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forward the request to a window with specific parameters (please help)


When the user click submit button in page0.asp, it will post the form
request to page1.jsp.
page0.asp and page1.jsp are in separate machines. In page1.jsp, based
on the parameter
interfaceName, it will forward to different jsp pages. However, we want
to forward the request
to a window with parameter like the following, without the menu bar and

The question is how to forward the request to a window like that?


"height=500,width=500,status=yes,toolbar=no,menuba r=no,location=no");
String interfaceName = request.getParameter("interfaceName");
if (interfaceName != null)
{ if (interfaceName.equalsIgnoreCase("id1"))
else if (interfaceName.equalsIgnoreCase("id2"))
else if (interfaceName.equalsIgnoreCase("id3"))

request.getRequestDispatcher(url).forward(request, response);
Please help and advise. thanks!!

Jul 23 '05 #1
3 1957
On 23 Dec 2004 13:56:42 -0800, jr********@hotmail.com wrote:
However, we want
to forward the request
to a window with parameter like the following, without the menu bar and

A 'pop-up'?

Controlled intranet, or on the wilds of the internet?

If it is the internet, toss what you want. The *user* generally
wants *no* friggin* *pop-ups*. This is of major relevance to a
web application, since browser and plug-in manufacturers are finally
listenning to users and including pop-up blockers as default.
Your web-app. will have a high maintentance/suppport overhead if
you attempt to release an internet based web-app. with pop-ups.

F'Ups set to c.l.javascript, as those folks have fought the hard
yards when it comes to pop-ups.

Andrew Thompson
http://www.PhySci.org/codes/ Web & IT Help
http://www.PhySci.org/ Open-source software suite
http://www.1point1C.org/ Science & Technology
http://www.LensEscapes.com/ Images that escape the mundane
Jul 23 '05 #2

Andrew Thompson wrote:
Controlled intranet, or on the wilds of the internet?

This is intranet web application. And this is exactly what customer

please advise. thanks!!

Jul 23 '05 #3
<jr********@hotmail.com> wrote
Andrew Thompson wrote:
However, we want
to forward the request
to a window with parameter like the following, without the menu
bar and toolbar.

Controlled intranet, or on the wilds of the internet?
I don't know your parameters, but the principle of pop-ups is this:

window.open('someurl.html','windowname','features' );


A thought: making a window not resizable is silly. People who have no desire
to resize the window will never notice anything either way, while those that
do want to change the size and find it impossible to do, will rightly wonder

This is intranet web application. And this is exactly what customer

Nevertheless, if your customer is not a web expert (their request for a
pop-up proves this), you should inform them of the downsides of popups. This
may be a controlled environment, where you may have carefully disabled all
pop-up blocking software, but still the majority of users (your customer's
employees) *hate* pop-ups, just because they pop up. This may not be
rational, but it is a fact. No amount of programming can alter that. And
right they are: pop-ups break the natural flow of webpages, mess up their
preference settings, etc. With modern browsers capable of DHTML and XML HTTP
requests, there is nothing that cannot be done without pop-ups.

The same in other words: it is your responsibility to talk to your customer
and stop them wanting pop-ups at all. As long as they see some good in
pop-ups, you have not done your work properly.

Jul 23 '05 #4

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