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<div> display problem

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This is a repost under a different subject.
Hi all.

I've been here before and got a lot of help with my neophyte troubles so I'm
back again.

This time I have a number of questions (if I can remember them all).

(I've pasted the code in question at the end of this message and installed it on
the web at .)

Just for something to do I'm attempting to code a menu system that is as
programmable as I can. The first row, that I call the 'base buttons' works
mostly like I expect it to. (So I haven't included it here but you can see what
it does by following the link above.

Q1: The problem I am having is that when I click one of these buttons (a base
button) to generate a column of similar buttons nothing appears. According to
the dom inspector the divs are being created but they just don't appear visually
on the page anywhere that I can find. They have the correct id's and are
attached to the correct parent divs. The code is basically the same thing I did
to generate the first row of 'base' buttons but as columns instead. Am I
missing something pathetically obvious here? I've been fiddling with everything
for a week and the closest I came was when some new buttons appeared scrunched
in behind the original buttons.

Q2: How can I align the text vertically in the div?

Q3: What _were_ the rest of my questions? :-)

------- start of code --------

// FUNCTION :: makeButtons(event)
// this handles the onclick event in a base button
// i.e. onclick = makeButtons
// Use :: supply num 'buttons'
// Receives :: number of buttons to make as int <from button clicked?>
// :: type of container to use
// Returns :: status as bool

function makeButtons(event)
// get parent-Button-id
var obj =;
var targetId =;
var idPostfix = targetId.charAt(1);
var idBase = parseInt(targetId);
//var iD =;
for(var i=0; i<=rows; i++) // get rows from functions.js
var bTemp = makeEl('div'); // button temp

bTemp['id'] = (i+idBase+1)+idPostfix; // from variables ??? = 'relative'; =; = (parseInt(*(i+1)))+'px'; = 100+"px"; = bgImg;
document.getElementById(targetId).appendChild(bTem p);

var mesg = '';
// mesg += ' = '+pBid;
mesg += '\ntarget Id = '+targetId;
mesg += '\ntarget Id as int= '+parseInt(targetId);
mesg += '\nbTemp Id = '+bTemp["id"];
mesg += '\nidPostfix = '+idPostfix;
mesg += '\nidBase = '+idBase;
mesg += '\ = ';
mesg += '\ = ';
mesg += '\ = '+(parseInt('px';

alert('In makeButtons \n'+mesg);
return 'false';
// end of FUNCTION :: makeButtons()

---------- End of Code Snippet ----------

Phil Newcombe - philn?telus?net

Jul 20 '05 #1
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2 Replies

P: n/a
Phil N wrote:
This is a repost under a different subject.

where the post of the day before has been answered

Jul 20 '05 #2

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Dom Leonard wrote:
Phil N wrote:
This is a repost under a different subject.

where the post of the day before has been answered

Thanks - sorry didn't catch the other reply for some reason.
Phil Newcombe - philn?telus?net

Jul 20 '05 #3

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