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Re[2]: Can run two versions of MySQL in Windows 2000?


jumping in to try and solve some problems that look pretty obvious to
me ...
#options for default service (mysqld2)
It should be [mysqld2], not (mysqld2).
basedir = c:\4.1 Alpha\mysql
As Paul pointed out, the blank in the path name is likely to cause
problems (see below).
my-opts2.cnf: [mysqld2]
basedir = c:\4.1 Alpha\mysql
Again, don't use a path that contains blanks.
socket = mypipe2
As opposed to Unix, Windows doesn't know the concept of "sockets" (it
uses "named pipes" instead). Named pipes, however, might cause
problems with MySQL under Windows, so it's recommended not to use
them, but rather use tcp/ip instead (that is why named pipes are
disabled by default). You don't have to specify anything to use tcp/ip
-- it's the default under Windows. (The above line in your
configuration file is syntactically okay, but I'd recommend to delete
it for the mentioned reasons. For MySQL 4.1, that should be
"protocol=mypipe2", anyway.)
mysqld --defaults-file=C:\my-opts1.cnf
response: mysqld: ERROR: unknown option '--enable-named-pipe'
For the above given reasons, you shouldn't use named pipes. Get rid of
the appropriate lines in your configuration files, and you'll get rid
of that problem.
030723 15:09:02 Error message file 'C:\mysql\share\english\errmsg.sys'
had only 237 error messages, but it should contain at least 255 error
messages. Check that the above file is the right version for this
program! 030723 15:09:02 when I invoke it from the folder of the old
version. and:
mysqld-max: Can't change dir to 'C:\4.1 Alpha\mysql\data\' (Errcode:2)
Well, that error message says it, doesn't it? Avoid having blanks in
your pathnames.
Okay, that looks good. When you open the Services Manager, I assume
it shows lines for services named "MySQL" and "mysqld2" and that they
both have a status showing them to be running? (Sorry, the "Services Manager"? I'm not sure what that is.)
On Windows 2000, you can open the Services Manager window as follows:

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administration > Services

In that window you see a list of Windows services, and you should find
two MySQL-related services running.
But when I attempt to invoke MySQL the response is: "ERROR 2003: Can't
connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)" Okay. What was the command you used here? (just the same as before: "mysql" or "mysql -h localhost -u root" What happens if you use this command: mysql -h localhost -P 3308 or this one: mysql -h . -S mypipe2 (both give the following response: ERROR 2003: Can't connect to MySQL
server on 'localhost' (10061), and I tried several Ports, 3308, 3307,
3306, and 3309 in this order)
All that means that the MySQL server you are trying to connect to
isn't running. You can check in the Services Manager window, now that
you know how to find that :)
(BTW. When I came in today I found out that I could no longer connect
to 4.1.0 either. When I left last night, I could connect to 4.1.0, but
could no longer connect to 4.0.13. According to windows explorer the
database files are still there, but for some reason mySQL can no longer
point to them.)

Once again, check in the Services Manager window and make sure the
MySQL servers are actually running. I can only guess, but it looks as
though they are not started at system startup (Start type: automatic).
net stop svc-name-1
net stop svc-name-2 To remove them: mysqld --remove svc-name-1
mysqld --remove svc-name-2 Then start from the beginning, using the mysqld --install instructions
in the manual. (So I don't have to "Uninstall" them in windows since they are now
services? Or does this have the same effect?)

I'd suggest you to get familiar with the Windows services concept.
Services are, uh, services that can start and stop software programs
(like the MySQL server). Rather than starting the software manually,
you'd set up a service that does that (and can do that automatically,
e.g. at system startup).

Windows (NT, 2000, XP) usually uses services to start software that
runs in the background, like the MySQL server.

Unlike software, you don't uninstall a service, you _remove_ it, so it
won't be there anymore to start the software program it's supposed to
start. For the MySQL server, that's done with the "mysqld --remove
<servicename>" command.

Hope that helps.

Stefan Hinz <hi**@iConnect.de>
iConnect GmbH <http://iConnect.de>
Heesestr. 6, 12169 Berlin (Germany)
Telefon: +49 30 7970948-0 Fax: +49 30 7970948-3

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