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Best way to check if variable is array?

Mike Kypriotis
I have read lots and lots of possible solutions all with its drawbacks, e.g. if it from a different frame or if it is a custom object including 'array' in its constructor, etc. but all more than 3 months old. The lattest mentioned Array.isArray([]) that comes with ECMAScript 5th Edition but do not work with IE7 and lower. Wanna know if there is a sure-proof solution for all?

P.S. For my particular application I take some arrays from JSON and want to check that they are arrays and then check teir length property to see if they have data inside
Nov 18 '11 #1

✓ answered by Dormilich

instanceof. toString() is easier to overwrite.

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since JSON supports only the Object and Array objects, one of the old constructor checks is sufficient
Nov 18 '11 #2
found this page
which concludes using
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  1. function isArray(o) {
  2.   return Object.prototype.toString.call(o) === '[object Array]';
  3. }
which is my best find so far, question is though that does not say which edition of ECMA-262 he took the definition of Object.prototype.toString (hoping its also working for 3rd edition cause I have tested the function for only the lattest browsers -5th ed)
Nov 18 '11 #3
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
toString() is a very, very basic method. that’s definitely not a recent addition
Nov 19 '11 #4
for a non framed enviroment (just taking some data from JSON) would u recommend this or instanceof? (have read that though the above is more complete -support multi-framed is slower and more complicated )
Nov 20 '11 #5
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
framed environment?

I’d use instanceof, the question is which version of IE supports that.
Nov 20 '11 #6
with "framed enviroment" meant working with multiple frames/windows and have to transfer an array from on to an other. From Javascript Bible found:
InstanceOf Compatibility: WinIE5+, MacIE-, NN6+, Moz+, Safari+, Opera+, Chrome+
Nov 21 '11 #7
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
I don’t think it has an influence on testing for an array.
Nov 21 '11 #8
not sure what u mean, tested this code
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  1. a = new Array(1,2,3);
  2. a instanceof Array; //true
  3. a instanceof Object; //also true but 
  4. //I am interesting in testing for arrays
which is what i want but read that arrays are also of type object so tested
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  1. function userobject(str1){this.name=str1;}
  2. a=new userobject("nikos");
  3. alert(a instanceof Array);//false
which means that it distinguish object from array, so I am 100% sure of this working right?

P.S. On the other hand if want to test for both arrays and object determine which is which I will have to go with the prev solution right?
Nov 21 '11 #9
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
any non-primitive (undefined, null & the literals) inherits from Object because Object is the base of every object (including Array) in JavaScript.
Nov 21 '11 #10
So you mean that checking for undefined, null & literals with the InstanceOf Object will return true. But in case of checking with InstanceOf Array all is OK right?
Nov 21 '11 #11
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
those will return false, as they are not objects.
Nov 21 '11 #12
concluding for the job of checking some arrays in source code (not frames) and/or from JSON u would use instanceOf or Object.prototype.toString.call(o) === '[object Array]' ?
Nov 21 '11 #13
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
instanceof. toString() is easier to overwrite.
Nov 22 '11 #14

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