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Dynamicly creating a table of images: thumbs as index to be clicken on

1 New Member
My problem is:
I want to create an index to any of the available picture-groups.
This index is a table of thumbs with a scrollbar. If you click on the thumb, you get the full picture displayed.

This table must be created from scratch. (The function must be reusable, and speed up the load-time: only one of the various possible picture-groups will be indexed. any other will be loaded by request.
The picture-groups are defined in flexible text-arrays, from which the thumbs-table can be created.
It is all well, in principle, but I have some difficulty in realising it.

I can create the table from the array, but can insert only a text (the URL of the thumb) into the table.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. var EAPictsDE = new Array (
  2.                                 "/elsoaldozas/thumbs/",
  3.                                 "/elsoaldozas/",
  4.                                 "IMG_0010",
  5.                                 "IMG_0012",
  6.                                 "IMG_0015",
  7.                                 "IMG_0016",
  8.                                 "IMG_0017",
  9.                                 "IMG_0018",
  10.                                 "IMG_0020",
  11.                                 "///");
  14. var EAPictsAA = new Array (
  15.                                 "Elsoaldozas/Thumbs/",
  16.                                 "Elsoaldozas/",
  17.                                 "IMG_0058a",
  18.                                 "IMG_0060",
  19.                                 "IMG_0080",
  20.                                 "IMG_0083",
  21.                                 "IMG_0086",
  22.                                 "IMG_0088",
  23.                                 "IMG_0096",
  24.                                 "///");
  27.     var CurrThumbsAdr;
  28.     var CurrFullAdr;
  29.     var CurrArray;
  30.     var CurrLimit;
  31.     var CurrThumbsTbl;
  32.     var CurrTblRows;
  33.     var CurrDestImgNr;
  34.     var CurrThumbsTblId;
  36.     var CurrPosit;
  38. var Zeile = 1;
  40. function ThumbsTableInit( UseArray ) {
  41.     CurrArray = UseArray;
  42. //    CurrDestImgNr = FullDisplayId;
  43.     ClearTable();
  44.     CreateTable (UseArray);
  45. }  // function ThumbsTableInit
  48. function CreateTable (UseArray) {
  49.     var CurrLineText = "";
  50.     var TblPointer = 2;
  51.     CurrArray= UseArray
  52.     CurrThumbsAdr = CurrArray[0];
  53.     CurrFullAdr = CurrArray[1];
  54.     var Temp = "";
  55.     Zeile = 0;
  57.     do {
  58.         CurrLineText = CurrArray[TblPointer] ;
  59.         if (CurrLineText != "///") {
  60.             if (CurrLineText != "") {
  61.                var TR = document.getElementById("Tabelle").insertRow(Zeile);
  62.                    Zeile += 1;
  63.                 var TD1 = document.createElement("td");
  64.                 Temp =  CurrThumbsAdr + CurrLineText + ".jpg";
  65.                var TD1text = document.createTextNode(Temp);
  66.                TD1.appendChild(TD1text);
  67.                TR.appendChild(TD1);
  68.                 }// if (CurrLineText != "") 
  69.                TblPointer += 1;
  70.             }// if (CurrLineText != "///")
  71.     } while (CurrLineText != "///");
  72. } // function CreateTable
  76. function ThumbClick(TrNr) {
  77.       alert ("ThumbClick   TrNr=" + TrNr);
  79. } // function ThumbClick
  81. function ClearTable(){
  82. //      alert ("ClearTable   Zeile="+Zeile );
  83. //      alert ("ClearTable   Zeile=");
  84.         while (Zeile > 1) {
  85.               Zeile -= 1;
  86.             document.getElementById("Tabelle").deleteRow(Zeile);
  87.     }
  88. }

Getting the full picture displayed from a static/fixed thumbs-table does not cause any problems either:


[HTML]<style type="text/css" media="screen">
#div2 { position:absolu te; top:15px; left:15px; font-size: 14.0pt; text-align: right ; visibility: visible; background-color: beige; }
body { text-align: center; font-family: "Book Antiqua"; font-size:22pt; font-weight: bold;}
td { border:thin solid blue; }


<body bgcolor="#CCFFF F" onload="CreateT able(EAPictsDE) ">

<img id="DestPict" src="Elsoaldoza s/Gyuri.jpg" alt="" border="3" />

<div id="div2" style="width:19 0px; height:645px; overflow:auto; ackground-color: beige;
border: 2px; border-color: gold; border-spacing: 2px; border-style: ridge;" >
<table id="ThumbsTable " cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" border="2" frame="box" style="empty-cells:hide">
<tr><td onclick="javasc ript:ClickThumb nail(0)"><a href="#" name="">
<img src="Elsoaldoza s/Thumbs/IMG_0010.jpg" name="IMG_0010" alt="IMG_0010" border="0" />
<tr><td><a href="#" onClick="javasc ript:ClickThumb nail(1); return false;">
<img src="Elsoaldoza s/Thumbs/IMG_0012.jpg" name="IMG_0012" alt="IMG_0012" border="0" />
<tr><td><a href="#" onClick="javasc ript:ClickThumb nail(2); return false;">
<img src="Elsoaldoza s/Thumbs/IMG_0015.jpg" name="IMG_0015" alt="IMG_0015" border="0"/>
............... .
<tr><td><a href="#" onClick="javasc ript:ClickThumb nail(12); return false;">
<img src="Elsoaldoza s/Thumbs/IMG_0031.jpg" name="IMG_0031" alt="IMG_0031" border="0" />

My problem is in generating the table showing the thumbs, or more correctly the generation of a cell in the form:
[HTML]<td><a href="#" onClick="javasc ript:ClickThumb nail(Index); return false;">
<img src="Picture-Url" name="IMG_0031" alt="IMG_0031" border="0" />
The following lines should be somewhat different:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.                var TR = document.getElementById("Tabelle").insertRow(Zeile);
  2.                    Zeile += 1;
  3.                 var TD1 = document.createElement("td");
  4.                 Temp =  CurrThumbsAdr + CurrLineText + ".jpg";  // here creating the full text <a href="#" onClick="javascript:ClickThumbnail(Index); return false;"><img src="Picture-Url" name="IMG_0031" alt="IMG_0031" border="0" /></a>  is no problem
  5.                var TD1text = document.createTextNode(Temp);  // I think this line must be different, but could not find out what should I use instead of "createTextNode"
  6.                TD1.appendChild(TD1text);
  7.                TR.appendChild(TD1);
I would be grateful for any help.
Jun 12 '06 #1
1 2410
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Create a link element and then append that to the cell:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.    var TR = document.getElementById("Tabelle").insertRow(Zeile);
  2.    Zeile += 1;
  3.    var TD1 = document.createElement("td");
  4.    Temp =  CurrThumbsAdr + CurrLineText + ".jpg";
  5.    link = document.createElement("a");
  6.    link.href = "#";
  7.    link.onclick = function() {...};
  8.    img = document.createElement("img");
  9.    img.src = Temp;
  10.    img.name = ...//etc.
  11.    link.appendChild(img);
  12.    TD1.appendChild(link);
  13.    TR.appendChild(TD1);
Apr 21 '08 #2

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