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Pulling the music from ShadowWraith

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At the [unspoken] request from MacMan247, I am hereby posting the 'how I did it' to get the music from ShadowWraith.

Here's what I did. Turns out that the music is stored in MOD format inside the ShadowWraith Music file's resource fork.

You can download a copy of ShadowWraith here:

What you'll want to do is open the music file using a resource fork editor, such as Rezilla. You'll know you have the right one because you'll see the names of the songs in the list of resources (cyberride, night, etc.).

Open each song and copy the hex data and then paste it into a hex editor such as HexEdit. Save each file to your hard drive with a .mod extension (for example, copy all of the hex code from the night resource and save the file in HexEdit as night.mod).

Save the file, and then open it with a MOD music player such as CocoModX.

Now CocoModX's music converter might not work; it doesn't work on my system, so I had to use timidity++. But we'll double-cross that bridge when we get to it.

This should get you started. I know it sounds complicated, but that's just because you need a separate application for each step of the process. Once you get started, it's really quite easy and even a bit mind-numbing.

I've got a few songs that I converted to AAC (QuickTime) format, but they're only the ones that I like, so you might as well give it a try on your own first.

Good luck! Post back if you run into any trouble.
Sep 11 '07 #1
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*Begins to tear up*

Yep! This is the music I remember from so long ago! I was disgusted when I tried playing it about a month ago, the sound was very distorted under "Classic Mode". Thank you so much PBMods! You are the savior of abandonware musics!
Sep 12 '07 #2

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sounds interesting!
Jul 22 '10 #3