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Validate number with JS?

Hello there,

It's possible to check if it's a valid number in <INPUT...

I try typeof and parseFloat and it's not working. It's seem impossible to
test (with a if) the value "NaN"!!


Jul 20 '05 #1
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Jeff wrote:
Hello there,

It's possible to check if it's a valid number in <INPUT...

I try typeof and parseFloat and it's not working. It's seem impossible to
test (with a if) the value "NaN"!!


var strValue = document.formNa me.textFieldNam e.value;
var fValue = parseFloat( strValue );

if ( isNaN( fValue ) )
document.formNa me.textFieldNam e.focus();
document.formNa me.textFieldNam e.select();
alert( "Please enter a valid number!" );


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Jul 20 '05 #2
"Jeff" <pr*******@hotm ail.com> writes:
It's possible to check if it's a valid number in <INPUT...
I try typeof and parseFloat and it's not working. It's seem impossible to
test (with a if) the value "NaN"!!

What is a valid number? You need to answer that before coding anything.

If a valid number is just a sequence of digits, i.e., only a positive
integer, then the answer is different from if a valid number can be
a negative fractional number in engineering notation (e.g., -2.4E-10).

Just checking against NaN ought to be simple, but it isn't. For some
reason (NaN === NaN) is false. NaN is not equal to any number value,
not even itself. Spooky. Luckily, there is a native function for just
that comparison:

if (!isNaN(parseFl oat(formRef.ele ments['field'].value))) { ... }

Lasse Reichstein Nielsen - lr*@hotpop.com
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'Faith without judgement merely degrades the spirit divine.'
Jul 20 '05 #3
Jeff said:

Hello there,

It's possible to check if it's a valid number in <INPUT...

I try typeof and parseFloat and it's not working. It's seem impossible to
test (with a if) the value "NaN"!!

if(isNaN(myValu e)){
alert("That's not a number!");

<http://devedge.netscap e.com/library/manuals/2000/javascript/1.5/reference/toplev.html#106 4024>

Jul 20 '05 #4
JRS: In article <nN************ *********@wagne r.videotron.net >, seen in
news:comp.lang. javascript, Jeff <pr*******@hotm ail.com> posted at Sat,
11 Oct 2003 14:18:47 :-
It's possible to check if it's a valid number in <INPUT...

I try typeof and parseFloat and it's not working. It's seem impossible to
test (with a if) the value "NaN"!!

There is another trap with isNaN(). AIUI, it accepts a too-big number
which means infinity. Infinity is unlikely to be valid in most

Is the number to be integer? positive? non-negative? if 22 is allowed,
do you need also to accept 2.2e1? How about 022 - is it allowed, and is
its value twenty-two or eighteen? How about 0XED for 237? - or, indeed,
CCXXXVII? If 022 is allowed, hoe about 000000000000000 000000000000022 ?

For the most probable answers to those questions, you would do well to
check the string that <INPUT... "has" in .value with a RegExp. When the
test is passed, convert to number with a unary +, as in the FAQ, 4.21;
and then, if necessary, test the numeric value to be within range.

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Jul 20 '05 #5

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