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Redirecting Form.Submit() to an event handler

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Hi All,

I have added an event handler to redirect form.submit() to a newSubmit() method that I have defined (which does some additional processing before submitting the form).

Additionally I have defined the relavant function method in the code for details)

The issue is that when Icall targetForm._sub mit() method from the newSubmit() function the page I get an 'Object doesn't support this property or method' error

I am using IE 6.0.2900.2189 sp2 runniong on Windows 2003 workstation

The souce code is listed below. To run thie code:

1 .Open you IE browser using the supplied html code below code
2. Click the "Register Submit Event" buttion - to register the newSubmit(0 event handler
3. Click the Submit Form button to attempt to submit the form

<html><head><ti tle>Submit Form Fields</title></head>
<body><h2>Submi tting the form elements</h2>

<form name="testForm" action="submitR esult.html" method="POST">
<input type="text" name="text_entr y" value="" >
<input type="button" name="btn_regis ter_submit" value="Register Submit Event" onClick="regist erSubmit()">
<input type="button" name="btn_submi t_form" value="Submit Form" onClick="submit Form()">

<script language ="Javascript ">
function newsubmit(targe tForm) {
alert('New submit function invoked');

// This doe not work - get an 'Object doesn't support this property or method' error
targetForm._sub mit();


// This function registers the new submit event with the form.submit() action so that
// form.submit() isredirected to the newSubmit() instead
function registerSubmit( ) {

alert('Register Submit');

// Register the submit event (using the traditional event registration model)
// See: http://www.quirksmode. org/js/events_tradmod. html
testForm.submit = function() {newsubmit(test Form)};

// Note the W3C approach to registering event handlers is noted below but
// 1. I cannot get this to work in IE
// 2. I am not sure how to pass arguments to the newSubmit in this case
// See: http://www.quirksmode. org/js/events_advanced .html
//testForm.addEve ntListener('sub mit', newSubmit, false); // Mozilla / Opera
//testForm.addEve ntListener('sub mit', newSubmit); // IE syntax

// To get the submit to work correctly a function prototype for the submit() needs to be defined
// The W3C recommended syntax for this is noted below:
// See also: http://diveintogreasem onkey.org/patterns/override-method.html

// capture the onsubmit event on all forms
window.addEvent Listener('submi t', newsubmit, true);

// If a script calls someForm.submit (), the onsubmit event does not fire,
// so we need to redefine the submit method of the HTMLFormElement class.
HTMLFormElement .prototype._sub mit = HTMLFormElement .prototype.subm it;
HTMLFormElement .prototype.subm it = newsubmit;

// Issue : this does not work when running in IE. The recommended synatx in IE is as noted below:
// See: // http://delete.me.uk/2004/09/ieproto.html

// Emulate the prototyping behaviour in IE 6.0.2900.2189 sp2
Element = function () {};
Element.prototy pe._submit = function () {Element.protot ype.submit};
Element.prototy pe.submit = newsubmit;

// Debug - uncomment to view the function prototype contents
//alert('Element. prototype._subm it =' + Element.prototy pe._submit);
//alert('Element. prototype.submi t =' + Element.prototy pe.submit);


function submitForm() {
alert('Submit form called');
testForm.submit ();

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