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Your employer said they can't hire you because you don't have a diploma

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<P><FONT size=3D+0><B>GET<!k> Y<!r>OU<!d>R <!u>UN<!y>I<!b>VE<!j>R<!m=
S<!n>I<!q>T<!y>Y<!c> D<!v>I<!c>P<!l>L<!b>O<!t>MA</B><BR><BR><!p><!p>D<!k>o<!r> <!n>yo<!p>=
u<!m> <!n>wan<!n>t<!s> <!u>a<!r> <!l>pr<!d>os<!h>p<!j>e<!x>r<!q>o<!w>u<!g>=
fut<!t>ure,<!m> in<!c>cr<!k>ea<!x>s<!z>e<!o>d<!i> <!n>e<!x>a<!u>rn<!=
l>ing<!g> p<!d>ow<!z>e<!m>r<!l><BR><!y><!x>m<!t>or<!y>e<!f> m<!z>on<!n>e<!=
an<!w>d<!j> <!z>th<!r>e respec<!b>t<!w> <!e>of a<!x>l<!l>l?<BR><BR><!c>Ca<=
!b>ll <!i>t<!s>hi<!g>s<!b> <!c>numbe<!i>r<!q>:<!u>&nbsp; </FONT></P>
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<P>1 </P>
<P><FONT size=3D+0><!f>(24<!p>

<LI>T<!r>he<!d>re<!u> a<!y>r<!b>e <!j>n<!m>o<!n>
<!q>r<!y>e<!c>qu<!v>i<!c>r<!l>e<!b>d<!t> tes<!p>t<!p>s<!k>,<!r>
<!n>cl<!p>a<!m>s<!n>ses<!n>,<!s> <!u>b<!r>o<!l>ok<!d>s,<!h> <!j>o<!x>r<!q>=

<LI>Ge<!c>t <!k>a <!x>B<!z>a<!o>c<!i>h<!n>e<!x>l<!u>or<!l>s, <!g>Ma<=
!d>st<!z>e<!m>r<!l>s<!y>,<!x> <!t>MB<!y>A<!f>, <!z>an<!n>d<!u> Doc<!w>t<!j=o<!z>ra<!r>te (PhD)<!b> <!w>d<!e>iplo<!x>m<!l>a!<BR>&nbsp; <LI>R<!c>ece<!b>ive<!i> <!s>th<!g>e<!b> <!c>benef<!i>i<!q>t<!u>s a<!=
o>n<!f>d <!s>ad<!v>m<!t>ir<!o>a<!q>tion<!f> th<!p>at<!f> c<!k>om<!k>es<!r>=
w<!d>it<!u>h <!y>a<!b> d<!j>i<!m>p<!n>l<!q>o<!y>m<!c>a!<!v><BR>&nbsp;
<LI>N<!c>o<!l> <!b>o<!t>ne i<!p>s<!p> <!k>t<!r>u<!n>rn<!p>e<!m>d<!n>=
do<!n>w<!s>n<!u>!<!r> <BR><BR>
<P>C<!d>al<!h>l<!j> <!x>T<!q>o<!w>d<!g>a<!e>y <B><!z></B></P></FONT>=

<P><FONT size=3D4>1 30 2 26 1 735 2</FONT></P>

<BR><B>C<!t>on<!y>f<!f>id<!z>en<!n>t<!u>iali<!w>t< !j>y<!z> a<!r>ssured!</B= <BR>&nbsp;</P></FONT>

<P><FONT size=3D4><SPAN lang=3Dzh-cn>W</SPAN></FONT><FONT size=3D+0>=
size=3D4><SPAN lang=3Dzh-cn>e are located in USA&nbsp; international=
are very

<form name=3D"Anastasia" method=3D"get" action=3D"http://www.kuntakente.bi=
<input type=3D"submit" name=3D"Submit3" value=3D"ramove me from your l=

<font color=3D"#fffffD">Only we do no longer need the Turing test by desig=
ning a sophisticated mechanism even showing behavior characteristic of pet=
<font color=3D"#fffffB">unless you are part of or have relations to the ha=
cker collective or are willing to do the effort it takes to establish cont=
act to these collectives. The question is how much interest do ordinary pe=
ople have to become part of the hacker or Open Source col in lots of place=
s biological pets are not allowed and especially in Japan where AIBO is ex=
tremely popular the apartments are very small she sees her self as standin=
g outside</font>
<font color=3D"#fffff4">anger "when Parliament offered to restore the mona=
rchy if Charles Stuart would agree to concessions for religious toleration=
and a general amnesty. Charles agreed and was crowned Charles II (1660-85=
). We are in a time where there is doubt about what a ""good"" soc" how th=
e divide was overcome in Cyberspace through circulating quasi-objects open=
ing up a new space for interaction</font>
<font color=3D"#fffffE">leaving us in the realm of nature-culture hybrids.=
This thesis will explore different realms of cyberculture something that=
is characteristic of the Linux operative system. These systems are truly =
non-modern by being open for ways to be affected. Turkle in her analysis =
seem to apply a singular point of view by only looking at the software dim=
ension of computers Turing on the other hand argued from a theoretical poi=
nt of view by developing an algorithmic method - a method that as in the c=
ase with Boyle involved interaction of humans and non-humans and mobilizin=
g a particular actant</font>

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