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Anyone up for helping an absolute beginner

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with installing MySQL on OS 10.15, and helping me get acquainted?

I have almost zero knowledge of databases or programming and I am giving myself a week to become a novice.

I’m great with computers, use many technical audio manipulation programs, omegle discord xender know basic html, and learn fast. I (think) understand the purpose of data management, or why you would need a tool like SQL to manage massive amounts of data, but where SQL ‘is’, what it ‘looks’ like, why it’s not an ‘app’ like Photoshop or something, that’s all really abstract to me at the moment and I can’t seem to get the wheels moving. There are definitely some great tutorials on YouTube, but I’m wanting to start with a ‘big picture’ understanding of the tool, if that makes sense, and I can’t ask videos questions.
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So this is by no means meant to be a comprehensive primer on MySQL or databases in general, but rather a specific answer to some of the points mentioned in your original question.
Firstly, SQL itself is what is called a query language, that is, it is used to read and edit existing data, remove pieces of data from, and put new data into, what is known as relational databases (plenty of resources on the interwebs that explains what that term means). Collectively, these acts of putting stuff into and query info from databases is known as CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete).
Databases are used for all manner of purposes, but they usually connect and supply data to web sites, mobile and web apps, reporting services, and all sort of other services and platforms.
Some databases (relational and otherwise) do in fact run as standalone apps on a machine, and have an interface that allows them to be manipulated as such. Most of them though, act in the same fashion as the web browser or app that you are using to read this answer, i.e. it is being served from the web server that hosts the forum, (i.e. a server) and accessed by the browser (a client).
So therefore, to start the process off, you will need to firstly install a copy (sometimes referred to as an instance) of MySQL server on your Mac. MySQL is cross-platform and works on most of the OSs out there. Incidentally, since MySQL works according to the client/server model, you can install the server instance from any other computer, as long as there's some sort of TCP/IP connectivity between them. I am not going to go into details on the install process, there are tons of tutorials on installing MySQL on OS X out there, which list the best versions to choose etc.
Afterwards, to access the MySQL database server that you installed on your OS 10.15 machine, you will need a separate MySQL client (just search your favourite search engine for "Mac OS MySQL client", and download as per your preference of costs versus features ratio.
To get started with creating databases inside your instance of MySQL, I recommend w3schools or any of the other learning-related sites that cover the topic.
Once you have mastered those topics, you can from there on move towards something useful like connecting your database to a web, desktop or mobile app, or a reporting services server, or learning the finer points of database maintenance with a view of becoming a database administrator (DBA).
I am sure the subsequent posters will give more info, but hopefully this will start to give you a big picture understanding of how to get started with MySQL databases.
May 25 '20 #2

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