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Interoperabiliy of boost::signals and managed event receivers

Hello all.

I've got a bunch of existing, non managed, C++ DLLs that export types
with, among other things, public events implemented using the
boost::signals library.

Now, I need to have these DLL interoperate with managed code. Among
others things, the managed code need to be able to register for
notification with the boost signals. I've tried different approaches
(trying to register a pinned delegate with the boost::signal, etc...),
but the only thing I could make to work is the ugly code below :

///Unmanaged DLL, compiled without /clr
///file event_source_li b.h
#define EVENT_SOURCE_LI B_API __declspec(dlle xport)
#define EVENT_SOURCE_LI B_API __declspec(dlli mport)

#include <boost/signals.hpp>

// This class is exported from the event_source_li b.dll
class EVENT_SOURCE_LI B_API EventSource {
boost::signal<v oid (int)> event;
void RaiseEvent();


///Unmanaged DLL, compiled without /clr
///file event_source_li b.cpp
#include "event_source_l ib.h"
void EventSource::Ra iseEvent()
///managed C++ console app
///file event_sink.cpp
#include "event_source_l ib.h"
#include <boost/bind.hpp>
#include <vcclr.h>
#using <mscorlib.dll >

using namespace System;

__gc class EventSink
void Sink(int a);

void EventSink::Sink (int a)
System::Console ::WriteLine(S"I n managed handler");
static void ManagedHandler( gcroot<EventSin k*> instance, int a)

#pragma unmanaged
static void UnmanagedHandle r(gcroot<EventS ink*> instance, int a)
ManagedHandler( instance, a);
//If I do this directly in the _tmain funcion (managed code), I've got
an SEH exception at runtime.
static boost::signals: :connection RegisterEventSi nk(EventSource&
source, gcroot<EventSin k*> instance)
return source.event.co nnect(boost::bi nd(&UnmanagedHa ndler,
instance, _1));

#pragma managed

int _tmain()
EventSource source;
EventSink* sink=new EventSink;
boost::signals: :connection con=RegisterEve ntSink(source,
gcroot<EventSin k*>(sink)); //(1)
source.RaiseEve nt();
con.disconnect( );
return 0;
This solution requires *3* static functions (2 unmanaged and 1
managed) to be able to register a member funcion of a __gc class with
the boost signal. My real librarie has tens of different signals, with
different signatures, and the managed wrapper code would soon be an
horrible mess of macros hack if I use this technique.

A curiosity about this code : If I do not declare the unmanaged
RegisterEventSi nk and call boost::signal:: connect directly from
_tmain, I've got an SEHException at runtime. However, if I declare
RegisterEventSi nk *but do not call it*, the code run smooth. The line
(1) can therefore be replaced with:
boost::signals: :connection
con=source.even t.connect(boost ::bind(&Unmanag edHandler,
gcroot<EventSin k*>(sink), _1));
I suspect that the boost::bind specialization is (correctly) build
when compiling RegisterEventSi nk, and the same specialization is used
in _tmain. But if RegisterEventSi nk is commented out, the compiler is
unable to compile the bind specialization when in a managed context.

Does anyone have another cleaner solution for this problem?

Nov 17 '05 #1
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