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Cooking with 5G vs 4G or why would 5G fry your brain faster than 4G

First lets start with an elephant and a US submarine and sound waves.
An average adult elephant can produce such low frequency sound waves that they travel for miles through the earth and are heard by scientists, using microphones, miles away from that elephant.

An average US submarine can produce such low frequency sound waves in water that the sound can be heard by other US submarines many miles away in the water.
Second lets consider a conversation between two people, in an open area with no trees and no buildings and no blocking or reflecting surfaces in the area, at an average conversational volume of sound level.
If those two people talk in low pitched (low frequency sound) voices then their conversation might be detected by the average person at maybe 150 or up to 300 yards away (meters for some of the rest of the world).

If those two people talk in high pitched (high frequency sound) voices then their conversation might be detected by the average person at no further than 100 yards away.
Third lets consider the effect on water of high frequency sound and low frequency sound of the the same source energy level.
A bowl of water held close to the source of the energy may boil fast via the high frequency sound.

A bowl of water held close to the source of the energy may boil much slower or not at all via the low frequency sound.
So far three things have been observed:
  1. Low frequency sound can travel very much further without dissipating beyond the average detector's capacity.
  2. High frequency sound dissipates quickly to the point of being undetectable by the average detector.
  3. Low frequency sound takes longer to boil water at the same distance from the source at the same initialized energy level than high frequency sound does.

Now lets consider 5G vs 4G.
  • 5G uses higher frequency.
  • 4G uses lower frequency (but higher than 3G).

Now lets consider most people's brain.
  • It is composed of a lot of water.
  • It is susceptible to excessive heat.

Now lets consider conclusions for many people.
  1. If you want to not damage your brain or any of your body which is at least partially made up of water, then you should not want to be near to 5G anything.
  2. 4G was might not have been good for you.
  3. 5G might be long term bad for you.
  4. If you are "Cooking with 5G vs 4G", make certain that is not you that is being cooked.

You want more?

Of course you do.

Lets consider what the (supposedly your) government and the cell phone companies are doing about this.

Remember that high frequency sound dissipates beyond the common human detector's ability to detect faster than low frequency sound does.
Thus, for the higher frequency communications towers to be able to communicate with cell phones at the same range within the same conditions, these must utilize more energy. This energy can be either of these:
  • Source energy at the cell phone tower creating the wave.
  • Receiving energy at the expected location of the cell phone.

Both of those could be bad for some people not wanting to cook their brains.

Source energy:
Source energy might be simply increasing the output energy of the wave leaving (sourced at) the cell phone tower. They might find this to be exponentially energy expensive in relation to less than lineally increasing the distance that the wave can be detected and read by the cell phones. Not such a good investment and it might almost brown out a local electric grid if the energy required is supplied to bring the signal up to the range of the older 4G phone system. If you see cell phone towers connected with 1000 MCM lines or larger, then move elsewhere. If you chose to live where there are a lot of 5G cell phone towers, then plant pine trees around your house between you and the towers as the pine needles can have a substantial restive effect on the signal strength that passes through them. And besides that, pine trees may produce oxygen throughout the entire year. The bigger the pine trees, the better. You probably do not need wireless anyway as cable internet/phones is fine and fast. If you are building for the future, then use a dark red brick full height exterior (in addition to pine trees) if the brick coloring is based upon added iron oxide. Red brick should be sealed with a coating before being used and another coating after installing. And do not use any bricks or blocks that have any type of soap in the mix as they might deteriorate and crumble very quickly. Back to the Source energy: With money and power to do that which they already do, excessively high powered cell phone towers should be expected very soon if not already being installed.
Receiving energy:
Receiving energy is currently increased via wave node intersections. Read about wave mechanics from a mechanical engineering textbook or an aeronautical engineering textbook and learn about interference nodes and how they work. A principle of this is that when two waves intersect they positively or negatively combine thus creating a temporary junction of either greater or lesser energy strength. If you see cell phone towers with flat or semi-flat panels on them being used for signals, then they might be using multiple sourced wave propagation intent upon creating a positively combined node at an anticipated cell phone location. That might be the cell phone that a person is talking into. That person might be getting a 10 to 1,000 increase of energy pinpointed at their location via the tower's multi-signal timed generation.
You probably are wondering how accurate this stuff is.
It is not.
In a test lab where all the air is of (close to) the same composition and density then tests might suggest that cell phones can be triangulated to within "6 feet". Reality outside of the lab is vastly different and extremely variable. A satellite can almost never have the clarity that even the military says that it has; not even close. A cell phone tower signal is subject to the same laws of physics and I expect that the average cell phone location might be rarely triangulated to within 150 feet (45.72 meters) even with 5G including after it is given a high power boost. If you hear that the signal processing is so fast that the cell phone tower can get closer triangulation, then remember that they are accessing the same computer chips limitations that the rest of the world uses. The physics only allows so much and claims by whoever do not change that.

Cooking has its applications and uses. Do not be the cooked.
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