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Microsoft VBScript & JScript Help


I have created a connection to my Access database with Dreamweaver and
made a simple form with 4 fields.

The code behind this form was/is:

<!--#include virtual="/Connections/EmployeeStatusC hange.asp" -->
// *** Edit Operations: declare variables

// set the form action variable
var MM_editAction = Request.ServerV ariables("SCRIP T_NAME");
if (Request.QueryS tring) {
MM_editAction += "?" + Server.HTMLEnco de(Request.Quer yString);

// boolean to abort record edit
var MM_abortEdit = false;

// query string to execute
var MM_editQuery = "";
// *** Insert Record: set variables

if (String(Request ("MM_insert" )) == "form1") {

var MM_editConnecti on = MM_ITESC_STRING ;
var MM_editTable = "MacForm";
var MM_editRedirect Url = "SuggestionConf .htm";
var MM_fieldsStr =
"NewHire|value| Change|value|Tr ansfer|value|Tr ansferFrom|valu e|TransferTo|va lue|TypeOfEmplo yee|value|TempN umberOfDays|val ue|EmployeeName |value|Title|va lue|PayNumber|v alue|Department |value|StartDat e|value|EndDate |value|Managers Name|value|Mana gersPhone|value |Location|value |Telecommunicat ionDevice|value |PCType|value|M onitorType|valu e|PrinterType|v alue|ARNumber|v alue|PCSerialNu mber|value|Asse tTag|value|Wire lessNic|value|R ASVPN|value|BPC S|value|LogPro| value|Payroll|v alue|Additional SoftwareRequest s|value|Headset |value|HeadsetO ptions|value|Om itLongDistance| value|OmitInter nationalDialing |value|Building Access|value|Co mmentsNotes|val ue|RequestedBy| value|Date|valu e";
var MM_columnsStr =
"NewHire|none,1 ,0|Change|none, 1,0|Transfer|no ne,1,0|Transfer From|',none,''| TransferTo|',no ne,''|TypeOfEmp loyee|',none,'' |TempNumberOfDa ys|',none,''|Em ployeeName|',no ne,''|Title|',n one,''|PayNumbe r|',none,''|Dep artment|',none, ''|StartDate|', none,NULL|EndDa te|',none,NULL| ManagersName|', none,''|Manager sPhone|',none,' '|Location|',no ne,''|Telecommu nicationDevice| ',none,''|PCTyp e|',none,''|Mon itorType|',none ,''|PrinterType |',none,''|ARNu mber|',none,''| PCSerialNumber| ',none,''|Asset Tag|',none,''|W irelessNic|none ,none,NULL|RASV PN|none,none,NU LL|BPCS|none,1, 0|LogPro|none,1 ,0|Payroll|none ,1,0|Additional SoftwareRequest s|',none,''|Hea dset|none,1,0|H eadsetOptions|' ,none,''|OmitLo ngDistance|none ,1,0|OmitIntern ationalDialing| none,1,0|Buildi ngAccess|none,1 ,0|CommentsNote s|',none,''|Req uestedBy|',none ,''|Date|',none ,NULL";

// create the MM_fields and MM_columns arrays
var MM_fields = MM_fieldsStr.sp lit("|");
var MM_columns = MM_columnsStr.s plit("|");

// set the form values
for (var i=0; i+1 < MM_fields.lengt h; i+=2) {
MM_fields[i+1] = String(Request. Form(MM_fields[i]));

// append the query string to the redirect URL
if (MM_editRedirec tUrl && Request.QuerySt ring &&
Request.QuerySt ring.Count > 0) {
MM_editRedirect Url += ((MM_editRedire ctUrl.indexOf(' ?') ==
-1)?"?":"&") + Request.QuerySt ring;
// *** Insert Record: construct a sql insert statement and execute it

