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javascript -> form value

i need to read a variable in a javascript and translate it to a form in

the javascript variable is:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>RF2N('Total');</script>

and i need to put that variable as the value in this line
<input type="hidden" name="AMT" value="**">

Is this possible. can i combine these 2 lines?

Jul 20 '05 #1
3 18165
hi************@aol.com (HikksNotAtHome) wrote in
<script type="text/javascript">
document.formName.AMT.value = RF2N('Total');

Thanks for your reply, for some reason it doesn't work for me.
The code is now:

<p><!-- The Way2Pay Button HTML begint hier -->
<form action="https://merchant.way2pay.nl/merchant/payments-w2p.asp"
method=post id=form1
<input type="hidden" name="MERID" value="xxxxxxx">
<input type="hidden" name="MNAME" value="xxxxx">
<input type="hidden" name="ITEMNAME" value="Bestelling">
<input type="hidden" name="TID" value="orderID">
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>document.form1.AMT.value=RF2 N('Total');
<input type="hidden" name="SURL" value="http://www.nu.nl">
<input type="hidden" name="FURL" value="http://www.nu.nl">
<input type="image" border="0" name="IMAGEFIELD"
alt="Betaal met
<!-- The Way2Pay Button HTML eindigt hier --> </p>

The output at the paysite
(https://merchant.way2pay.nl/merchant/payments-w2p.asp) is 0,0 for the
When i replace the line LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>
with the line <input type="hidden" name="AMT" value="999,99">
the output at the paysite for amount is correctly set at 999,99

The line <SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>RF2N('Total');</script>
print the correct amount on screen.

what is it what i'm doing wring here?


Jul 20 '05 #2
thanks for all the help, but i'm totally lost.

The line <SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>RF2N('Total');</script>
print the correct amount on screen. I.m.o. this RF2N('Total')variable
exists and is correct.

What i want is to fill the new AMT variable in the script with the exact
value of the RF2N('Total') variable.

The line <SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>document.form1.AMT.value=RF2 N
('Total');</script> in the form seems to fail to do this tric.

any ideas?

shop script:

+ ' VALUE=' + parseInt(errel) + ' SIZE=2 onChange="c_EasyShopMaker_c.cC
(true,false,false)">'+ '</td>');errel = errel - 0;}else if (het == 'price')
{errel = c_EasyShopMaker_c.cP[Glo];document.write('<td width=10%
bgcolor='+csb+' class="esm_co_td"><font face="arial" size=2 color='+csw+'
class="esm_co_font">'); document.write(qw2(qw1(errel, 2)));if
(c_EasyShopMaker_c.cX1[Glo]=='1') { document.write('&sup1;'); } else if
(c_EasyShopMaker_c.cX1[Glo]=='2') { document.write('&sup2;'); }else if
(c_EasyShopMaker_c.cX1[Glo]=='3') { document.write('&sup3;'); } else {
document.write('&deg;'); } document.write('<INPUT TYPE=hidden
name=' + het + tpq + ' value=' + errel + '></font></td>'); errel =
errel - 0; } else if (het == 'productname') { errel =
c_EasyShopMaker_c.cN[Glo]; document.write ('<td width=70% colspan=6
bgcolor='+csb+' class="esm_co_td"><font face="arial" size=2 color='+csw+'
class="esm_co_font">' + unescape(errel)
+ '<INPUT TYPE=hidden name=' + het + tpq +' value='+errel+'>'
+'</font></td>'); } return errel;};function rl9(rl10, yy9, yz8)
=document.ffff.fffff.selectedIndex;c_EasyShopMaker _c.F2[25]
=c_EasyShopMaker_c.cPo[document.ffff.fffff.selectedIndex]; var huiop=0;
var all_rights_reserved = 0; var de=""; var easypage3=0; var
today = new Date(); var expires = 0; c_EasyShopMaker_c.cTp0=tp0;
f(true); if (rl10==true){self.location.href=("kassa.htm")};}va r frm2snd =
new Object();function f(rl) {if (!easyshopmaker==false) {;frm2snd='';var
f2sse=0;for(var x=0, y=10; x<y; x++) {if (document.forms[x]) {;xName =
document.forms[x].name;if (xName.indexOf('ffff') == -1) {for (var i=
0,j=document.forms[x].elements.length; i<j; i++) {;if (document.forms
[x].elements[i].type.indexOf('radio') > -1 || document.forms[x].elements
[i].type.indexOf('checkbox') > -1) {if (rl==true) {c_EasyShopMaker_c.F1[i]
=document.forms[x].elements[i].checked;}else {document.forms[x].elements
[i].checked = c_EasyShopMaker_c.F1[i];c_EasyShopMaker_c.F1n[i]
=document.forms[x].elements[i].name;}}else if (document.forms[x].elements
[i].type.indexOf('reset') > -1 || document.forms[x].elements
[i].type.indexOf('submit') > -1) {} else {
if (rl==true) {
if (document.forms[x].elements[i].name.indexOf('ESM_pro') > -1 && f2sse==0)
{frm2snd = document.forms[x];f2sse=i;} }
else { if (document.forms[x].elements[i].value=='')
{ document.forms[x].elements
[i].value=c_EasyShopMaker_c.F1[i]; };
}; }; }; }; };};if (rl==true &&
frm2snd.length > 0) { for (Glo=0;Glo<c_EasyShopMaker_c.cN.length;Glo++)
{;frm2snd.elements[f2sse+Glo].value = c_EasyShopMaker_c.cN[Glo]+',
aantal='+c_EasyShopMaker_c.cC[Glo]+', prijs='+c_EasyShopMaker_c.cP[Glo];}
frm2snd.subtotal.value = RF2N('subtotal');frm2snd.discounttype.value = RF2
('discount1');frm2snd.discountvalue.value = RF2N
('discount1costs');frm2snd.checkout_option1.value = RF2
('AddOption1');frm2snd.checkout_option2.value = RF2
('AddOption2');frm2snd.checkout_options_total.valu e = RF2
('AddOptionCosts');frm2snd.total_weight.value = RF2
('DeliveryWeight');frm2snd.delivery_zone.value = RF2
('DeliveryZone');frm2snd.delivery_zone_code.value = RF2
('DeliveryZoneCode');frm2snd.delivery_zone_costs.v alue = RF2N
('DeliveryZoneCosts');frm2snd.payment_method.value = RF2
('PaymentMethod');frm2snd.payment_method_code.valu e = RF2
('PaymentMethodCode');frm2snd.payment_method_costs .value = RF2N
('PaymentMethodCosts');frm2snd.freedelivery.value = RF2
('FreeDelivery');frm2snd.total_delivery_costs.valu e = RF2N
('totaldeliverycosts');frm2snd.Tax1subtotal.value = RF2N
('tax1subtotal');frm2snd.Tax1amount.value = RF2N
('tax1amount');frm2snd.Tax1description.value = RF2
('tax1description');frm2snd.Tax2subtotal.value = RF2N
('tax2subtotal');frm2snd.Tax2amount.value = RF2N
('tax2amount');frm2snd.Tax2description.value = RF2
('tax2description');frm2snd.Tax3subtotal.value = RF2N
('tax3subtotal');frm2snd.Tax3amount.value = RF2N
('tax3amount');frm2snd.Tax3description.value = RF2
('tax3description');frm2snd.taxfreeZone.value = RF2
('taxfreezone');frm2snd.Taxsumcharacter.value = RF2
('taxsumcharacter');frm2snd.tax.value = RF2('tax');frm2snd.taxcosts.value =
RF2N('taxcosts');frm2snd.TOTAL.value = RF2N('total');frm2snd.OrderID.value
= RF2('orderid');}}return;}var timer;function zzz() {
Jul 20 '05 #3
> i need to read a variable in a javascript and translate it to a form in

the javascript variable is:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript'>RF2N('Total');</script>

and i need to put that variable as the value in this line
<input type="hidden" name="AMT" value="**">

Is this possible. can i combine these 2 lines?

I didn't read the code you've posted in the two posts following this one,
but if all you need to do is what you describe above, then the simple
solution would be to replace

<input type="hidden" name="AMT" value="**">

- with -

document.write('<input type="hidden" name="AMT" value="' + RF2N('Total')
+ '">');

This will happen as the page loads, so the value inside the tag will be
whatever value RF2N returns at that time. If the value of RF2N depends on
any user interaction after the page loads, then the value will be *wrong*.
In that case you need a completely different approach.

Jul 20 '05 #4

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