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Steve Jobs Just Killed Windows Mobile

2,446 Expert Mod 2GB
Apple just threw a massive blow to the world of Windows Mobile or any Mobile Hardware/OS company with the launch of iPhone2.0 and the developer SDK. Apple and Jobs have done what Gates did to the world of PCs. Back in the 90s when the desktop OS wars were going on, Microsoft was more open to third-party developers than they have been with their Mobile OS.

This is the exact tactic Apple and Steve Jobs have used for ensuring the success of the iPhone mobile platform. From what we've seen so far, it looks like it might just work.

img src: iphoneblog

Reasons why iPhone2 and App Store might just kill:
  • Established distribution platform: iTunes
  • Innovative, useful hardware interface (iPhone)
  • Enterprise support
    • Ability to move from personal life to work life in a heartbeat (very important!)
    • Watching a clip to writing an e-mail for work
  • Developer support and enthusiasm (sdk stats prove it)
  • User base: 6 million, more to come
  • Applications, applications and applications
    • The more tools that are available on this platform to make my life easier. The more I will use this platform and the more likely I will be locked in.
  • Easy upgrade path for legacy hardware.
    • Plugin to iTunes and 1.0 --> 2.0 done. Have you tried doing this with any other phone on the market? Now multiply that times hundreds to thousands of phones in an average enterprise setup.
Apple/iPhone announcements at Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 by Apple:
  • Full Enterprise support
    • 35% of fortune 500 companies have participated in enterprise beta program
    • Support for higher-education
    • Exchange support
      • Push Email
      • Contacts - Search
      • Calendar
      • Auto discovery
      • Global Address book
      • remote wipe
    • SDK
    • 4,000 companies and people in beta program
    • API:
      • Cocoa Touch
        • Create great UI's easily
      • Media,
      • Core Services
        • Access to db, location based GPS functionality and lot more
      • Address Book API
        • Neat feature: show contacts in 10 mile radius
    • OS is the same kernel as Mac OS X
    • Ready to go applications at App-store launch
      • Sega games
      • EBay
      • Loopt
      • Typepad
      • Mobile News Network (Associated Press)
      • Pangea Software
      • MLB (baseball)
      • MIMVista (medical)
      • Digital Legends (3d fantasy game)
    • Lot more. List will update as we find out more
  • iPhone 3g Information
    • Appearance
      • Thinner, black plastic back, solid buttons, camera, headphone jack
    • 3G
      • 2.8 times faster.
      • 36% faster than Nokia N95 or Treo
    • Battery Life
      • 300hrs of standby
      • 5hrs talktime
      • 5-6hrs browsing
      • 7 hours video
      • 24hrs audio
    • GPS
      • Combined with google maps can track movement of car
    • Pricing
      • $199 for 3G / 8GB
      • $299 for 3G / 16GB
    • Monthly Pricing
      • 3G will cost $30/month for consumers
      • 3G for business accounts will pay $45/month
      • Voice account (required)
        • 450 minutes: $39.99
        • 900 minutes: $59.99
        • 1,350 minutes: $79.99
        • Unlimited: $99.99
      • SMS
        • 200 SMS included
        • Unlimited will cost additional $20/month
    • Available
      • July 11th in 22 Countries

Who's going to play iPhone? Who's going to play PDA? in the new iPhone vs. PDA ads . . . .

More info on iPhone2 release

Jun 9 '08 #1
7 14814
Reasons why the iPhone 3G disappointed.

Bigger, thicker
No GPS sat nav software
No iChat
No background apps
No cut and paste
No independent software
Almost no apps
Poor enterprise control
Enterprise do not want itunes on their desktops.

iPhone 3G data plans more expensive.

Steve Jobs just failed
Jun 9 '08 #2
2,446 Expert Mod 2GB
Just added monthly cost structure to the article, it's expensive.