if (String(Request ("MM_insert" )) != "undefined" ) {

// create the sql insert statement
var MM_tableValues = "", MM_dbValues = "";
for (var i=0; i+1 < MM_fields.lengt h; i+=2) {
var formVal = MM_fields[i+1];
var MM_typesArray = MM_columns[i+1].split(",");
var delim = (MM_typesArray[0] != "none") ? MM_typesArray[0] :
var altVal = (MM_typesArray[1] != "none") ? MM_typesArray[1] :
var emptyVal = (MM_typesArray[2] != "none") ? MM_typesArray[2] :
if (formVal == "" || formVal == "undefined" ) {
formVal = emptyVal;
} else {
if (altVal != "") {
formVal = altVal;
} else if (delim == "'") { // escape quotes
formVal = "'" + formVal.replace (/'/g,"''") + "'";
} else {
formVal = delim + formVal + delim;
MM_tableValues += ((i != 0) ? "," : "") + MM_columns[i];
MM_dbValues += ((i != 0) ? "," : "") + formVal;
MM_editQuery = "insert into " + MM_editTable + " (" + MM_tableValues
+ ") values (" + MM_dbValues + ")";

if (!MM_abortEdit) {
// execute the insert
var MM_editCmd = Server.CreateOb ject('ADODB.Com mand');
MM_editCmd.Acti veConnection = MM_editConnecti on;
MM_editCmd.Comm andText = MM_editQuery;
MM_editCmd.Exec ute();
MM_editCmd.Acti veConnection.Cl ose();

if (MM_editRedirec tUrl) {
Response.Redire ct(MM_editRedir ectUrl);


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dt d">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"
<title>Untitl ed Document</title>

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post"
action="<%=MM_e ditAction%>">
<label>Employ ee Name
<input name="EmployeeN ame" type="text" id="EmployeeNam e" />
<label>Pay Number
<input name="PayNumber " type="text" id="PayNumber" />
<label>Locati on
<input name="Location" type="text" id="Location" />
<label>Requeste d By
<input name="Requested By" type="text" id="RequestedBy " />
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" />

_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ ______________

But when I go to "preview" this form in a browser I get the following

Microsoft VBScript complilation error '800a0401'
Expected end of statement
/ITEmployeeStatu sChangeForm.asp , line 7

var MM_editAction = Request.ServerV ariables("SCRIP T_NAME");
So I have figured out that the code must be written in JScript and NOT
VBScript b/c if I change the first line in the code from
CODEPAGE="1252" %> I can see my form!!!

I must be on to something but hold your horses and get ready for what
happens next:

If I fill in the 4 basic fields on this form and hit the submit button
then viola........al l my information is submitted somewhere and to
someone in the WWW but it sure as hell is not going into my database.

Can someone perhaps see what is happening to this?? I have a
connections folder in my database which includes the "include" file of
information regarding the connction to the DSN. The code behind this
file is as follows:
<!--#include file="../Connections/ITESC.asp" -->
' FileName="Conne ction_odbc_conn _dsn.htm"
' Type="ADO"
' DesigntimeType= "ADO"
' HTTP="false"
' Catalog=""
' Schema=""
MM_ITESC_STRING = "dsn=EmployeeSt atusChange;"

But I also notice if I leave codes as is then they are generating 2
scripts. The include is in VB and the form is in JS.

Well I thought this post could be a start and perhaps someone can see
what I can't and help me to figure this out!!! I find it hard to
believe that creating a form and submitting it to a database is this
difficult but I have been working on this for over 2 weeks now and
still have nothing to show for it but a huge folder of "how to do this
and that's" that haven't explained very much!!!

Any help is much appreciated.

Mar 9 '06 #1
1 4233
Well I still haven't figured anything out. But I did do a couple
changes and am now receiving the following error when I try to view my
form in a browser window:

Microsoft JScript compilation error '800a03ec'

Expected ';'

/Connections/ITESC.asp, line 8


The include file code is:
FileName="Conne ction_odbc_conn _dsn.asp"
DesigntimeType= "ADO"
MM_ITESC_STRING = "dsn=EmployeeSt atusChange;"

So I am guessing by the error that it is talking about the code in my
include file b/c it points to the line: Dim MM_ITESC_STRING as line 8
and line 8 in my form is:
<!--#include virtual="/Connections/ITESC.asp" -->
// *** Edit Operations: declare variables

// set the form action variable
var MM_editAction = Request.ServerV ariables("SCRIP T_NAME");
if (Request.QueryS tring) {
MM_editAction += "?" + Server.HTMLEnco de(Request.Quer yString);

The line: if (Request.QueryS tring) {

Can anyone help me out here?

Mar 9 '06 #2

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