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Xbee pro series 2

Hi all,

I recently purchased an xbee series2 developement kit from digi. I am simple trying to turn on an LED on an end device by sending in an AT command in the form of an API packet.The situation I'm in now is:

(XBIB-U) board as the co-ordinator
(XBIB-R) board as the end device

I have a basic network setup with 1 co-ordinator and 1 end device. I am trying to send an AT command in the form of an API packet from the co-ordinator to the end device. The AT command is just a simple assertion of DIO4 to a logic low ("ATD4 4"). This will turn on LED 3 on the end device or it should anyway.
The packet I assembled which is a remote AT command request and tried to send is as follows:

7E 00 10 17 50 00 13 A2 00 40 52 C7 1A 92 F4 02 44 34 34 3C

I followed the structure of the "Remote AT command request" API frame type that is in the manual. Also I need to setup the end device to be able to receive and decode the incoming packet. Can you tell me how I can do this? I believe I need to install the API firmware of the x-ctu? I tried this but it didn't work.

"write parameters........failed" was the message I got at the bottom of the modem configuration tab.

Many Thanks,
Sep 17 '08 #1
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Digi has a support forum that will probably help you more. We have no experts here on Xbee or digi products.
Sep 17 '08 #2
The manual of XCTU software from Digi is not very illustrative.

You need to do the follwoing

1. Both the co-ordinator & the end device should be in the same mode (AT or API).

2. To use API mode you need to write API firmware on the devices.

3. In the PC setting page uncheck enable API .

4. In modem configuration select the correct device and function set (API co ordinator or end device)

5. Write the firmware.

6. In the PC settings check enable API

7. Press Test/Query

8. If you get the correct firmware you are successful.

9.For API mode you need to exactly follow the syntax of the packet and check sum is exteremely important. If checksum is wrong packet will not be sent.

10. Refer Dgi key manual for the device which is quite explanatory.
Sep 19 '08 #3
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An example from Digi about uses of the XBEE was a situation like the following:

[Remote Side]
XBEE configured as slave attached to a remote probe of some sort.
The A2D built into the XBEE takes samples
At some interval, the sample values taken are transmitted to the coordinator.

[Local Side]
XBEE conffigured as coordinator attached to a PC ( by way of an IBIB, either the USB or SERIAL are the products they make. Any custom board will do as well)
Software on the PC can be configured to receive and interpret the transmissions from the various slave XBEEs

The REMOTE SIDE is an example of a 'dumb' setup, there is no microcontroller or any user code running.
If you want to make it so the PC side REQUESTS that the REMOTE side transmit a value back to it or otherwise does anything based on the message you transmit, you will have to make the REMOTE side 'smart', as I do not believe the 'dumb' setup can achieve what you are asking.
Sep 24 '08 #4
i have the same problem ,pliz join me [DELETED] to discuse
Feb 19 '09 #5
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(Just noticed this)Maybe you have a better module then I, but the API AT commands I read about are only for the device I'm attached to.
If you have 2 xbees A and B.
If you want the RSSI of A to B, while being attached to A.
Send B a message from A using the API, then send A an API_AT command querring the RSSI. That should tell you what the RSSI was, without requiring B to send a message back.

There is also a regular AT command that roughly "scans" for other XBees on the same "network" and replies with a few values about them, one is the rssi.

I really wonder if anyone reads manuals these days
Feb 23 '09 #6
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Since I cannot edit the above.
I'm an idiot.
THIS thread does in fact say series2, which are different then the series1 XBees I used.
Feb 25 '09 #7

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