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I have a preload script for an image gallery that only seems to work in Safari

The following is a script that I have written that preloads images for an image gallery. The problem is that the images only preload in Safari, other browsers load each image when it is called. Any ideas?

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  1. imgSeries = new Array();
  2. curImg = '';
  4. function loadkill() {
  5.     document.getElementById('loadingtxt').style.display = "none";
  6.     document.getElementById('imgone').src = imgSeries[0];
  7.     document.getElementById('imgtwo').src = imgSeries[1];
  8. }
  11. for (i=0; i<=104; i++) {
  13.     if (i<10) {
  14.         i = '00' + i;
  15.     } else if (i>=10 && i<100) {
  16.         i = '0' + i;
  17.     }
  18.     curImg = 'images/img' + i + '.jpg';
  19.     imgSeries.push(curImg);
  20. }
  22. function preloadImgs() {
  23.     // Preload Images
  24.     preload_image_object = new Image();
  25.     for (i=0; i<=imgSeries.length; i++) {
  26.          preload_image_object.src = imgSeries[i];
  27.     }
  28. }
  30. // Begin next, previous and indexing
  31. pg = 0;
  32. imgCt = imgSeries.length - 1;
  34. function processPrevious() {
  35.     if (document.images && pg > 0) {
  36.         pg--;
  37.         document.getElementById('imgtwo').src = imgSeries[pg+1];
  38.         document.getElementById('imgone').src = imgSeries[pg];
  39.     }
  40. }
  42. function processNext() {
  43.     if (document.images && pg < imgCt) {
  44.         pg++;
  45.         document.getElementById('imgtwo').src = imgSeries[pg+1];
  46.         document.getElementById('imgone').src = imgSeries[pg];
  47.     }
  49. }
Mar 30 '08 #1
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Did you enable the caching attribute(s) in the HTML meta tags? If not you should be able to google for examples of them. I do not have the syntax in front of me at the moment.
Mar 31 '08 #2
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In this loop you are using i both as a counter and as an index
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  1. for (i=0; i<=104; i++) {
  3.     if (i<10) {
  4.         i = '00' + i;
  5.     } else if (i>=10 && i<100) {
  6.         i = '0' + i;
  7.     }
  8.     curImg = 'images/img' + i + '.jpg';
  9.     imgSeries.push(curImg);
  10. }
In the function below you create a single Image object, then in the time it takes to execute the loop, you assign multiple source files to it, each overwriting the previous.
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  1.  function preloadImgs() {
  2.     // Preload Images
  3.     preload_image_object = new Image();
  4.     for (i=0; i<=imgSeries.length; i++) {
  5.          preload_image_object.src = imgSeries;
  6.     }
  7. }
In the loop above, when i is equal to imgSeries.length, which element will be indexed?
Apr 1 '08 #3

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