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Duplicate Definition in JavaScript.

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Today i encountered a typical thing. So far what i knew that JavaScript had a scope inside a function but it was not there. I think in newer version of JavaScript it is introduced, in older version there may be. Anyway .....
Have a look at my code snippet ....

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  1. function test(){
  2. var s = "Hello!";
  3. var s = "Hi!";
  4. alert(s); //it alerts the latest value of s, and here is no duplicate definition of s
  5. }
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  1. function test(){
  2. //some code
  3. }
  5. function test(){
  6. //some latest code
  7. }
Whenever i call test it executes the latest code, here is also not duplicate definition. How JavaScript handles it?
Please explain.
Aug 7 '08 #1
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with you first example you REdeclare var s within the function ... when you set the javascript-engine to handle the interpretation of the code in strict-mode in firefox/mozilla then the error console will show you that as a warning.

the second is OVERwriting ... basically functions are declared in the window-scope and there you overwrite the first with the second ... basically what you do is:

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  1. this.test = function() {
  2.     // some code 
  3. }
where this is the window-object's scope ...

kind regards
Aug 7 '08 #2
rnd me
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scope is only preserved and layered in functions:
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  1. function test(){
  2.   function test(){
  3.     return test;
  4.   }
  5.  return test;
  6. }


test().toString() // =
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  1. function test() {
  2.     return test;
  3. }
test.toString() // =
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  1. function test() {
  3.     function test() {
  4.         return test;
  5.     }
  7.     return test;
  8. }
Aug 7 '08 #3
5,390 Expert Mod 4TB
ahh ... and to put FF into strict-mode ... type in the address-bar: about:config there a filter appears and you type in the filter: javascript.options.strict ... set its value to true -> see what a bunch of errors and information you now get in the console additionally :)

kind regards
Aug 7 '08 #4

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