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JavaScript Error in FireFox

Hi, I have a menu that toggles correctly in IE but is failing in
FireFox V.1 and Netscape 7.1. The FireFox JavaScript Console is
returning the following error; Error: document.getEle mentById(showDi v)
has no properties.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Here is the snippet of applicable
<script language="javas cript">

function toggleDiv( showDiv, hideDiv, showTab)
document.getEle mentById(showDi v).style.displa y = '';
document.getEle mentById(hideDi v).style.displa y = 'none';
document.getEle mentById("newsT D").backgrou nd =
'/Images/Banner/240_t_tab_' + showTab + '.gif'

function openWindow(file name, name, width, height)
windowops =
eval("'toolbar= no,location=no, directories=no, status=no,menub ar=no,scrollbar s=no,resizable= no,width="
+ width + ",height=" + height + "'");
var newWindow = window.open(fil ename, name, windowops);
newWindow.focus ();
newWindow = '';
<div align="center">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<!-- News listing -->
<td rowspan="2" align="right" valign="top" width="253"><br >
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
<td align="center">
<%= w3ss.putField(" addBannerLink2" ) %><br>
<%= w3ss.putField(" catalogLink") %> <br>
<td id="newsTD"
background="/Images/Banner/240_t_tab_1.gif " width="100%" height="17">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
<td width="120" style="cursor:h and;"
onclick="javasc ript:toggleDiv( 'memberNews', 'intheNews', '1' );"><img
border="0" src="/Images/Banner/1x1_transp.gif" width="5"
height="1"><spa n class="menuTab" ><%= w3ss.putField(" newsCaption")
<td width="120" style="cursor:h and;"
onclick="javasc ript:toggleDiv( 'intheNews', 'memberNews', '2' );"><img
border="0" src="/Images/Banner/1x1_transp.gif" width="5"
height="1"><spa n class="menuTab" ><%= w3ss.putField(" inthenewsCaptio n")
<td width="100%"
background="/Images/Banner/240_m_tab.gif"> <ul>
<div id="membernews " class="ingress" >
ficpa.renderNew sList(Document. Fields("memberN ewsFolders"), "title", "",
"", false, Document.Fields ("maxMemNewsIte m"), "publishTim e", false ) %>
<img src=/images/banner/bul.gif
border=0>&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="<%=ficpa. siteURL()%>Top_ Stories">Recent
top stories</a>

<div id="inthenews" style="display: none;"
class="ingress" >

Jul 23 '05 #1
2 7432
"Cy" <we******@gmail .com> wrote:
onclick="javasc ript:toggleDiv( 'memberNews', 'intheNews', '1' );"><img <div id="membernews " class="ingress" >

id is case-sensitive.
Jul 23 '05 #2
On 8 Dec 2004 14:54:20 -0800, Cy <we******@gmail .com> wrote:
Hi, I have a menu that toggles correctly in IE [...]
It shouldn't.
The FireFox JavaScript Console is returning the following error; Error:
document.getEle mentById(showDi v) has no properties.
The value of an id attribute should be treated as case-sensitive. When you
call the script, you're looking for 'memberNews' and 'intheNews', however
the actual ids are 'membernews' and 'inthenews'. Change one or the other.


Some other comments...
<script language="javas cript">
The language attribute has been deprecated for over six years. Use the
type attribute instead:

<script type="text/javascript">
function toggleDiv( showDiv, hideDiv, showTab)
document.getEle mentById(showDi v).style.displa y = '';
document.getEle mentById(hideDi v).style.displa y = 'none';
You should test for browser support before use DOM properties and methods.
One simple alternative is:

if(!document.ge tElementById) {
document.getEle mentById = function() {return null;};

function setStyle(elemen t, property, value) {
element = document.getEle mentById(elemen t);
if(element.styl e) {element.style[property] = value;}


setStyle(showDi v, 'display', '');
setStyle(hideDi v, 'display', 'none');
document.getEle mentById("newsT D").backgrou nd
The background property/attribute is deprecated, as is much of the mark-up
you've shown in this post. All modern documents on the Web should written
to the Strict DTD. Transitional HTML was only meant to be used for a
limited time, and that time has passed (in my opinion, at least).
= '/Images/Banner/240_t_tab_' + showTab + '.gif'
The same effect could be achieved with:

setStyle('newsT D', 'backgroundImag e',
'url(/Images/Banner/240_t_tab_' + showTab + '.gif)');
function openWindow(file name, name, width, height)
Opening new windows is becoming a very bad idea on the Web. There are many
pop-up blockers that do not discriminate between requested and unrequested
pop-ups, and many users dislike them either way.
windowops = eval("'toolbar= no,location=no, directories=no, status=no,'
+ menubar=no,scro llbars=no,resiz able=no,width=" + width
+ ",height=" + height + "'");
The eval call isn't needed. The feature string could also be *much*
shorter. However, removing window chrome - particularly the scrollbars and
status bar - and attempting to prevent resizing is a bad idea. At a
minimum, it should be:

var features = 'status,scrollb ars,resizable,w idth=' + width
+ ',height=' + height;

Unspecified features (with a couple of exceptions) will be disabled by
var newWindow = window.open(fil ename, name, windowops);
newWindow.focus ();
newWindow = '';
That's unnecessary: when the function returns, local variables are
That's unnecessary, too.

<%= w3ss.putField(" addBannerLink2" ) %><br>
<%= w3ss.putField(" catalogLink") %> <br>
There's not really much point including server-side code unless you have a
Javascript-related question about it.

<td width="120" style="cursor:h and;"
The correct property value is 'pointer'.
onclick="javasc ript:toggleDiv( 'memberNews', 'intheNews', '1' );">

The majority of user agents will just see javascript: as a label. Unless
you're also using client-side VBScript (which is a bad idea, anyway), even
IE will ignore it.


[1] Unless a closure is involved, which it isn't.

Michael Winter
Replace ".invalid" with ".uk" to reply by e-mail.
Jul 23 '05 #3

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