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Javascript for Adding & Removing Items from a Listbox

17 New Member
Title: Javascript for Adding & Removing Items from a one Listbox to another
Author: Vivek Kapile
Email: snipped
Language: JavaScript
Platform: Javascript in ASP.net
Technology: Used in ASP.net
Level: Beginner

This code will help for the begineers, who want to learn, how to move the the items from one list box to another listbox with up and down facility.
On this topic I have covered Adding items from one listbox to another listbox with moving the items from Up and Down within a listbox through javascript, hope this will help for the begineers.

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  1. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
  3. //Creating a global variable 
  4.     var availableList;
  5.     var selectedList;
  6. //function that used to ADD a items from one list box to another listbox
  8.     function AddListItem() {
  9.         availableList = document.getElementById("lstAvailable");
  10.         selectedList = document.getElementById("lstSelected");
  11.         if (availableList.selectedIndex < 0) {
  12.             return;
  13.         }
  14.         else {
  15.             selectedList.appendChild(availableList.options.item(availableList.selectedIndex));
  16.             selectNone(selectedList, availableList);
  17.         }
  18.     }
  20. //function that used to REMOVE a items from one list box to another listbox
  21.     function RemoveListItem() {
  22.         if (selectedList.selectedIndex < 0) {
  23.             return;
  24.         }
  25.         else {
  26.             availableList.appendChild(selectedList.options.item(selectedList.selectedIndex));
  27.             selectNone(selectedList, availableList);
  28.         }
  29.     }
  30. //function that used to Move Up the items from listbox
  31.     function MoveUpItems() {
  32.         availableList = document.getElementById("lstAvailable");
  33.         var slectedItemIndex = availableList.selectedIndex;
  34.         var selectedItemText = availableList[slectedItemIndex].text;
  35.         var selectedItemValue = availableList[slectedItemIndex].value;
  36.         var selectedItemTextToMove = availableList[slectedItemIndex - 1].text;
  37.         var selectedItemValueToMove = availableList[slectedItemIndex - 1].value;
  38.         availableList[slectedItemIndex].text = selectedItemTextToMove;
  39.         availableList[slectedItemIndex].value = selectedItemValueToMove;
  40.         availableList[slectedItemIndex - 1].text = selectedItemText;
  41.         availableList[slectedItemIndex - 1].value = selectedItemValue;
  42.         availableList = slectedItemIndex - 1;
  43.     }
  44. //function that used to down the items from listbox
  45.     function MoveDownItems() {
  46.         availableList = document.getElementById("lstAvailable");
  47.         var selectedItemIndex = availableList.selectedIndex;
  48.         var selectedItemText = availableList[selectedItemIndex].text;
  49.         var selectedItemValue = availableList[selectedItemIndex].value;
  50.         var moveText = availableList[selectedItemIndex + 1].text;
  51.         var moveValue = availableList[selectedItemIndex + 1].value;
  52.         availableList[selectedItemIndex + 1].text = selectedItemText;
  53.         availableList[selectedItemIndex + 1].value = selectedItemValue;
  54.         availableList[selectedItemIndex].text = moveText;
  55.         availableList[selectedItemIndex].value = moveValue;
  56.         availableList = selectedItemIndex + 1;
  57.     }
  58. //Function is used to remove a selection
  59.     function selectNone(list1, list2) {
  60.         list1.selectedIndex = -1;
  61.         list2.selectedIndex = -1;
  62.         addIndex = -1;
  63.         selIndex = -1;
  64.     }
  65.  </script>

There are many topics to learn with Javascript. I have covered a small portion hope this will helps all the beginners to startup. Please give your feedback and suggestion.


* Written on 16-March-2011, Wednesday




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Vivek kapile
Mar 16 '11 #1
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