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MySQL 5 alpha and Solaris 9 Client Fault

Solaris 9 - sparc 64bit
MySQL 5.0 alpha (installed using binary from MySQL)

Has anyone expereinced this? The client will launch locally and
process SQL queries. However when using the up arrow to view
previously entered SQL statements, the MySQL client throws:

Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

....and exits back to the OS command line. Sometimes it will do this
right away, and sometime the user must enter 2 or 3 queries first, and
then hit the arrow.

The core dump text (below) seems to suggest OS-level permission
problems? But I have assured and re-assured access to the whole file
system is available. Also, gobbs of memory are available to the
system at the time.

The core is below:

CORE············································ ······························
·················································· ·······de: %d)·Can't
stream from handle (Errcode: %d)·····Can't get working dirctory
%d)········Can't change dir to '%s' (Errcode: %d)··Warning: '%s' had
links······%d files and %d streams is left open
···Disk is full writing '%s'. Waiting for someone to free
space...·Can't create
directory '%s' (Errcode: %d)·······Character set '%s' is not a
character set and is not specified in the '%s' file········Out of
resources when
opening file '%s' (Errcode: %d)···Can't read value for symlink '%s'
%d)····Can't create symlink '%s' pointing at '%s' (Error %d)···Error
realpath() on '%s' (Error %d)··Can't sync file '%s' to disk (Errcode:
··············.cnf····.cnf····.cnf····--print-defaults········%s would
have been
started with the following arguments:
·······%s ·············Fatal error in defaults handling. Program
······················warning: World-writeable config file %s is
·····················error: Wrong group definition in config file: %s
at line
····error: Found option without preceding group in config file: %s at
line: %d
Default options are read from the following files in the given
···············The following groups are read:··
The following options may be given as the first argument:
--print-defaults Print the program argument list and exit
--no-defaults Don't read default options from any options file
--defaults-file=# Only read default options from the given file #
--defaults-extra-file=# Read this file after the global files are
xml····Index.xml·······Index.xml·······Index.xml·· ·····skip····disable·enable··m
aximum·loose···0·······%s: Option '-O' requires an argument
···-set-variable···%s: Option '--set-variable' requires an argument
·······%s: Option '--set-variable' requires an argument
·······%s: ambiguous option '--%s-%s' (--%s-%s)
·······1·······%s: %s: unknown variable '%s'
··WARNING·ERROR···%s: %s: unknown option '--%s'
··WARNING·%s: variable prefix '%s' is not unique
·%s: ambiguous option '--%s' (%s, %s)
···%s: option '%s' cannot take an argument
········%s: option '--%s' cannot take an argument
······%s: option '--%s' requires an argument
· ·······%s: option '-%c' requires an argument
··%s: Error while setting value '%s' to '%s'
·····%s: unknown option '-%c'
·······%s: Error while setting value '%s' to '%s'
·····Unknown suffix '%c' used for variable '%s' (value '%s')
················ -%c%s·, ······ ······ ······--%s····%s=name%s
Variables (--variable-name=value)
·····and boolean options {FALSE|TRUE} Value (after reading options)
·····(No default value)······%s
·····.·······latin1··latin1_swedish_ci············ ···latin1··latin1_german2_ci··
·············latin1··latin1_bin··············(null )··xml·····xml.version·····xml
rsets.charset.family·charsets.charset.description· ···charsets.charset.alias··cha
rsets.charset.ctype··charsets.charset.ctype.map··· ···charsets.charset.upper··cha
rsets.charset.upper.map······charsets.charset.lowe r··charsets.charset.lower.map·
·····charsets.charset.unicode········charsets.char set.unicode.map····charsets.ch
arset.collation······charsets.charset.collation.na me·charsets.charset.collation.
id···charsets.charset.collation.order········chars ets.charset.collation.flag·cha
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