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Javascript Retrospective

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3 Replies

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pa******** said:

Harsh or inciteful?

Anyone who claims that there's been no significant improvement
since 1995 loses all credibility.

Aug 23 '05 #2

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pa******** wrote:
Harsh or inciteful?

Try 'clueless':

"Javascript came into being to enable client side form validation"

Judged on that criterion alone, JavaScript has achieved its goal - but
the statement is complete rubbish.

Netscape, who developed JavaScript (originally called 'LiveScript'),
said in 1995:

"JavaScript is a compact, object-based scripting language for developing
client and server Internet applications."


Which is a slightly loftier goal than simple form validation. LiveWire,
the server-side component, just kinda died with Netscape P/L.

If you want some real history from Brendan Eich (who lead development of
LiveWire/JavaScript) try the following written in 1998:

"Netscape was about a year old then and was looking for someone to work
on a scripting language or some kind of language inside the browser that
could be used to automate parts of a web page or make a web page more

Aug 23 '05 #3

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pa******** wrote:
Harsh or inciteful?

I really do love javascript, as most anything added
to it over time can be mimicked with object sniffing and
patching to make old browsers look like a new browser to
application code, which is a brilliant.

Then again I've always found javascript's inability to
read the contents of an http response somewhat inconvenient.

I guess AJAX is a minor improvement over using an array
of javascript objects fetched in a hidden <frame>.

I still end up running serverside code to fetch
cross-domain content like cnn newsfeeds and to giftwrap
data I get back from databases and such

The format simply changed
from {name:joe} to <name>joe</name> with the minor improvement
being that XML is easier to edit and more generic.

I've been programming for 20 years , and one thing
this industry can do even better than the auto industry each year
is reinvent , z+ certify , and acronym the same 4 tires
and a cup holder as new and improved.

But javascript is still cool, and I like AJAX too
Try my new menu demo

--=<> Dr. Clue (A.K.A. Ian A. Storms) <>=-- C++,HTML/CSS,Javascript,TCP ...
Aug 23 '05 #4

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