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what's the code for changing Screen?

I want to move from one Screen to another screen. Can you tell me about it.
Sep 10 '09 #1
9 1769
648 Expert 512MB

(Hint: More information helps with responces)
Sep 10 '09 #2
Hey Mark,
Can you plz give me a big hint.
I m unable to understand your hint.

Thanxxxxx for replying me.
And Nice picture budy
Sep 10 '09 #3
648 Expert 512MB

We don't know what you mean by "Move from one screen to another" is this on the PDA? How does a PDA have two screens? What OS are you using? What device is it? What language are you writing in?
Sep 10 '09 #4
I am writting in C#.
and my mean that I have two forms. How I hide form1 and how to display form2 while form2.show property is not working in Windows Mobile 6.
So now can you help me.
Sep 11 '09 #5
648 Expert 512MB
First of all Form.Show(); is a method not a property, so make sure you are putting () after the .Show.

You need to create an instance of the form

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  1.  frmYourForm form = new frmYourForm(); 
then you need to call it's .show method

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  1.  form.show(); 
Is this what you have tried? Are there any SPECIFIC errors?
Sep 11 '09 #6
Thank You Dear, Thats it what I am Looking for.
Thank you very much for helping me in my other problems too.
Sep 11 '09 #7
648 Expert 512MB
No problem, that's what we are here for :)
Sep 11 '09 #8
Hey Mark, Can you tell me that how can I take a value of one form to another.
my mean for this purpose there are a lots of technique in ASP.Net where from I. but ASP.Net is a Web development Area.

I had worked in VB6 too. I gives us the facility of Modules in which we can put global variables.

Whats in C# for. I have a variable and I need its value on the other form How can I do it?
Sep 11 '09 #9
648 Expert 512MB
In the constructor for your 2nd form (the bit at the top that is the same as the file name

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  1. public frmMyForm()
you need to allow it to accept an argument/variable.

so it would need changed to

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  1. public frmMyForm(string _yourVariable)
then when you create the form in your first form you should pass it in

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  1.  frmMyForm newForm = new frmMyForm(strVariable) 
then it will be passed into your new form
Sep 11 '09 #10

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