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JS FLV Video Player works fine in FF but error in IE

So I tried to do my father a favor and convert his advertisements
to .flv and place them on his website. With Flash being $600, I found
an open-source .flv player and configured it. So today he called and
stated it isn't working with IE.

The script:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.fivestarsuz uki.com/
<script type="text/javascript">
* Init and setup FlowPlayer. This example file shows 'advanced'
features like
* playlists and configuring with JavaScript. FlowPlayer.html is a
simpler example.

var flowPlayer1;
function init() {
if (document.getEl ementById) {
flowPlayer1 = document.getEle mentById("FlowP layer");
setInitialConfi g();

// wait for the page to fully load before initializing
window.onload = init;

function setInitialConfi g() {
fpConf.playList = clips;
fpConf.autoPlay = false;
fpConf.autoBuff ering = false;
flowPlayer1.set Config(fpConf);

* This is the playlist with FLV videos and images. The images can have
a duration property
* and the flv video files can have start and end properties that give
the starting and
* ending positions in seconds. All these attributes (duration, start,
end) are optional.
* The start and end attributes really only work with the Flash Media
Server. I have had
* problems when thesting using Red5.
var clips = [
{ name: 'ClickToPlay', url: 'xl7.jpg' },
{ name: 'ACTI', url: 'act1.flv', start: 1, end: 32 },
{ name: 'ACTI', url: 'act2.flv', start: 1, end: 32 },
{ name: 'XL7', url: '14xl7.flv', start: 1, end: 26 }

var fpConf = {
showPlayList: false,
baseURL: 'http://www.fivestarsuz uki.com/video',
bufferLength: 20,
loop: false,
videoHeight: 300,
hideControls: false,
showPlayListBut tons: true,
progressBarColo r1: 0xFF0000,
progressBarColo r2: 0xFF0000,
bufferBarColor1 : 0x00FF00,
bufferBarColor2 : 0x00FF00,
progressBarBord erColor1: 0xAAAAAA,
progressBarBord erColor2: 0xAAAAAA

* JavaScript event hanlders:
function clipSelected(cl ipIndex) {
flowPlayer1.ToC lip(clipIndex);

function play() {
flowPlayer1.DoP lay();
updateIsPlaying ();

function pause() {
flowPlayer1.Pau se();
updateIsPlaying ();

function stop() {
flowPlayer1.DoS top();
updateIsPlaying ();

function updateIsPlaying () {
var field = document.getEle mentById("playi ng");
field.value = "Playing: " + flowPlayer1.get IsPlaying() + ", paused : "
+ flowPlayer1.get IsPaused();

function seek() {
var seekTimeField = document.getEle mentById("seekT ime");
flowPlayer1.See k(seekTimeField .value);

function getTime() {
var time = flowPlayer1.get Time();
var timeField = document.getEle mentById("time" );
timeField.value = time;

function getDuration() {
var value = flowPlayer1.get Duration();
var field = document.getEle mentById("durat ion");
field.value = value;

function getPercentLoade d() {
var value = flowPlayer1.get PercentLoaded() ;
var field = document.getEle mentById("loade d");
field.value = value;

function replaceConfig() {
// replace the playlist in our configuration
fpConf.playList = [
{ name: 'ACT1', url: 'act1.flv' } ];
fpConf.autoBuff ering = true;
fpConf.autoPlay = true;
flowPlayer1.set Config(fpConf);

* Flash callback handlers. The player calls these on specific events:

function onClipDone(clip ) {
addClipEvent("c lip done : " + describeClip(cl ip));

function onClipChanged(c lip) {
addClipEvent("c hanged to clip : " + clip.name);

function onLoadBegin(cli p) {
//addClipEvent("s tarted loading : " + clip.name);

function onStreamNotFoun d(clip) {
addClipEvent("s tream not found: " + describeClip(cl ip));

function onPlay(clip) {
addClipEvent("p lay: " + clip.name);

function onStop(clip) {
addClipEvent("s top: " + clip.name);

function onPause(clip) {
addClipEvent("p aused: " + clip.name);

function onResume(clip) {
addClipEvent("r esumed: " + clip.name);

function onCuePoint(cueP oint) {
addClipEvent("c ue point received, time: " + cuePoint.time + ", type '"
+ cuePoint.type + "', thumb: " + cuePoint.thumb + ", parameters: " +
cuePoint.parame ters);

