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code to show the date for yesterday

I'm pretty new concerning javascript.

I need to show the date for the day before today on a page.

I hacked at this code, and it works, but is there a more efficient way of achieving this?

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  1. <SCRIPT type=text/javascript>
  3. var mydate= new Date()
  4. mydate.setDate(mydate.getDate()-1)
  6. var theyear=mydate.getFullYear()
  7. var themonth=mydate.getMonth()+1
  8. var theyesterday=mydate.getDate()
  10. document.write("Data as of COB: ")
  11. document.write(themonth+"/"+theyesterday+"/"+theyear)
  13. </SCRIPT>

Aug 1 '06 #1
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  1. <SCRIPT type=text/javascript>
  2. var month = new Array();
  3. month[0] = "January";month[1] = "February";month[2] = "March";month[3] = "April";month[4] = "May";
  4. month[5] = "June";month[6] = "July";month[7] = "August";month[8] = "September";month[9] = "October";month[10] = "November";
  5. month[11] = "December";
  6. //Array starting at 0 since javascript dates start at 0 instead of 1
  7. var mydate= new Date()
  8. mydate.setDate(mydate.getDate()-1)
  9. document.write("Date as of COB: "+(mydate.getMonth()+1)+"/"+mydate.getDate()+"/"+mydate.getFullYear());
  10. document.write("<br>"+month[mydate.getMonth()]);
  11. </SCRIPT>
this would be one of the ways i would do it...
Aug 1 '06 #2
I tried your script and couldn't get output.

Do you see anything in my script that is inherently wrong? It seems to be working, but I want to make sure I'm not ready to step into a problem. I had an earlier bit of code that worked until I crossed over to a new month - at which point it showed yesterday to be '8/0/2006', and the code I posted fixed that.

Aug 2 '06 #3
Oops - I didn't Cut/Paste your code correctly - it works! My apologies.

Now, to further my understanding, which code is preferable? Thye both seem to work, but is using an array a better approach?

Aug 2 '06 #4
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All the array is for is something i added for you to get the actual name of the month.

its up to your preferences yes yours works fine.

the only thing i changed is the way ot displays. instead of writing it all to variables first i just have it write the date script..Depending on what your going to be applying this to aka if you need variables or not.

in my script to get the current name of the month would be


month is the array i made and it starts with 0 cause javascript starts the months with 0 for some reason? so january is 0.
Aug 2 '06 #5
var yesterday= new Date()
("Yesterday's Date & Time:\n "+ yesterday.toLocaleString());
Oct 1 '08 #6

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