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Javascript Dynamic Greeting and using Switch

10 New Member
Having a problem and have tried to rework the code and check for errors, but still isn't showing right on my brower. Have also viewed it with two different browsers and cannot figure this one out. Any help would be appreciated!

Under a rolling banner on the page...I want a dynamic greeting to show how many days until a given holiday. Right now the only thing showing is the statement "Leave the party to Midwest Catering" and nothing about days until the closest holiday...Thank s!

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  1. <HTML>
  2. <HEAD>
  3. <TITLE>Midwest Catering Service</TITLE>
  5. <!--  Hide from old browsers
  6.      var banners = new Array("banner1.jpg","banner2.jpg","banner3.jpg","banner4.jpg")
  7.      var bnrCntr = 0
  8.      function bancycle() {
  9.           bnrCntr = bnrCntr + 1
  10.           if (bnrCntr == 4) {
  11.           bnrCntr = 0
  12.           }
  13.           document.Banner.src = banners[bnrCntr]
  14.           setTimeout("bancycle()",3000)
  15.      }
  16.      var holidayCntMsg = "Leave the party to Midwest Catering"
  17.      var curDay = new Date()
  18.      var tMonth = curDay.getMonth()
  19.      function HolidayDays() {
  20.      switch (tMonth) { 
  21.             case 2:
  22.                var tHoliday = new Date("March 17, 2009")
  23.                var curHoliday = tHoliday.getTime()-curDay.getTime()
  24.                if (curHoliday > 0) {
  25.                    curHoliday = Math.ceil(curHoliday / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24))
  26.                    holidayCntMsg = "Only "+curHoliday+" days until St. Patrick's Day!"
  27.                }
  28.                break
  29.             case 5: case 6:
  30.                var tHoliday = new Date("July 4, 2009")
  31.                var curHoliday = tHoliday.getTime()-curDay.getTime()
  32.                if (curHoliday > 0) {
  33.                   curHoliday = Math.ceil(curHoliday / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24))
  34.                   holidayCntMsg = "Only "+curHoliday+" days until the 4<SUP>th</SUP>of July!"
  35.                }
  36.                break
  37.             case 9:
  38.         var tHoliday = new Date("October 31, 2009")
  39.                var curHoliday = tHoliday.getTime()-curDay.getTime()
  40.                if (curHoliday > 0) {
  41.                   curHoliday = Math.ceil(curHoliday / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24))
  42.                   holidayCntMsg = "Only "+curHoliday+" days until Halloween!"
  43.                }
  44.                break
  45.             case 11:
  46.                var tHoliday = new Date("December 25, 2009")
  47.                var curHoliday = tHoliday.getTime()-curDay.getTime()
  48.                if (curHoliday > 0) {
  49.                   curHoliday = Math.ceil(curHoliday / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24))
  50.                   holidayCntMsg = "Only "+curHoliday+" days until Christmas!"
  51.                }
  52.                break
  53.             }
  54.          return holidayCntMsg
  55.          }          
  57. //-->
  58. </SCRIPT>
  59. </HEAD>
  60. <BODY onload="setTimeout('bancycle()',3000)">
  61. <A NAME="MCS_TOP">
  62. <CENTER><IMG SRC="banner1.jpg" Name="Banner" Width=320 Height=65></CENTER>
  64. <!--  Hide from old browsers
  65.       var holidayMsg = HolidayDays()
  66.       document.write("<H2><CENTER>"+holidayMsg+"</CENTER></H2>")
  68. //-->
  69. </SCRIPT>
  70. </BODY>
  71. </HTML>
Jan 23 '09 #1
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16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
It's not going to display anything until the date is set to one of the months.
Jan 26 '09 #2

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