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Problem hiding a COlumn in a datagrid

62 New Member
Hi gang,

Im busy writing my firs Windows Mobile 6 Application. - I'm a beginner ok.

My first problem: When I run the app through the emulator I get an error: Database file cannot be found. - Where does the emulator look for the database? Can I copy the file there?

My connection string when running the app off my actual device is:

this.connection String = "Data Source=" + (System.IO.Path .GetDirectoryNa me(System.Refle ction.Assembly. GetExecutingAss embly().GetName ().CodeBase) + "\\Details.sdf; Persist Security Info=False"); Here it works fine.

If I run the app from the Releaase Folder under the Bin folder it works fine with the following Connection string:

this.connection String = @"Data Source=Details. sdf;File Mode=Exclusive; Persist Security Info=False";

My second question then is:

I have a data grid which data source is a datatable. the columns are: fldID, fldName, fldSurname and fdlTel.

I want to hide the fldID column. I cannot seem to access the Grid View Property nor set the widths of the columns.

I've tried the following code, but it does not change anything. It also dies not error:

DataGridTableSt yle ts = new DataGridTableSt yle();
ts.MappingName = "tblDetails ";

// ID column style
DataGridColumnS tyle id = new DataGridTextBox Column();
id.MappingName = "ID";
id.Width = 0;
ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(id);

// Name column style
DataGridColumnS tyle name = new DataGridTextBox Column();
name.MappingNam e = "Name";
name.Width = this.Width - name.Width - 37;
ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(name);

// Surname column style
DataGridColumnS tyle surname = new DataGridTextBox Column();
surname.Mapping Name = "Surname";
surname.Width = this.Width - surname.Width - 37;
ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(surnam e);

// Tel column style
DataGridColumnS tyle tel = new DataGridTextBox Column();
tel.MappingName = "Tel";
tel.Width = this.Width - tel.Width - 37;
ts.GridColumnSt yles.Add(tel);

dgItems.TableSt yles.Add(ts);

Any help please?


Aug 15 '08 #1
4 5255
62 New Member
I solved the first problem:

Use a shared folder (Configure in Emulator) and copy the database file in there.

Still stuck on second issue with hiding columns etc.
Aug 15 '08 #2
62 New Member
Um, OK, It was not the shard folder as described above. You actually add the database file to the project then the Emulator copies it to a temp folder (I assume as I could not find the folder "ANYWHERE".

Remember this is using unbound controls and hard coding the connection.

I'm till baffled on how to hide a column in a data grid in the .Net 2.0 compact framework. also how to change the captions. The code above runs without error but also without actually doing anything.

Aug 17 '08 #3
648 Recognized Expert Contributor
For the data grid, I would create a dataset from a query on the database, and then simply not select the ID column in the query.

If it looks like the file is missing, have you checked it's properties? On the solution explorer database.sdf file > Properties > Copy always.

Does it work when you deploy it directly to a device? i.e. in the target box select "Pocket PC Device" and not "Pocket PC Emulator" when the PDA is connected.

You say that you "Ran it from the Release Folder" have you built the application in release mode before doing this? I assume you have just copied these files accross to the PDA then run them?
Aug 18 '08 #4
1 New Member

i'm have the same problem
i can't change column's properties or hide it

any help
Nov 12 '08 #5

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