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Validate user entry against array for getURL

This is the item selection piece for a Sharepoint knowledge base. If you type a valid plan code you get info, but if you type garbage you get a 404 file not found. I want to check user input against an array of allowable values (eg. A33, B33, A80, B22, etc...) .

true = go to the topic you put in; false = go to a form similar to the original but alerting you to invalid entry.

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  1. <SCRIPT type=text/javascript>
  3. /* 
  4. Navigate to  specific plan code web page
  5. */
  8. function getURL(val){
  9. base = 'http://dhpulse.hosp.dhha.org/EducationTraining/DH_Revenue_Ed/DH_Rev_Ed_Resources/Ins%20Gadget/PlanCards/';
  10. location = base + val + '.htm';
  11. return false;
  12. }
  14. </SCRIPT>

Form that collects input:

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  1. <FORM id=form2 name=form2 onsubmit="return getURL(this.url.value)" action="" 
  2. method=post>Enter a Plan Code<BR>
  3. <LABEL><INPUT size=3 name=url> </LABEL>
  4. <LABEL><INPUT type=submit value=GO name=Submit> </LABEL>
  5. </FORM>
Thanks for any help,
Jan 29 '09 #1
5 2955
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
Declare an array:
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  1. var array = ["A33",...];
then loop over it to compare with the url (passed value). If it doesn't match, return false.
Jan 30 '09 #2
rnd me
427 Expert 256MB
you can avoid the loop by using an object to specify ok values.
this also avoids multiple comparisons, so it should be faster in theory, though i doubt for something small like this it matters much.

still, it's a handy pattern that's fast and avoids more complicated branching and comparing.

add any others in the same format (xx:1,) to customize...

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  1. function getURL(val){
  2.   if( ! ({ A33:1, B33:1, A80:1, B22:1 })[ val ]  ){ 
  3.     alert("not a valid val");
  4.     return;
  5.   }
  6. base = 'http://dhpulse.hosp.dhha.org/EducationTraining/DH_Revenue_Ed/DH_Rev_Ed_Resources/Ins%20Gadget/PlanCards/';
  7. location = base + val + '.htm';
  8. return false;
  9. }
  12. A33, B33, A80, B22
Jan 31 '09 #3
Thanks for both! I'm learning, so its very good to see both approaches. I see now that to polish it off, I'll either need to check for A33, a33, B33, b33, etc... or convert the case of the user input.
Jan 31 '09 #4
rnd me
427 Expert 256MB
if that's the case, simply do it once in the object value matcher:

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  2. function getURL(val){
  3.    if( ! ({ A33:1, B33:1, A80:1, B22:1 })[ String(val).toUpperCase() ]  ){ 
  4.      alert("not a valid val");
  5.      return;
  6.    }
  7.  base = 'http://dhpulse.hosp.dhha.org/EducationTraining/DH_Revenue_Ed/DH_Rev_Ed_Resources/Ins%20Gadget/PlanCards/';
  8.  location = base + val + '.htm';
  9.  return false;
  10.  }
notice how a string is created for safety, then the string is converted to uppercase for the comparison.

now you only need to code upper case versions.
Jan 31 '09 #5
Perfect. I was trying to put the toUppercase before the If
Jan 31 '09 #6

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