$80 cheapest for the average user. Monthly costs are hard on the average person, especially in the current economic climate. It's great that they lowered the price of the device, but could have atleast kept the data plans on par or cheaper.

There is space for a killer mobile device like the iphone that would allow voip over wifi. There fore decreasing our need to use cellular network minutes and data.
Jun 9 '08 #3
Killed Windows Mobile?

In the world of B2B mobility, vanity is not king.

Letís look at the Enterprise PDA/EDA market....

Over 100 variants of 'white collar' devices, manufactured by multiple companies.

Over 100 variants of rugged devices with IP ratings, Barcode/RFID readers - manufactured by multiple companies

Choice is the key. A single device, whilst it is appealing for the consumer market, provides limited options in the B2B arena.

Enterprise mobility isn't just about sitting on a train picking up your email or being able to browse the web, whilst sitting in Starbucks with a shiny Apple device. It's about arming your mobile workforce with the correct tool to aid & streamline their working processes.

Manufacturers like Symbol/Motorola, Intermec, Psion, Trimble, HTC and HP - all offering a choice of device to suit the need of the user requirement. All under WM5/6. Verticals like Field Service, Logistics, Defence, FM, Public Sector & Construction are where we see the true volumes of B2B Enterprise Mobility. All areas where Apple just can't play.

WM5/6 might have a contender in the fickle consumer market place, I do not doubt and heavens knows it's long overdue (not to mention I love my iPhone!!!!) but to state Apple has the ability to kill WM is beyond naive.
Jun 10 '08 #4
I have two daughters with iPhones but just cannot see the logic in having to hold a phone with two hands when doing anything clever with it. That's been my experience with the iPhone, including things like two-handed texting and two-handed browsing. So since I cannot walk my dog and enjoy the iPhone interactive experience, there won't be an iPhone in my backpack.

I cannot use my daughter's iPhone on the dashboard of my car as a navaid. With my Nokia E90 sitting on the dashboard, a nice voice narrates me all the way to my destination. Sure, Google maps on the iPhone is nice but speaking from experience, listening to a smart GPS voice lead you around a strange city is more useful. Give me the N95 or E90 any day and let the others try to find their way with iPhones. I think I would arrive at destination first.

A lot of my friends would jump onto the iPhone bandwagon if they could upstream video from it by using Qik. Maybe Qik will come to the iPhone but for now, the easiest video upstreams from a phone are on Symbian devices.

Can you ring friends over VOIP on an iPhone using wifi? Those cost-saving phone calls using Truphone show me it's smarter to get a phone that cuts your expenses instead of a phone that makes you more lust-worthy. Although I can certainly see the case for getting something that increases my chances of making more friends.

At the moment, I have three applications open and running on my Nokia E90. For good reasons, Steve Jobs wants the iPhone limited to a single running application at any one time. But I've moved beyond the single application lifestyle and it would seem so 1999 to return to that kind of mobile user experience.

I'm sure Apple will sell another pallet of iPhones this week. I'm sure Nokia will sell the same amount of phones on a single day. There's a place for both kinds of phones. Thankfully, there's healthy competition from Apple that will help stifle the price of my next Nokia phone. For that alone, I appreciate the next generation of iPhone service. But I certainly don't think a new phone from Apple just killed Windows Mobile.
Jun 10 '08 #5
7,435 Expert 4TB
Steve Jobs just failed.
...to state Apple has the ability to kill WM is beyond naive.
...I certainly don't think a new phone from Apple just killed Windows Mobile.
Apple killed Windows mobile.
Apr 23 '10 #6
2,446 Expert Mod 2GB
Update on the Google Nexus One now. I like it much more than the iPhone.
Apr 23 '10 #7
Jyoti Ballabh
115 100+
The latest iphone is a disaster and compound that to the AT&T service provider. The highest rate of dropped calls in US, phones hanging mid-conversation, issues with audio/ video streamlining.
Jul 22 '10 #8

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