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Timer function required (Javascript) - 120 secs to finish the quiz?

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I'm setting up a quiz where users have 120 secs to finish a quiz, what timer function do I use and how?

After 120 secs I want to display a message, "Sorry timed out".

Thank you

Aug 24 '07 #1
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heres an example of a clock, u can build on that.

good luck
Aug 24 '07 #2
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thank you for that.

Aug 25 '07 #3
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I've been studying the 'timer' script, however i don't understand some parts, please see my commented lines:

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  1. <script type="text/javascript">
  2. function startTime()
  3. {
  4. var today=new Date()
  5. var h=today.getHours()
  6. var m=today.getMinutes()
  7. var s=today.getSeconds()
  8. // add a zero in front of numbers<10
  9. m=checkTime(m)
  10. s=checkTime(s)
  11. document.getElementById('txt').innerHTML=h+":"+m+":"+s
  12. t=setTimeout('startTime()',500)       //DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS
  13. }
  15. function checkTime(i)                 //DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS FUNCTION       
  16. {
  17. if (i<10) 
  18.   {i="0" + i}
  19.   return i
  20. }
  21. </script>
Also, After the 120 sec timer limit, i want to disable the submit button, how is this done.

Aug 25 '07 #4
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
Line 12 uses setTimeout to call startTime() after 500 milliseconds which equals half a second. In this case, it might be better to use setInterval instead.

The checkTime function just adds a zero if the minutes or seconds is one digit (less than 10). This gives a more uniform display, e.g. instead of 12:5:9, you'd see 12:05:09.
Aug 26 '07 #5
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and how would I disable the submit button once the 500 ms are over?

Aug 26 '07 #6
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
and how would I disable the submit button once the 500 ms are over?
If your submit button looks like this:[HTML]<input type="submit" name="submit" id="submitbtn" value="Submit">[/HTML] then you can disable like this:
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  1. document.getElementById("submitbtn").disabled=true;
Aug 26 '07 #7
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Ok cheers for that I have now got the disable button working via the setInterval() method and I can display the date too.

However how can I 'count down' (and display this on screen) the setInterval ().

Currently I have the setInterval() method to disable my submit button after two mins, however I wanted to display the 'count down' of the two mins on screen. So that it is easy for the user to see how long they have got left.

cheers you have have been great help so far.
Aug 26 '07 #8
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
Show your code so far.
Aug 27 '07 #9
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  1. function disable_submit_button() {
  2.     alert("Time Out");
  3.     get_results();
  4.     document.getElementById("submit").disabled=true;
  5. }
  8. function set_limit() {
  9.     var limit_ques = self.setInterval("disable_submit_button()", 60000);
  10.     alert("You have 1 minute to complete the questionnaire, PRESS OK TO BEGIN"); 
  13. }
Aug 28 '07 #10
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
Where's your countdown code? The clock code was in the right direction. You'll need two setIntervals. One for the disabling and the other for the countdown. Don't forget to clear the interval using clearInterval once you get to 0.
Aug 28 '07 #11
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Cheers for that, all ok.
Aug 30 '07 #12
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
Cheers for that, all ok.
Glad you got it all working. Post again anytime should you hit any more problems.
Aug 30 '07 #13
Heya patelxxx
plz can you show your full code here, i am a beginner and don't know much.
Sep 1 '11 #14

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