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java xerces xpath fails with namespace

I have a simple program to run xpath with xerces 1_2_7

XPathFactory factory = XPathFactory.ne wInstance();
XPath xPath = factory.newXPat h();
XPathExpression xp = xPath.compile(s trXpr);
System.out.prin tln(xp.evaluate (new InputSource(new
FileInputStream ("a.xml")))) ;

if a.xml is
version="1.0"?> <root><parent>< son>theTextValu e</son></parent></root>

and strXpr is /root/parent/son/text()
I got correct value back "theTextVal ue".

But if parent is with namespace, such as soap message, it always fails,
eg.:<?xml version="1.0"?> <soap:Envelop e
xmlns:soap="htt p://schemas.xmlsoap .org/soap/envelope/"
xmlns:xsd="http ://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
xmlns:xsi="http ://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><soap :Body><son>theV alue</son>

strXpr is /soap:Envelope/soap:Body/son/text()

empty string was returned...

Any suggestion are welcome.


Feb 10 '06 #1
18 7743
XPath is namespace-sensitive. To correctly search a namespaced document,
you must use prefixes in your XPath and provide bindings from those
prefixes to the appropriate namespace URIs.

If you really insist on doing a namespace-insensitive search, it's
possible by using kluge-arounds such as node()[name()="foo"] ... but
REALLY not recommended. Namespaces are used because they're a meaningful
distinction. Don't attempt to ignore or bypass them.
Feb 10 '06 #2
Would you please more detail? How to specify prefix in xpath?

eg. my xml file is:
?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<soap:Envelop e xmlns:soap="htt p://schemas.xmlsoap .org/soap/envelope/"
xmlns:xsd="http ://www.w3.org/2
xmlns:xsi="http ://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><soap :Body>testtext</soap:Body>

and my xpath is:

all no result back....


Feb 10 '06 #3
jacksu wrote:
and my xpath is:

The second won't work. The first will, *if* you've told your XPath
processor that the soap: prefix maps to
"http://schemas.xmlsoap .org/soap/envelope/"

How you do that depends on the processor. If you're using the XPath
within an XSLT stylesheet, you just need to make sure soap: has been
properly declared as a namespace at a point where it will be inherited
by the statement which is executing the XPath; the usual practice is to
define most namespaces all the way up at the top-level xsl:stylesheet
element to make sure they're available throughout the document.

If you're using an XPath API of some sort, check its docs to find out
how to tell it the mapping between prefixes and namespace URIs.
Feb 10 '06 #4
jacksu wrote:


all no result back....

Hmm... Shold fail with a loud bang, if you used a prefix in the XPath
but did not bind it to a namespace.

Try look around in the documentation for that XPath evaluation thing (I
don't know it), for something called a namespace environment, context or
something like that. When you found it, you will need to call something
like bind("soap", "http://namespaceURI/of/SOAP") on it before evaluating.
Feb 10 '06 #5

jacksu wrote:
I have a simple program to run xpath with xerces 1_2_7

XPathFactory factory = XPathFactory.ne wInstance();
XPath xPath = factory.newXPat h();
XPathExpression xp = xPath.compile(s trXpr);
System.out.prin tln(xp.evaluate (new InputSource(new
FileInputStream ("a.xml")))) ;

That looks like Java using the JAXP XPath API from Java 1.5 to me.
However Xerces-Java 2.6 or 2.7 might implement that, but rather not 1_2_7.

If you want to use namespaces then you need to pass in an object
implementing javax.xml.names pace.NamespaceC ontext that implements the
methods to resolve prefixes to namespace URIs and the other way round.
Then do
xp.setNamespace Context(yourObj ectImplementing NamespaceContex t);
before you compile or evaluate expressions.


Martin Honnen
Feb 10 '06 #6
Martin Honnen wrote:
If you want to use namespaces then you need to pass in an object
implementing javax.xml.names pace.NamespaceC ontext that implements the
methods to resolve prefixes to namespace URIs and the other way round.

See, for example,
Feb 10 '06 #7
Working example for the Apache/Xalan code:

public static void main(String[] args) {
String strXpr = "/a:foo/a:bar";
XPathFactory factory = XPathFactory.ne wInstance();
XPath xPath = factory.newXPat h();
try {
// Anonymous hardcoded Namespace Context:
NamespaceContex t MyNSC=new NamespaceContex t() {
public String getNamespaceURI (String prefix) {
if (prefix.equals( "a")) return "urn:a";
else return XMLConstants.NU LL_NS_URI;
public String getPrefix(Strin g namespace) {
return null; // Just dummied out; Xalan doesn't need it.
public Iterator getPrefixes(Str ing namespace) {
return null; // Just dummied out; Xalan doesn't need it.

xPath.setNamesp aceContext(myns c);
XPathExpression xp = xPath.compile(s trXpr);
System.out.prin tln(xp.evaluate (
new InputSource(new FileInputStream ("a.xml")))) ;
} catch (Exception e) {
e.printStackTra ce();
Feb 10 '06 #8
Whups. Typo crept in while recopying this into the newsgroup; obviously,
MyNSC and mynsc were supposed to be the same variable. That's what I get
for trying to simplify the example on the fly.
Feb 10 '06 #9
Thanks a lot.

It works fine in pure with-prefix mode, but seems have problem in
with-prefix/without-prefix mixed mode
such as:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><soap:Envel ope
xmlns:soap="htt p://schemas.xmlsoap .org/soap/envelope/"
xmlns:xsd="http ://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
xmlns:xsi="http ://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><soap :Body><mynode
xmlns="http://mynamespace">my text</mynode></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>

I tried:

If I gives prefix to mynode, then everything works fine.

Any more suggestion?


Feb 10 '06 #10

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