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Ajax issue with Internet Explorer (no error message either)

65 New Member
I have created a little chat application that seems to work 100% on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, (tried it in Opera, and it seems to work, but the cookies are screwing everything up; this is probably because my install is not being run under an administrator account), but not Internet Explorer.

Chat • Login

Everything works fine, up until you get to the chat room itself. Internet Explorer just sits, and does nothing. Doesn't even have an error. It seems to be able to send data (but not fully; send a message using Internet Explorer, and then check the active users list on another browser), and is completely non responsive to data received.

It's made with JavaScript + PHP.
Nov 27 '08 #1
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65 New Member
I have repaired one issue but it didn't solve the problem with Internet Explorer properly displaying what it receives.

Internet Explorer was sending two messages when submitted; one empty, one of the content you have submitted. I put a server-side filter to prevent empty messages from being submitted (since it also causes a bug with the other browsers) so now the messages submitted from Internet Explorer appear on the other browsers properly.

Does this have anything to do with Internet Explorer, not supporting the World Wide Web Consortium Document Object Model perhaps?
Nov 27 '08 #2
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The most probable reason is that IE is caching the response, so no further requests to the same URL are made. To disable caching, add some headers, or make the URL unique, e.g. by adding the timestamp.
Nov 28 '08 #3
65 New Member
I've added the following headers to my server's response for every page:
  • Content-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate
  • Expires: -1
  • Pragma: no-cache

Nothing appears to have changed, except on Firefox, which appears to no longer "not do anything" (once in a while, it wouldn't actually reload the page containing the script, causing the server to not reset the message counter, and thus not receive all messages).

I cleared my history/cache/cookies on Internet Explorer on both of my computers several times. With no change in behavior of the script.

Even if it was caching the response, it should at least receive one message, "Connected. ," no matter what from my server and after receiving it, it should automatically strip the <p>Connecting.. .</p> from the chat log, and from the users list, and replace the one in the chat history with, "Connected. ," and the one in the users list with the username (colored green) that you signed in with.

Please note that if you're testing this out, you're not really "registerin g" on the site, just use any old username to "log in" (it doesn't really require you to be registered in any way, hence no password box) and it will add it to the database temporarily to track which room you're in and whatnot, to send the messages you have not received yet when the script queries for them.

I also tried the timestamp thing by adding +"&timestamp="+ unixTime () to the XMLHttpRequest. open url, and same thing; no change in script behavior.
Nov 28 '08 #4
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I notice that you have this in your code:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. if (window.IExplore)
  2.                             {
  3.                                 document.write (this.responseText);
  4.                             }
I'm not sure what it's for, but using document.write( ) after the page has loaded has unexpected results. It reopens the page for writing. If you want to add content to the page after loading, use appendChild().
Nov 29 '08 #5
65 New Member
That is not there for "functional " reasons. I use document.write when I can't seem to figure out what is going wrong to just "dump" variables to the page, and which on IE, it's not receiving any data for it to dump, so if that actually worked... I'd remove it, knowing that the variable there isn't the cause of IE not working.

So right now that's definitely not causing any problems. It will need to be removed in the future when I do figure out what's wrong with IE, but right now it's there so that once I do fix the problem with data not coming in it'll be like "DING <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><messages><ty pe>history</type><number>1</number><message ><content>Connt ected.</content></message></messages>" right in the middle of the screen. A hallelujah moment!
Nov 30 '08 #6
65 New Member
Alright, it looks like it is an issue with appendChild in Internet Explorer. It is supported, but in a different way. I spent about an hour searching Google for what was going wrong, but now need to find a solution.
Nov 30 '08 #7
65 New Member
Never mind, I have no clue any more. I dumped a document.write and wrote all the text to the screen on all browsers but Internet Explorer, which points the blame finger back to XMLHttpRequest.
Nov 30 '08 #8
65 New Member
It appears as if "this." anything is underfined in Internet Explorer. Is there any way to have this. populated properly?
Nov 30 '08 #9
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
See this. You might try explicitly adding it. Using an object for the Ajax calls should also solve this problem.
Nov 30 '08 #10

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