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dynamic form needs to be static

I am working on a project where I have to make a form list static,
i.e. put in links so that users can choose a local file. As it stands,
it's looking for a php file. Here's an example of the body code:

<select name="standardcode" size="10"
onchange="document.reqForm.submit()" tabindex="4">
<option value="0" SELECTED>-- Select a
<option value= >Alabama</option>

And here's the code in the head:

function doSubmit( fm, bn ) {
document[fm].button.value = bn;

How do I rewrite this form code so that a user can scroll down the
menu, select a state, and have it link to another page on the site?

Any help is MUCH appreciated!!
Jul 23 '05 #1
3 1709
In article <b6**************************@posting.google.com >, chez4
@pacbell.net enlightened us with...

<select name="standardcode" size="10"
onchange="document.reqForm.submit()" tabindex="4">
<option value="0" SELECTED>-- Select a
<option value= >Alabama</option>
So, the form submits when a user selects a state.
(note that the code you showed in the head does not fire here)

How do I rewrite this form code so that a user can scroll down the
menu, select a state, and have it link to another page on the site?

Just change the action in the form tag to the proper page. Myself, I'd
change it to a php page and have that page do the work depending on
state. Since a form was submitted, the value of that select would be

But, if you wanted that page to vary depending on the state and just
want to use script, you'd need further adjustments.

<select name="standardcode" size="10"
onchange="go(this.options[selectedIndex].value)" tabindex="4">
<option value="0" SELECTED>-- Select a State--</option>
<option value='AL'>Alabama</option>

function go(val)
// val is the state like AL
if (val == '0')
alert ("You must choose a state.");

if (val == 'AL') window.location =
else if (val == 'IL' ) window.location =
'http://www.server.com/someotherPage.php' ;
// etc

If you don't pay your exorcist, you get repossessed.

Jul 23 '05 #2
Nancy, copy/paste the code below.

Orlando, aka, Cycloneous


<script language = "javascript" type="text/javascript">

function doSubmit() {

var i = document.regForm.standardcode.selectedIndex;
var url = document.regForm.standardcode.options[i].value;

// first option
// comment to unactivate

document.regForm.action = url;

// second option
// uncomment to activate

// location.href = url;



<form name = "regForm">
<select name="standardcode" size="10" onChange="doSubmit();" tabindex="4">
<option value="0" SELECTED>-- Select a Standard--</option>
<option value="http://www.reuters.com/">Reuters News</option>
<option value="http://www.engr.uconn.edu/">UConn</option>
<option value="http://home.netscape.com/">Netscape</option>
<option value="http://www.cnn.com/">CNN</option>

Jul 23 '05 #3
Hi Cycloneous Echevarria,

Thanks for your help. I tried your suggestion, but I still can't get my
page to work. (I don't know javascript!). Here is all the script in the
I pasted your script in at the bottom.
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">

var NSWindows;
var is = new Object();
is.agent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
is.ie55 = (is.agent.indexOf("msie 5.5") != -1);
is.ie6 = (is.agent.indexOf("msie 6") != -1);
is.ns6x = (is.agent.indexOf("netscape6") != -1);
is.moz = (is.agent.indexOf("gecko")!= -1);
is.win = (is.agent.indexOf("win") != -1);
function NSWindowOpen(path, winName, dimensions, scrollbars,
toolbar, properties, loc_left, loc_top) {
if (NSWindows == null) {
NSWindows = new Array();
var index = NSWindows.length;
for (var i = 0; i < NSWindows.length; i ++) {
if (NSWindows[i] == null) {
index = i;
if (winName == null) {
if (NSWindows[i].closed) {
index = i;
} else {
if (NSWindows[i].closed) {
index = i;
} else if (NSWindows[i].name == winName) {
index = i;
if (winName == null) {
winName = "nswin" + index;
if (dimensions == null) {
dimensions = "width=780,height=540";
if (properties == null) {
properties = "resizable=yes";
if ((scrollbars == null) || (scrollbars == true)) {
properties += ",scrollbars=yes";
if (toolbar == true) {
properties += ",toolbar=yes";
} else {
if (properties.indexOf("resizable=") == -1) {
properties += ",resizable=yes";
if ((properties.indexOf("scrollbars=") == -1) &&
((scrollbars == null) || (scrollbars == true))) {
properties += ",scrollbars=yes";
if ((properties.indexOf("toolbar=") == -1) &&
(toolbar == true)) {
properties += ",toolbar=yes";
if (loc_left && loc_top) {
properties += ",top=" + loc_top + ",left=" + loc_left;
} else if (loc_left) {
var loc_x = Math.floor((screen.availLeft || 0) + (loc_left / 100 *
var loc_y = Math.floor((screen.availTop || 0) + (loc_left / 100 *
properties += ",top=" + loc_y + ",left=" + loc_x;
var offsite = false;
if( (path.indexOf('http') != -1 && path.indexOf('netschools') == -1)
path.indexOf('offsite') != -1 ) {
offsite = true;
properties += "," + dimensions;
NSWindows[index] = window.open(path, winName, properties);
return false;
function NSWindowOpenNoFalse(path, winName, dimensions, scrollbars,
toolbar, properties, loc_left, loc_top) {
NSWindowOpen(path, winName, dimensions, scrollbars, toolbar,
properties, loc_left, loc_top);
function NS_openWindow(page) {
NSWindowOpen(page, 'NSWindow', null, null, null,

function NS_swapImageSimple( image, pos ) {
document.images[pos].src = image;

function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //
if (objWindow && !objWindow.closed){
objWindow = window.open(theURL,winName,features);
function NSbutton_preloadImages() { //v3.0
var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.NSbutton_p)
d.NSbutton_p=new Array();
i,j=d.NSbutton_p.length,a=NSbutton_preloadImages.a rguments; for(i=0;
i<a.length; i++)
if (a[i].indexOf("#")!=0){ d.NSbutton_p[j]=new Image;

function doSubmit() {

****var i = document.regForm.standardcode.selectedIndex;
****var url = document.regForm.standardcode.options[i].value;
****document.regForm.action = url;

****// second option
****// uncomment to activate
****// location.href = url;

And here's what's in the body.

<TD CLASS="form-item-label">&nbsp;</TD>
<TD CLASS="form-item"> Standard</TD>
<form name = "regForm"><select name="standardcode" size="10"
onChange="doSubmit();" tabindex="4">
****<option value="0" selected>-- Select a standard--</option>
<option value="../Teacher/MySchool/Reports/SampleReports/AL/AL
curr cov.htm">Alabama</option>

Can anyone see my problem here?
When I select the state, the htm file will not load.
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Jul 23 '05 #4

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