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Code not working in Firefox and Opera

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I've created this little window that is shown when I roll the mouse over elements I specify in my html code.

Like a nubbin I test this in IE while I'me writing it, thinking it can hardly be that hard to modify for the other browsers when I'm done.

Now it works perfectly in IE but no matter what I do I can not make it work for Firefox or Opera.

Please, can anybody tell me what those !#"#$%%) browsers arn't understanding? :P

This is what I think is causing the problem.
Full code is here

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  1. ToolTip.prototype.Update = function()
  2. {
  3.     // Get mouse position
  4.     if (browser == "MSIE") {
  5.         // Internet Explorer (Also works for Opera)
  6.         MouseX = window.event.x+document.body.scrollLeft;
  7.         MouseY = window.event.y+document.body.scrollTop;
  8.         Width = document.body.clientWidth+document.body.scrollLeft;
  9.         Height = document.body.clientHeight+document.body.scrollTop;
  11.     } else {
  12.         // Netscape, (Firefox, Opera, ...)
  13.         MouseX = e.pageX;
  14.         MouseY = e.pageY;
  15.         Width = window.innerWidth+window.pageXOffset;
  16.         Height = window.innerHeight+window.pageYOffset;
  17.     }
  19.     // Get element
  20.     var element = $(ToolTip.elem);
  22.     element.style.visibility = "visible";
  23.     element.style.width = ToolTip.Width;
  24.     element.style.backgroundColor = ToolTip.backgroundColor;
  25.     element.style.border = "solid 2px "+ ToolTip.borderColor;
  26.     element.style.padding = "3px";
  27.     element.innerHTML = ToolTip.Text;
  28.     element.style.left = MouseX + 10;//(MouseX - parseInt(elemt.style.width.replace("px")));
  29.     element.style.top = MouseY;
  30. }
Panel that opens the ToolTip
onmouseover="ja vascript:ToolTi p.Show('What?') ;"
onmouseout="jav ascript:ToolTip .Hide();"
position: absolute;
left: 150px;
top: 50px;
ToolTip panel
visibility: visible;
position: absolute;
left: 300px;
top: 300px;
border: solid 2px red;"
Feb 1 '07 #1
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ToolTip.prototy pe.Update = function()
should have the reference to the event parameter you use later.

MouseX = e.pageX;
MouseY = e.pageY;

IE doesn't use it, it uses a global event-
but include it for the clients that pass an event parameter:
ToolTip.prototy pe.Update = function(e)
Feb 1 '07 #2
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
Ahh ofc thank you.

All this trouble cuz of a single e :P
Feb 1 '07 #3
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Like a nubbin I test this in IE while I'me writing it, thinking it can hardly be that hard to modify for the other browsers when I'm done.

Now it works perfectly in IE but no matter what I do I can not make it work for Firefox or Opera.

Please, can anybody tell me what those !#"#$%%) browsers arn't understanding? :P
That's the wrong way round. Test on a standards-supporting browser (pretty much any modern browser, but IE), then test on IE. IE is buggy and still fails to support standards properly.
Feb 1 '07 #4
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
I'm not sure why ppl keep complaining about IE.

In my experience, IE is the one browser I've never had to re-write code for. But almost everytime I write a page I'm spending most of my time re-writing code for Firefox or Opera, depending on which one I use to test the original code.
99% of the time, if it works in either of them, it works in IE.

Also, IE has some nice features that no other browser is bothering to make.
The scrollbar-color styles for example.
And the smooth new look of all text in IE7.

In any case, if you want your code to work in any browser, do you want it to be IE, used by ~86% of the market, or any of the other 14%?

Btw. sry about the rant. All the MS haters out there are just really starting to annoy me, not that I'm saying your a MS hater, acoder :P
Feb 4 '07 #5
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Ok, have a good read on this topic. Plus some (many) IE7 bugs.
Feb 5 '07 #6
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
Nice articles.

The first one had some usefull info.
Tho it looked like most of the problems it describes have been fixed in IE7.
O and omg! It's like the author went out of his way to created this page not to work with IE, and he did a good job!

The second one I liked a bit more.
Tho some of the bugs he demonstrated did really "work" when I tested them.
Im assuming that is because the author uses the Standalon version on Windows XP to spot them, I tried them using both IE7 on XP and IE7 on Vista.

Articles like these wont ever surprise me. I'm well aware that IE is buggy, but like the bullseye on Windows' back in security matters, the ammount of bugs and annoyance at IE is perhaps not because it is any more buggy than other browsers, but rather because there are alot more users to spot them.

Btw. Is it true that IE on Vista uses a new rendering engine, not the "dinosour" that has stayed with us since the browser wars?
Feb 5 '07 #7
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
One of the main problems with IE is the amount of time taken to release patches when vulnerabilities are discovered. That is the reason why IE6 was simply not secure. Other browsers released patches almost immediately. That's for security, and if you're talking about bugs in rendering, DOM support, etc., you can forget it.

IE7 is a major improvement, but Microsoft really need to speed up bug fixes, patches, etc. otherwise we have the same problem. Btw, it is still based on Trident, but with improvements. See here unless you're talking about Spyglass (IE7 is the first IE not be based on Spyglass technologies).
Feb 5 '07 #8
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert
Yea, I won't argue with that.
My theory is that Bill Gates demands to read every line of code before it is released :P
Feb 5 '07 #9
143 New Member
Yea, I won't argue with that.
My theory is that Bill Gates demands to read every line of code before it is released :P
It's quite clear that you have absolutely no clue in regards to the Internet or the world wide web.

The "MS haters" out there, hate for a good reason. There's a group called the W3C that set the standards for the HTML specification and most of the browsers tend to try and follow this standard as closely as possible. Of course, there are some annoying quirks and differences, but worst of all, is InternetExplore r. Not only does it fail to follow standards, they even create their own. They agree to follow standards, yet don't implement them for more than 5 years. A great example is something as simple as PNG image support, which wasn't introduced until IE 7!!


The PNG specification was first issued as a W3C Recommendation on 1st October, 1996
There's a good reason that InternetExplore r is starting to lose it's monopoly of a markey share and that's because there are better alternatives out there, which display code more like it's supposed to be displayed and are also updated on a more frequent basis, making them safer from a security aspect and also more up to date.

Like you were already told - if you wish to create half decent web applications, code for standards compliant and modern browsers first, then tweak to get your code working with IE afterwards.
Feb 6 '07 #10

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