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My AJAX example...

I am trying to learn AJAX to do some cool stuff over the internet. So,
for practise, I decided to code a small site that simply prints out
quotes from William Shakespeare.


Basically, start typing away and watch the quotes appear. See how many
you can guess!

If this becomes popular, I will add tons more quotes.

Suggestions/Comments welcomed!



Feb 1 '06 #1
5 1485
"cbmeeks" <cb*****@gmail. com> wrote in message
news:11******** *************@z 14g2000cwz.goog legroups.com...
I am trying to learn AJAX to do some cool stuff over the internet. So,
for practise, I decided to code a small site that simply prints out
quotes from William Shakespeare.


Basically, start typing away and watch the quotes appear. See how many
you can guess!

If this becomes popular, I will add tons more quotes.

Suggestions/Comments welcomed!



I think the Bard would be disappointed in your use of the
word "Quotes" instead of the more formal "Quotations " :)
Feb 1 '06 #2
Hahaha, didn't think of that. :-P


Feb 2 '06 #3
I had a little difficulty following your source code
because it didn't have any whitespace :).

Take a look at my completely documented examples
too, please. Complete code available for download (server side too).
It's a bit more complicated, but it's trying to do more complex

See http://xsdb.sourceforge.net/xFeed.html for documentation.
See http://www.xFeedMe.com for live web page examples.
See http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...group_id=93603 to
[Most of the package bulk consists of example data used in
the example configurations.]

The xFeed example application of the
xsdb package provides an infrastructure which makes it easy to
implement "type ahead suggest" drop down selections matching
against large or small data sets in web pages.

The xFeed type ahead completion functionality
can use a static xml file for small data sets or it can use live
server components provided with the package for any size
data sets.

All software is open source and freely available for use and
modification by anyone. Enjoy! Thanks!
-- Aaron Watters


Sometimes I forsee my son saying "I'd like to
thank the Nobel committee..." and other times
I forsee him saying "Would you like fries with that?"
-- Robin Williams

Feb 8 '06 #4
Cool. Nice work.

Yeah, I usually remove whitespace in production code or when I'm not
trying to explain my code. I mean, I wasn't trying to hide anything, I
just like the way it looks in the IDE...hehehe

Anyway, I updated mine to a link that is easier to remember:


I also have a comments section but the comments come from an external
site and they only gave me permission to use 10 comments.

Anyone care to comment on the speed or functionality?



Feb 8 '06 #5
I'm sorry. I thought it was really cool and quite fast.
I'd like to see more comprehensive quotes too.

btw: I've integrated my zip code example with the google
maps api:


Try typing "gren" for the city name, for example :).

This is fun!
-- Aaron Watters

I know, it's only rock and roll, but I like it.
-- Mick Jagger

Feb 8 '06 #6

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