* Helpers:

function addClipEvent(de sc) {
var events = document.getEle mentById("event s");
events.appendCh ild(document.cr eateTextNode(de sc));
events.appendCh ild(document.cr eateElement("br "));

function describeClip(cl ip) {
return "Name: " + clip.name + ", baseUrl: " + clip.baseUrl + ",
fileName: " + clip.fileName +
", start: " + clip.start + ", end: " + clip.end + ", protected: " +
clip.protected +
", linkUrl: " + clip.linkUrl + ", linkWindow: " + clip.linkWindow + ",
controlEnabled: " +
clip.controlEna bled;


<div id="flowplayerh older" style="width:60 0px; margin:0 auto; ">
This will be replaced by the player.

<script type="text/javascript">
// <![CDATA[

var fo = new SWFObject("vide o/FlowPlayerWhite .swf", "FlowPlayer ",
"468", "350", "7", "#ffffff", true);
// need this next line for local testing, it's optional if your swf is
on the same domain as your html page
fo.addParam("al lowScriptAccess ", "always");
fo.addParam("fl ashVars", "config={config Inject: true}");
fo.write("flowp layerholder");

// ]]>

<a href="javascrip t: clipSelected(1) "><b>Play ACTI</b></
a>&nbsp;&nbsp;< a href="javascrip t: clipSelected(2) "><b>Play ACTII</b></
a>&nbsp;&nbsp;< a href="javascrip t: clipSelected(3) "><b>Play XL7
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Apr 11 '07 #1
1 3424
On Apr 11, 12:33 pm, "jamesdylangold st...@gmail.com "
<jamesdylangold st...@gmail.com wrote:
So I tried to do my father a favor and convert his advertisements
to .flv and place them on his website. With Flash being $600, I found
an open-source .flv player and configured it. So today he called and
stated it isn't working with IE.
(very long script not included)

I am not certain what you did. First you do not need an open
source .flv player. This is needed only to play a nude .flv without
the .swf container file. If you write proper .flv/.swf code, the free
official flash player on most computers today will play .flv/.swf just
fine and is used by Google, YouTube, MySpace, and many large news
sites. Now an official flash suite that includes an encoder
for .flv/.swf is indeed expensive. However you can buy an encoder that
will encode either .swf old fashioned video or .flv/.swf format video
for about $US 50. If you select to encode as .flv/.swf it will take
most of the usual video file formats as input. After selection of the
usual parameters such as size, bit rate, frame rate etc, it outputs
a .flv(flash video) file and a container .swf file that is quite small
and contains controls, logos, or whatever you need. On your server,
both of these files must be placed in the same directory as your page
using flash. You only refer to the .swf file as usual in the code.
The .flv file is found by the .swf container file automatically, and
you do not even mention it on your web page. After the page is viewed
on a browser, you will find that both the container .swf and .flv
video file have been downloaded to the browser temporary cache.

If you go to my page at http://www.cwdjr.info/video_extreme/VideoZoo.php
you will see a link to a .flv/.swf page. View the page code for this
to see how I use valid object code to make the flash video play both
on IE and most other common recent browsers such as Firefox, Opera,
Netscape, and Seamonkey. These pages are designed to give high
resolution on a good broadband connection, and you likely would encode
at much lower resolution for some ads. Notice this all has not
required any script to play the flash video. I am not for sure exactly
what you intended to do with that very long script you gave, and I am
no sure I would have time to review it in detail, even if I did.
Anyway, a .flv/.swf can be made to play on most recent browsers,
including IE, with valid html using an object approach or even some
invalid html using an embed path for non-IE browsers as often is done.
Hopefully this will help you get your problem with IE solved.

Apr 11 '07 #2

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