2 = (HttpWebRequest )System.Net.Htt pWebRequest.Cre ate(uri);
objRequest2.Con tentType = "applicatio n/x-www-form-urlencoded";
objRequest2.Con tentLength = postcontent.Len gth;
objRequest2.Kee pAlive = true;
objRequest2.Coo kieContainer = new CookieContainer ();
if(cookies != null)
objRequest2.Coo kieContainer.Ad d(cookies);
objRequest2.Met hod = "POST";

// Sending the post request via stream writer

myWriter = new StreamWriter(ob jRequest2.GetRe questStream(), utf8);

myWriter.Write( utf8.GetString( postcontent),0, utf8.GetString( postcontent).Le n
myWriter.Flush( );
myWriter.Close( );

objResponse2 = (HttpWebRespons e)objRequest2.G etResponse();
StreamReader sr2 = new StreamReader(ob jResponse2.GetR esponseStream() ,
result = sr2.ReadToEnd() ;

objResponse2.Cl ose();
catch (Exception e2)
txt_errors.Text = "Error Writing Request: " + e2.Message + "\n" +
// Get the response from the request
// Display response header, cookies in righ textbox displays
txt_responsehea der2.Text = objResponse2.He aders.ToString( );
foreach(object c in objResponse2.Co okies)
txt_responsecoo kies2.Text += c.ToString();

txt_response2.T ext = result;

catch (Exception re)
txt_errors2.Tex t = "Error Getting Response: " + "\n" + re.ToString();
// Display request header, cookies in righ textbox displays
txt_requesthead er2.Text = objRequest2.Hea ders.ToString() ;
foreach(Cookie c in
objRequest2.Coo kieContainer.Ge tCookies(objReq uest2.RequestUr i))
txt_requestcook ies2.Text += c.Name + " = " + c.Value + "\n";


sealed class AcceptAllCertif icatePolicy : ICertificatePol icy
public bool CheckValidation Result(ServiceP oint srvPoint,
X509Certificate certificate, WebRequest request,
int certificateProb lem)
// Just accept.
return true;

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